If you pre-ordered your iPhone 5, either through Apple or your wireless provider, and didn’t get it in within the first hour or so, chances are you haven’t received the handset yet. Shipping estimates slipped to two weeks shortly after retailers began taking pre-orders last Friday.

But good news today for those of you that fall into that category. It appears that Apple has started shipping many “late” iPhone 5 pre-orders earlier than expected…

TechCrunch’s Frederic Lardinois writes:

“I ordered mine around noon PT the morning after they went on sale and was quoted a delivery date of October 5. To my surprise, the phone actually shipped on Friday, just before Apple’s own stores opened, and it has since found its way from Foxconn’s assembly plant in Zhengzhou, China to UPS Worldport in Kentucky. At this rate, it will likely arrive on Monday morning.”

And apparently he’s not the only one. Lardinois points to a lengthy thread in Apple’s Support forums that’s filled with accounts of “late” iPhone 5 pre-orderers claiming that their handsets are tracking to arrive much earlier than their original quotes.

There doesn’t seem to be any kind of pattern as to who is getting their iPhones shipped early and who isn’t. But needless to say, it’s definitely worth checking into.

Did your iPhone 5 order ship earlier than expected? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Ordered mine through the AT&T store at 10:30 A.M. They said it would ship in 14-21 days and shipped from Memphis on Friday to arrive on Monday.

  • azmrx

    I ordered mine through AT&T at about 11:30PM preorder release day and it still says back ordered & processing:(

  • I dealed with Radio Shack and that’s Definately the last time I’m doing any sort of business with them
    I was supposed to receive it Fri, nothing yet and all u can hear from them is the dumb answer “we don’t know anything ”
    That’s more than anoying !!!!!

    • Clen Kennedy

      I have the same problem! They still tell me they have no clue after i bought the $50 Gift Card

  • ghulamsameer

    My friend preordered at 3 AM Eastern Time and was one of the shipments that got bugged. His is expected to arrive in the middle of October.

  • Nicholas Osborne

    Ordered mine 12 PM on the 14th… and it said delivery is Friday the 28th, however, as far as I know the date hasn’t been changed. Which isn’t fair to those who waited longer than I to order but are getting their phones earlier!

  • I just hope they have some in stock somewhere on this Friday. My upgrade is this Friday so i’m crossing my fingers

  • I will Hope so, from Denmark so i will get it this friday

  • I got an email from Apple saying mines been shipped too!

    Eagerly waiting for it on Monday morning (hopefully before work) 🙂

  • Mine will arrive on Friday (the swedish release is then)

  • Muhammad

    Ordered my througt AT&T store at about 7PM launch day, and the email said 14-21 days so I hope it gets here by friday

  • Mrphatpat

    I walked into the apple store that opened the same day as the release and purchased in less than 10 minutes out te door
    Eff a preorder.

  • My order just showed that it shipped but my girl friend said her is still processing. But yet again, the 16GB are popular and I got the 32GB so maybe that’s a difference. Just chumming in.

    • bet that is a big difference, 32 and 64 did not get as many orders as the 16 so stock may not be as depleted.

      • Sparky066

        It’s depleted check my reply

    • Sparky066

      Probably not I ordered the 64gb one, probably the least sought after one and I’m having to wait on mine to.

  • Ordered mine at 3AM on the dot from AT&T, after being stiffed by Apple. Still haven’t gotten any word on when i should be getting my phone (other then 9/21, safe to say it hasn’t came yet). I have been on the other hand, been hearing hundreds of estimations and explanations since then

  • Nesar Alom

    I tried to order mine online but then I cancelled as it said 3-4 weeks shipping time. But luckily I managed to reserve one 40miles away from my house for next day pickup from apple Store. My best guess is to try you’re local Apple Store first before ordering online.

