It looks like Grant Paul, aka Chpwn, is in possession of a jailbroken iPhone 5.

We can’t really say much more, other than the fact that he posted a screenshot of Cydia running on the iPhone 5 a few moments ago. More details of the exciting news inside…

This is awesome news, for this to 1). Come from a respected jailbreak dev, and 2). For it to come on the same day of the iPhone 5 release. It also means that there is hope for jailbreaking A5X devices on iOS 6 as well.

Also, I should mention, that if you’re running iOS 6 on an older A4 device, you can already jailbreak now.

Update: and here’s the Cydia home page.

Looks nice, no? Again, thanks to Chpwn.

  • Jorge


  • Now the question is how long to wait for the untethered ios 6 jailbreak on the new a6 processor.

    • jose castro

      i know right hopefully its quicker then last time but like i heard in another blog that its most likely going to take some time 🙁 but patients is the key… it will happen eventually 😉

      • No, patients are who doctors treat. Patience is the key……

      • jose castro

        haha good save

      • Wait wait, other blogs exist?

      • jose castro


    • Till november that’s when my contract ends 😉

  • mark

    dafuq did i just see

  • Can’t wait for a tethered or untethered jailbreak for the iPhone 5!

  • very nice! i cant wait to have my iphone 5, and then jailbreak it! some of you guys know when will go to the sale on mexico?

    • Falta mucho, además lo usarás en la red lente telcel?

  • M L

    That was VERY quick!

    • Not more than you in bed. 🙂

      • jose castro

        haha that what she said 😉

      • M L

        Mine may have been quick, but your girl was happy I could get it up…she is used to you Mr. Limp. 😛

      • Gentlemen. M L like a boss.

      • lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

      • @dongiuj

        That’s only when you’re in there with him.

      • That was gay

      • Well That Escalated Quickly!

  • Danish Anis Khan


  • jose castro

    DAAMMNNNNN.. that was super quick, apples security still sucks hahahaha

    • Can probably only count on 2 hands how many guys have this capability to hack an iPhone. So don’t act like its an easy thing to do, these guys got skillz!

      • jose castro

        thats true, very true… but im sure down the line there will be more… with the right training, school and such…

  • He just compiled Cydia on a Dev phone.

  • cruzcontrol1001


  • i want to preserve my baseband for ios 6 update on iphone 4 🙁

  • M Last

    if you want untethered jailbreak, have to donate to the pod2g to get the an iphone 5 & he will work on it 🙂

  • ousstanding

    amaZING! Cant wait!

  • Excellent news 🙂 Fingers crossed for a JB for the 4s 🙂

    • JB for 4S? R u kidding me? My 4S is jailbroken

      • Outhig

        On ios 6?

      • Jun Lin


    • Ashton Pal

      Are you talking about a jailbreak for the 4S on iOS 6? Because previous iOS versions are already jailbroken.

  • MagicDrumSticks

    This actually works out well. By the time the ios6 jb comes out, apple maps will be decent and we will all upgrade at the perfect moment 🙂

  • omg

  • if the iPhone 5 gets an untethered jailbreak before my 4s im getting the 5!!

  • SoCoMagNuM

    well thats good news for those depending on a jailbreak to get tweaks/features they want on their phone. this is main reason i went a different route so i no longer had to wait for jailbreaks to get features that should be available as is. not discrediting the jailbreak devs. ive utilized their software and supported them for over 4 years. bright minds. on my end i got tired of being left behind on the software side cause i had to wait for jailbreaks of iOS firmware updates just to get the latest. on top that i had to wait for jb apps to be updated to be compatible. just tired of the waiting game. dont have to worry of rebooting, restoring, etc just to get a few jb apps i used to have my iphone working in my own custom way.
    ive seen the light. its my opinion and im entitled to that. i know people will say “troll, yada, why come on apple fan site if you hate apple stuff, mediocre comebacks, etc” believe me when i say i dont hate apple or idevices. obviously since ive used them since the classic ipod, to ipod touches, to ipads, to iphones. they are good devices no the less. just sometimes one needs change. some people just need to learn to respect/accept that. if so the world would be a better place.

    the end…possibly

    • Just Hope you did not buy a Samsung, it is so bad there ‘skin’ om android hope for you it is a HTC.
      I will ofc. stay with Apple bcos i dont want all the problems with so meny apps not working, and i have so meny friends that say the same as you, but when i look at there phones they still ‘stock’

      • i would correct you, but there are so many mistakes that even i’m too lazy to do that, please learn english.

