Well, that’s all folks. It’s about 10pm PST here in the United States, meaning most retail stores are closed, or closing, and the long-awaited iPhone 5 launch day has finally come to an end.

A lot went on over the past 14 hours, as we saw everything from unboxings, to comparison tests, to jailbreaks. So in case you missed anything, we put together this wrap-up of today’s events…

The day started off right, with iDB’s iPhone 5 unboxing. Jeff was first on the team to get his hands on the device, and he went right to work doing what he does best: making videos.

Here’s all of our hands-on iPhone 5 videos:

As the day went on, we learned a lot about Apple’s latest smartphone and some of its new features. And if you purchased an iPhone 5 today, or are planning on it, you should really check this stuff out.

Everything we learned about the iPhone 5 today:

But apart from unboxings and new feature discoveries, a ton of other things happened today on the iPhone 5 news front. Thefts, jailbreaks, and practical jokes were all present and accounted for.

Here’s the notable iPhone 5-related news stories of the day:

From all of us here at iDB, we’d like to thank you for hanging out with us today. We hope you had as much fun as we had. And you can expect tons more iPhone 5 coverage and commentary this weekend.

  • Nice coverage. Enjoying my new iphone 5 and of course will check back with you for future updates =) Good Night.

  • Great gob guys.

  • kumar714

    i’m buying new iphone 5 tomorrow. jeff which one do u recommend BLACK OR WHITE??

    • If you are black get white. If you are white get black.

    • Dan

      Want him to tell you if you should wear boxers of briefs while he’s at it?

      • Kurt

        iSheep can’t even choose a color themselves. Need to ask a blogger. Losers

  • Galo5150

    I’m pretty sure all those fancy videos didnt come without some hicups while making them, maybe you could compile some funny moments from here and there and make a funny ass bloopers vid
    I really think ppl would love to se that
    Just an idea…

  • Jeff, can the nano sim you made that day works on iPhone 5?

    • Bob

      Nope, it was an epic fail haha! That’s why he’s gone quiet about it.

  • hey jeff, i was wondering if you could do a video covering the facebook integration in ios 6 it would be helpfull.

  • genXhippie

    All you posters referring to Jeff, fyi he did not write this article. The Codster did. As a result, Jeff probably isn’t going respond to your post(s).

  • thatguy63085

    I used to go to a whole bunch of site for my apple review but when I found idb I forgot all those others site @jeff is a top notch guy he always have all his videos iPhone ready <3 it I just wanted to show my appreciation for the site and thanks Imma leave sprint to go to Verizon in November cause I've be going to every carrier comparing plans Verizon has 40 bucks for unlimited talk n text n then Imma get the 6 gig 60 bucks every other carrier suck balls well thanks again n keep up the great work

  • Millions of people went to buy a new iphone 5 and lost their way home using its map. 😀

  • Why don’t you showcase some highlights on the new iOS Maps? I’m suuuuure there’s a lot of positive comments on it, like “thank God I didn’t use the Apple Maps, or else I’d be 10 miles falling off a ledge” or something..

  • Kurt

    You know what sucks about seeing the iPhone 5? Realizing you know what the iPhone will look like next year 🙁