Despite claims by some that iOS 6 is less than a stellar update, it seems Apple’s latest release of its mobile operating system is being adopted quickly by users of iPhones, iPads and iPod touches.

New figures released to Techcrunch by analytics firm Apsalar, show that iOS 6 is proving more and more popular as time progresses, with the adoption rate after two full days of availability being a healthy 20%. That’s up 5 points from after day one.

Perhaps more telling is the fact that iOS 6 sees an adoption rate of double that seen by iOS 5 after the same period…

The news will be music to the ears of iOS app developers who may see the chance of supporting less versions of the mobile OS, reducing development time and potentially making it possible to add features that would not be available to users still stuck with older versions of the operating system.

Apsalar isn’t using a small sampling of devices to work these figures out, either. The company took a sample of 2.2 million iOS 5 devices, and 6.3 million iOS 6.

Have you updated to iOS 6, despite its arguable lack of any standout features this time around?

  • I have, and I think it’s a good update. I don’t know why everyone is complaining, shut up and enjoy it, in the near future there will be more new features!

    • 4p0c4lyps3


  • Johnny manidis

    Ah this makes no sense!!! I can understand updating to iOS 5 cuz it was amazing, but ios 6? Hardly seems worth booting up iTunes for (or OTA)

  • JerseyD

    The biggest factor in adoption rate is OTA updates not that people think its full of must have features. It pops right up on your phone and all you do is push a button.

    A lot of people don’t ever hook up their phones to iTunes. I know this is a tech blog so it might be hard to believe but a lot of iPhone users don’t keep up w any kind of apple news other than when new phones are on sale.

    • Manuel Molina

      Very true. I do that for the Verizon carrier updates on my iPhone just to get it out the way. Some people in my office did it just to get it over with because they didn’t want to see the update message all the time.

    • Kurt

      good points from new joisy! πŸ™‚

  • Lolhaha

    Yes IAgree this is a god update. My itouch4th is back to its long lasting battery and faster fluid smooth operating system. Good job apple!

    • But, who IS god?

    • i have itouch 4th gen and it wont even open the freaking appstore it crashes everytime i do search or go to my downloaded apps…

      • Lolhaha

        Mine works perfectly. And I enjoy the new app store. πŸ™‚

      • Apple rules

        I enyoy the new itunes and app store asswel ass the bookstore

  • moustafa idris

    Ios 6 rocks! ~.~

  • Honesty, iOS 6 is a step in the right direction. People just love to bitch. The change to maps was highly improves. Even if it’s not totally up to par, but turn-by-turn is an amazing addition. If you’re lucky with a 5, a lot of great things with iOS 6. Extended folders, bigger better camera button, sharing to FB is a big thing too, since a lot of people use facebook. Status updates from iOS is very convenient.

    • MagicDrumSticks

      It’s still far, far behind the competition. Android has had turn by turn forever and so has Windows Phone. Apple made a stupid mistake to drop google maps because now their maps basically what they were when the original iPhone came out.

      Bigger camera button? Are you so desperate to list “features” that you have to list something as trivial as that? Sharing to FB has been in both competitors a long time as well.

      Apple is just behind the times and you know it; but you won’t admit it because you like Apple’s dick too much and until people like you exist, Apple will make more and more revenue from selling people snake oil.

      • Apple couldn’t use it because their licence from google ran out. They decided it was better to build their own maps app, than to steal from google

  • Dave

    Do i want IOS 6 hell yes if it makes the battery better but is it really worth losing my jailbreak and all the cool tweaks i hell no ! why apple can’t integrate some of the JB tweaks into any of its new updates is a mystery bog standard factory IOS sucks.

    • I like it and I have semitether πŸ™‚

    • Do u guys got the itunes could not connect to iphone software update server error while updating to ios 6? I have tried in 4 different computers. But the same error. Help me πŸ™

  • IOS 6 are cool update. love it πŸ™‚

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    iOS 6 is more like iOS 5.2…

  • Miguel Meza

    I like iOS6 its very nice and clean. Yeah we lost our Jailbreak or will have to waiting like the rest of us from our new iPhone 5 but its nice clean and very easy to use!

  • I wont until i get my iP5, because to many problems associated with update, loss of data (including pictures, contacts, notes,etc) everything that is supposed to be on the backup, did back up but did not get back on iPhone, ya to many problems and important data i don’t want lost, so ill wait until i can transfer to iP5 and then update later.

  • Apple rules

    My iphone even runs faster on safari then when my iphone was on ios 5.1.1

  • Everyone is complaining that it should be iOS 5.2, for those people just pretend it is and get on board. Your slowing down app developers from bringing out fantastic apps! I thought I would miss my jailbreak but atm I am quite happy. The only thing that is missing is swipe selection.

