One of the most noticeable and talked about features of the iPhone 5 is its new display. For the first time, Apple has made the handset’s screen larger, bumping it up to right around 4-inches.

But in order to maintain usability, Apple only increased the height of the display, not the width. And this has spawned some criticism from the tech world, as well as this hilarious parody…

Jokes aside, after playing with the iPhone 5 for several hours, I can say that the new display does take some getting used to. I’ve had to alter my grip a bit to reach tap targets at the top of the screen.

That being said, I can still use the device one-handed, which judging by its new “Thumb” TV spot, is what Apple was going for. It’s definitely a lot more usable in a pinch than a larger phone.

Anyway, what did you think of the parody clip?

  • love it

  • This is actually pretty funny and quite accurate too in some aspects,
    Needed a good laugh

  • I love my new IPhone 5, but I have to admit that video was hilarious!

  • Edwin Navarro


  • Zorvage

    I LOL’d SO hard when he was making a call xD

  • 1:55 LOOL

    • sgaawc

      the pocket thing was awesome…hahha

  • Hahahahha I love the top comments 😀

  • I think that they should of made the screen wider too. By only increasing the hight of the phone it makes you feel like apple is holding back on the natural progression of smart phones like iPhone

    • every one feels that way except apple..lololol

    • Have you actually used one yet though? It’s really a great experience that I was skeptical about but this screen size is actually incredibly confortable.

  • Lol

  • the damn phone is long…lol

  • That was so funny!

  • LOOOL!, you can put it in your pocket xd

    So funny

  • kevinstallone

    I would buy one just for that guitar and the lightsaber.

  • Alex

    Image Stabilization! AAAAHAHAHAHAH! He slams it on the railing to stabilize it!

  • Ismelys

    Omg hahaha

  • Lol I loved it. Very clever. The best was when the guy put the iPhone in his pocket and couldn’t walk haha

  • Jerry

    LOL! BodyTime that’s classic

  • harit7

    The way he walks in the end. xD

  • SoCoMagNuM

    this generation of parody is great! lol

  • 1:36 he couldnt stop laughing

  • Mohamed Hassabo

    When can I get my hands on one of those?

  • LMAO 795% taller

  • sameer

    the future of apple is going darker day by day… no body loves iphone 5 because it has the same hardware and design similar to iphone 4s..

    lastly the long iphone putting in pocket is awasome

    • george welsh

      your kidding right? a cpu that is faster than any other phone currently on the market. camera has been improved, gpu improved, new screen tech, new screen size. I cannot use a samsung G3 single handed. I commute on a train standing up, impossible to use some of the larger androids single handed. I thought apple was crazy too, i moved from iphone to the original sprint evo, 4 months later i was back on iphone. apple has a point about being able to comfortable hit any point on the screen single handed. I know more people who get tired of bugs and lag on android and wind up switching to iphone. I also know many who have tried android and then returned to iOS. The phone will be apples best selling iPhone, guarantee it. I traded in my iPad for a Nexus 7 and it is ok, but I will be switching back the minute a smaller iPad comes out as well. and Oh, the video was funny as hell. Even a apple fan can laugh at himself lol…

  • i dont know about yall….but that guitar app was sweet!….. someone should start a kickstarter project and build one of those… :)… it a “glass” guitar 🙂

  • Alucard

    I’m dyin in here!!!!