The iPhone 5 launched yesterday, and first impressions seem to be in line with the early reviews: the thing is fast. As most of you know, Apple custom-built an all-new processor for the handset called the A6.

Now that the phone is available, we expect to learn more about the new chip as teardown experts continue to rip the device apart. In fact, a new tidbit has already surfaced: the A6 has triple-core graphics…

MacRumors points to a report from AnandTech:

“Our good friends at UBM TechInsights sent over the first diffusion images of Apple’s new A6 SoC. It’s still too early to tell a lot but we have confirmation of a lot of things. The image above shows two 32-bit LPDDR2 memory channels and three GPU cores. We’re likely looking at a PowerVR SGX 543MP3 running at 266MHz.”

Apple built the A6 in-house, practically from the ground up. It’s based on a custom ARMv7- design, with dual 1.02GHz processing cores and, as we now know, three GPU cores. AnandTech says that this is the first time the company didn’t use a template when designing its SoC (system on a chip).

The processor is impressive for a few reasons. Apple was able to dramatically increase performance, without sacrificing size or battery life. The iPhone 5 finished first in both Geekbench and SunSpider benchmarks, and early battery tests found it could take 11+ hours of continuous use.

Obviously, we’ll learn more about the A6 in the coming days and weeks, as the teardowns continue. Stay tuned to iDB for more information regarding Apple’s new processor, and of course, it’s new smartphone.

  • Kok Hean

    Triple-core GPU, very interesting!

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    Because iPhone 5S will have quad-core GPU…

    • I keep thinking “Why not wait until next June?” That is when the “better” iPhone 5 will come out. Love the new one, but I assume with the black scratching and other minor issues, the 5S will be out next summer.

    • everything is amazing and nobody is happy!

      • cause its longer an not wider..lll

      • MagicDrumSticks

        Everything ELSE is amazing and nobody is happy.

        Yes I do think my Galaxy is amazing

    • I truly believe there will not be a 5S, I think apples next radical design change is the iPhone 6 because there is no way there going to pull this slight external* design change on consumers again

      • Mohammad Ridwan

        Just wait, whatever they decide to name it there
        will definitely be one more iPhone before they release iPhone 6..

        plenty iSheep (I’m also one of them btw) to buy ’em…

      • I think it’s fair to say the next iPhone will be called “the New iPhone.” One, because the numbering system sounds good up until you hit six. “The iPhone 6” sounds a little weird. But only apple knows. And God I suppose.

  • DJ

    So why call it faster from the a5x if it has quad core graphics?

    • No no the a5x has quad core and because iPad 3 is around 800mhs I think and the iPhone 5 is 1.2

  • Javier Gore

    You do realize that you (american spoiled consumers) are so accustom to having the latest with little or no effort? I can’t still understand why you cannot get happy with the sole fact of having such a wonderful phone as the iPhone 4 is itself. Just for your knowledge, an iPhone is as much as a whole salary in many countries.

    • Little or no effort!?!? So, what you are saying is that I do not bust my ass at work to make money so I can enjoy the nice things in life? Typical ignorant foreigner that thinks all Americans have everything handed to them on a silver spoon. STFU.

      • he means, he has to work 6 months for iPhone, whereas americans need 2 weeks or one month. Simple. I have worked in both non-american and american workplace so I know where he is coming from.

      • Javier Gore

        I wasn’t referring to efforts. It all comes down to how much the phone cost impacts your salary. The phone runs you about a %20 of an average american salary whereas in other country is a whole salary. And both parties bust their asses off equally. So you STFU.

    • David Villamizar

      Where are you from?

    • true, after conversion and taking into account salaries comparison, Iphone usually cost in other countries around 2200 dollars or even more.

  • Looks like ios6 maps app

    • Stephen Lynch

      Lmfao sad, but true.

  • Irfan Tarique

    Then why the iPhone 5 faster tan the iPad?

    • The software was probably touched up (eliminating unnecessary data storage).

    • David Villamizar

      The screen.

    • SoCoMagNuM

      it has 5 rows of icons