We know the iPhone 5 is about two times faster than its predecessor, but how does it stack up toe the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S in a side-by-side-by-side bootup speed test?

Point and laugh at me as I struggle to turn all three devices on at the same time, and be surprised with how fast the iPhone 4S still is. The iPhone 4 is much slower, but the 4S is still no slouch, don’t you agree?

  • I would’ve just simply stacked them altogether and press the on switch simultaneously, but that just me being lazy. hahaha 😛

  • you’ll have a bussy day today Mr. Ducky Jeff, playing with the iphone 5 lol..

  • auriculogenesis

    You also could have plugged them all into an unpowered strip, turned them all off, and then switch the power strip on.

  • Eric Armstrong

    Omg I had so much fun watching you struggle to press all 3 buttons at the same time! Well done though!

  • I wanna see some performances tests. Apps on iPhone 4S vs 5.

  • They were all slow 🙂
    My 4s boots like 40s, not really stellar speeds, and I seed 5 is similar.
    Would love it to be faster, but its a smartphone so… i guess it should be that way…
    Although I could not shake a feeling that Apple could do some work on boot up speeds, I am a software engineer and I know the process – nobody complains – it’s god enough, next problem! 🙂

    • ReanimationXP

      The iPhone 5 booted in 22 seconds there skipper.

  • @dongiuj

    How opening a random web page comparing speeds of the 5 and 4S?

  • I am waiting for more tests

  • ummm they all took too damn long..

  • Lol Jeff u crack me up haha

  • im waiting for the iphone 5 vs 4s D:

  • I remember how much faster the 4 booted to older phones. Now my i4 feels like an outdated device :p

  • tedu

    Please; i dont have flash, tel me who is the winner, how many secs