    • azmrx

      Yes I 100% agree. I (unfortunately) preordered mine on Friday night, with a 2 week delivery est.
      My friend just went to our nearest apple store and bought 3 black 5’s. No joke. ;(

  • Well i queued 6 hours for mine in the rain 🙁

  • Gilgamash099

    I ordered my phone on Friday night on Verizon web site and says estimate sept 28 :/

  • Ordered 2 at 9:00 Friday morning through AT&T customer service. Both said they would ship within 14-21 days. Mine arrived on launch day, my fiancé’s will be here tomorrow. Very pleased.

  • Craig Riggio

    I just received an email saying my phone has been shipped. It origionaly said I would get it Oct 5th, does anyone know the time frame between hoeing shipped to delivery?

  • Meka C

    I pre-ordered a white 16 GB on 9/15 at about 11 a.m. Received an email from sprint the day before launch saying, ” my phone will be shipped in up to 2 weeks” haven’t heard anything since. In fact, I can’t seem to get thru to speak with a csr in the order support dept. Hoping to receive my phone by this Friday!

  • AndyDontCare

    I ordered mine about 8am CDT the morning pre-ordering started. Got it launch day via FedEx. Just ordered my wife’s on Friday, AT&T says about 2-3 weeks for delivery. According to the guy I talked to, they still have them in stock but its the millions of orders that’s slowing them down.

  • Ordered the morning after it came available an was told 10/5 to 10/12 shipping time. But came on the actual release day! No lines!

  • I ordered mine from AT&T on September 14th. Was told it would ship 14-21 days as well. I still refreshed the order status page a million times a day until it showed a carried “fedex” on Thursday the 20th. I called att to see what was up.. they said I do have a tracking number even though it wasn’t showing. Tracked it, it said delivery estimate on the 21st. Got it at 3PM on the 21st.. unexpected and I am loving it.So.. if it isn’t- showing anything.. don’t give up hope!

  • Ordered mine on AT&T 6am launch day and got my phone by UPS last Friday.

  • MacFamMedia

    Ordered Blk 32g from Verizon at 3am Sept 14th. Received Sept 21st, around 2:30pm.

  • bigldw78

    Ordered mine from AT&T @ 1130pm on 9/20. Got an email saying it would arrive on the 21st but I knew better lol…but like azmrx when I check the status online it just says processing..hopefully it comes soon cuz I’m like a kid waiting on christmas! Lol

    • Me too!!! All I DO is check the order status. It’s like I’m obsessed! Lol. I ordered mine the same day you did. I can’t get an idea of when in that 14-21 we ones that pre-ordered late may get it. 🙁

  • Sparky066

    I pre-ordered my white 64 GB one through AT&T on September 16 on the 17th I got an email stating that the order has been processed that I could not cancel it and that was sent to their warehouse for shipping. As of the 24 of September I haven’t received any email stating it has been shipped and the order is showing up still in processing highly ticked off

    • bigldw78

      Same reply I got from them and still only showing that its processing

  • Same thing happened to me! I was expecting to receive it on October 5th, but I go a shipment notification on Saturday 9/22! Looks like it will arrive this week instead of next.

  • Guest

    Just talked to AT&T they are still out if stock and back ordered with no arrival date..

  • Sparky066

    Just talked to AT&T they are still out of stock and back ordered with no arrival date.

  • Tony

    Ordered the morning after and told it would be more than 2 weeks. Received email from Apple saying I would receive it this coming Thursday. UPS buzzed this morning(Tuesday) with my delivery. Lucky I was home as I didn’t get around to authorizing receipt without signature

  • Dan

    Ordered mine on 9/15/12 – Black 64gb, and still not shipped. My order on one part says “ship by 10/5/12” Order summary says “Delivery by 10/05/12” Either way, hasn’t shipped yet

  • DannyBoii

    I pre-ordered my iPhone 5 from verizon on the 15th at 3am and was soon told that it would be delivered by 10/5 and last night i called to check again…and they told me it would arrive by the 26th…i was already mad that it was coming on the 5th now the 26th…needless to say im FURIOUS!!!