      • SoCoMagNuM

        didnt know i was being graded on my comment…yawn

      • *I

      • SoCoMagNuM

        i have Galaxy 3 and i have many apps/games ive downloaded and tweaks to customize my experience (no rooting needed). all that hassle of jailbreaking for tweaks is a thing of the past for me unless invest in another iphone (not anytime soon)
        to be fair i had issues with many app store apps on iphone (stock) with crashing and hanging…just with any other smartphone. jailbreaking made my iphones boot and load slower than normal. i like the idea i no longer have to rely on jailbreaks (which the subject of blog post is about) the ladder is just for those that feel the need start all the lame name calling just cause some has a different opinion. just wanted to let them know its ok to be different.

  • 222222 Fast

  • Veronica

    What is the freaking big deal,about jail breaking?! Just follow the,rules and use a regular iPhone already!

    • Because a regular iPhone has been the same since 2007. Boring.

    • God you’re an idiot Veronica

  • Christmas seems to be early :P. Fantastic news to have cydia up and running already on the A6 is great progress that to on day1 fast roll out like the iphone5. Hopefully wont take ages like 3 4 months for it to get released. Personally i cannot use a iphone anymore with out the zephyr JB, so use to it.

  • He proly used good ol’ Absinthe 2.0!

  • Amazing!!!!

  • mnm0071980

    Didn’t they jailbreak iOS 5 and the 4S when it was released on the same day as well? It seems like Tim Cook doesn’t play the Cat and Mouse game like Jobs did (not a bad thing at all for a lot of us).

  • TheAngryPenguin

    We need more proof. It’s trivial to create a web page with an Cydia favicon, visit the page in Safari, and add it to your home screen.

  • OMG i can’t wait! the whole reason i bought the iPhone 5 was the hardware upgrade for better jailbreak opportunities in comparison to my 4 😀

  • air naji

    Jail broken sept 21st, released June 26th. Big deal.

    • Ur an idiot.

      • air naji

        Your emotional, and no it will take forever to release so technically your the idiot.

  • Well my favorite thing about this picture is that they jailbreak the iphone 5 within a couple of hours after its release but also got cydia to work on it while cydia is not yet compatible with A4 devices, not that im mad i just like what i see, we all love you chpwn

  • i almost want them to wait until 6.0.1 because im sure apple will fix a lot of the left over bugs in ios 6. then it would be nice to have a jailbreak with the bugs fixed 🙂

  • JAE_NYCe


  • Bob

    You guys do know that this is not proof right? That pic would take 30 secs to do in Photoshop.

  • Guest

    Most likely his own private set of exploits. Very unlikely it’s something that can be publicly released.

  • Cydia looks nice on the iPhone 5

  • wait a while for tweaks to get updated too….no point JB now…

  • Went to sleep with the iPhone yet to release. Woke up to find it jailbroken. How nice.

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    I have CM10 installed on my GSIII 😛

  • Way to go!

  • He Jailbroke IOS 5 on the first day–as did two others. However, he informed me, when pestered about it, that it was actually not a very useful JB. It is the pragmatic, consumer JB that matters. I’d like to hear if his exploits are something that can be utilized for all users or if it is a private set of exploits that cannot be utilized for legal or other reasons. Also, while I miss my JB, now being on the 5, I’m actually in no rush since the preponderance of tweaks–at least that I use–will also need to be modified. I expect it in three months.

  • Am I the only one who sees a potential issues with jailbreak tweaks/ apps having lots of issues a whole because of the fact developers having to create different versions for the smaller and larger sized jailbroken devices

  • Carlos




    That was the sole thing (maybe along the lightning connector) that would keep me from starting to use the i5 as my primary device…

  • Wan

    Apple should give up on building jailbreak barriers. Because these guys are genius!

    • Liu Zhenyu

      I am waiting for the day cydia launches in App Store…

  • Amazing fast !
    but to release to public, there still some time

  • Yes it can be jailbroken that don’t mean we will see a jailbreak for it (yet). I can bet that this uses code tha can not be used in a public jailbreak … That doesn’t mean will we not see a jailbreak for it though..

  • take that in your face apple :b hahaha

  • Amazing news!

  • Miguel Meza

    now to wait a few months to a year for them to release the jailbreak

  • Tinus

    If you asking questions for jb iOS 6 in jb irc chat room you will be kicked or ban by india teen gay… Lol

  • king

    ios6 in there downgrade 5.1.1

  • this is a teatheredd jjailbreak and also DOES NOT work on tthe 4S or the IPAD3. DOES NOT WORK on them. So, do not update unless you want tto be NOT JAILBROKEN. Also, this IOS6 has updaated features that we jailbroken people already have.Thats what these updaates have anymmore, jailbroken apps = jaiilbreakers already hhave