    • No there’s little to no innovation and I’d rather not update to an inferior uninnivative iOS

  • Bieberkinz

    iOS 6 is a good update for my 3GS, sure it doesn’t have the many other features like Flyover or Sirir, but its certainly more smoother than iOS 4.2.1 for 3G. I’m also jailbroken and its still pretty good, according to SBSettings I get around 70 MB of RAM with nothing runnin in iOS 6 rather than 40 MB in iOS 5, so it makes me happy that Apple tried to optimize the 3GS for its last iOS update, but then I will ruin that by installing more Cydia tweaks and try to get Siri πŸ™‚

  • thor_molecules

    Well, OTA updates easily explain the faster adoption rates. I would wager it’s more that than people just dying to get their hands on iOS 6. Either way, for me iOS 6 — much like iOS 5 — is another ‘meh’ update. For two OS versions in a row now, Apple is doing the very same thing that would get Google, Microsoft, Blackberry and whoever else crucified around these parts.

    That is, releasing half-baked software and calling it an “upgrade.”

    With iOS 5, the headlining act was Siri, your personal digital assistant that doesn’t even work half the time. In my experience (born American, with a respectable command of English), Siri often doesn’t understand me (or other 4S users I know), or it can’t connect, or it just sits there spinning, and does nothing at all.

    Strangely, speech-to-text works great. But I digress.

    Now we have iOS 6 that promised to blow users away with it’s “200 new features” (which is a generous stretch of the imagination but fine), with Maps being the most prominent. Now, I don’t fault Apple at all for taking Maps in-house, but I do fault them for ousting Google only to replace it with a far inferior product.

    Where I live (just outside of DC), Maps is horrible. It’s slow, streets are often out of place, directions are flat out WRONG (it once tried to guide me down a one-way!), and voice commands randomly stop causing me to have to watch the phone instead of the road. And while I’m very aware that Flyover mode is more novelty than anything else, it’s still a joke.

    And Passbook, the other banner addition, would probably be great if I could figure out what it does. As of this writing the app still cannot connect to the iTunes store.

    All of this is very uncharacteristic of a company that prides itself on their “it just works” philosophy.

    Much as I hate to say it folks, it seems as if Apple — the company that redefined the smartphone market — is officially out of ideas. When I look at iOS 5, iOS 6, and now the iPhone 5, I don’t see any of the innovation that is typical of Apple. I see software that is blatantly ripped from the same competition that Apple is suing for patent infringement (how ironic), and now their hardware seems to be following suit (larger screens make sense *now* eh?).

    I have no doubt that the iPhone will continue to be a popular product, but I think that Apple is starting to lose their luster. Pretty soon (or maybe it already is), the market will begin to reflect that.

    • very true , maybe only after apple see their fortune slip like blackberry then they will start creating true revolutionary product again but for now they will just keep milking the cash cow . ( i’m a apple fan but to see how things turns out i’m very disappointed )

      • thor_molecules

        That what it seems like to me. Apple has grown comfortable being King of the Mountain. They are currently very Blackberry-like in that each OS update is really nothing new, just the odd feature added here and there. Ditto for the hardware.

        As I said in the OP, I doubt this changes anytime soon but as the fall of RIM has shown us, eventually consumers will get tired of the same dog and pony show, and move on to something else.

        I hope they realize this and will move to be innovators again before that happens.

    • Javier Gore

      Maybe DC area maps are undeveloped because of anti terrorist policies haha πŸ™‚

      • Kurt

        obama doesn’t let us say ‘terrorist/terrorism and anti-terrorist policies’ we have to say “Overseas Contingency Operation.” and remember according to obama it’s our fault

  • I like the new IOS I’m just sorry that my iPad and iPod aren’t compatiable with getting it which sucks but how is the 3GS compatiable though?

  • anyone after update has any issues like battery drain very fast , phone become slower ? any issues with iphone 4 ?

  • my 4S is staying on 5.1.1

  • Who is having battery drain problem since ios 6 upgrade?

  • Ios 6 is just perfect in ipad 3 and siri is way better and cooler

  • Still have the 5.1.1 and I’m not updating till a full jailbreak comes out on iOS 6

  • Kurt

    nobody cares what you think mr. “Fagdroid, Fandroid”…go marry steve jobs’ ashes already.

    • Liu Zhenyu

      Go give your Scumsung CEO a blowjob and stop trolling here at an apple blog, stop acting immature and go hang around at your dick android blog, oh wait, android sucks so much there are few to no blogs, you cry here out of desperation and waste your time insulting people unnecessarily.

      • Kurt

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      • Liu Zhenyu

        It doesn’t take a genius to see what a person supports, the tone of his comments, the side he is on and the choice of words. By openly insulting Steve jobs you acknowledge your immaturity and your disgust for apple. You saying you owning an iPhone is just a cover up, a lame reason for people not to judge you and I shall enlighten your defected brain by informing you and millions of fagdroids out there that Apple fully designs the chip an parts, Samsung doesn’t play a part in anything except building, and they are not “Samsung parts” as they do not go on their products.

      • Kurt

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      • Liu Zhenyu

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