It looks like Grant Paul, aka Chpwn, is in possession of a jailbroken iPhone 5.

We can’t really say much more, other than the fact that he posted a screenshot of Cydia running on the iPhone 5 a few moments ago. More details of the exciting news inside…

This is awesome news, for this to 1). Come from a respected jailbreak dev, and 2). For it to come on the same day of the iPhone 5 release. It also means that there is hope for jailbreaking A5X devices on iOS 6 as well.

Also, I should mention, that if you’re running iOS 6 on an older A4 device, you can already jailbreak now.

Update: and here’s the Cydia home page.

Looks nice, no? Again, thanks to Chpwn.

  • SoCoMagNuM

    i always have my smartphones in a case. i dont invest in a couple hundred dollar device to just have it lingering around bare. especially if its going in and out of pockets and such. ive dropped my iphones and my galaxy 3 many times (my s3 even flew out my hand and slid across concrete) no cracks. minor scratch on screen but thats not the glass…i have military grade screen protector on which is removable and screen and device is still in mint. so video doesnt pertain to me cause well…my phone stays protected day one.

  • Wow very easy to do I got cydia icon on my home screen too! Is this just BS from Chpwn? We need Fullscreen cydia video!

  • cool so now we have to wait till damn xmas for a full untether

  • damn……. thats all i can say

  • smoove

  • what happened to any updates on this topic, all of the sudden i cant seem to get any info on a iOS iphone 5 jailbreak
    any eta? or even any notable hackers working on it actively for a public release?

  • Matthew


  • luvzz me

    I’m actually starting to wonder.. if apple is paying these developers to hold the release of JB for iPhone 5.. It’s taking a little too long this time.. I’m pretty much stuck with both of my iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S. iPhone 5 I can’t really use it because I can’t text without using BiteSMS, and I can’t use iPhone 5 without SBSetting!! Developers, Hurry, We depend on you!