As you’ve probably noticed, Apple has been taking a lot of criticism over the new Maps application in iOS 6. Google Maps has been replaced in the software, in favor of Apple’s own in-house mapping solution. And for most people it’s just not up to snuff.

The company commented on the criticism yesterday, telling AllThingsD that because it’s a cloud-based solution, Maps will get better as more people use it. But if you aren’t buying that, or just want to speed the process along, here’s what to do…

The process to report a problem in the new Maps application is pretty simple, and the information will certainly help Apple out.

  • Launch the Maps app and tap the page curl in the bottom right
  • Tap the Report a Problem link that sits above the Print button
  • Select the type of problem you’ll be reporting, or, if you don’t see yours listed, enter your own, and tap Next.
  • Choose the the type of item giving you a problem and again, tap Next.
  • Add any further comments you may have, and then tap Send.

And that’s all there is to it. A team of engineers will investigate your issue when they can, and hopefully it will be fixed in the not-so-distant future.

You can also use the same above method to add a new location or business to Apple’s database. Just select Location is Missing when you’re on step #3, and drag the purple pin to the right spot. Then enter in the applicable information and tap Send.

Just imagine, if everyone with iOS 6, or even half of them, did this every time they came across an error or missing location, Maps would improve rather quickly.

[Image via TheAmazingiOS6Maps]

  • It will take years before apple maps will be like google maps right now…
    Can`t wait for google maps app to be available in AppStore…

    • oh no, you bad mouthed Apple… looks like the downvoters had to punish you for it ;]

      I plus 1’d you for speaking the truth.

    • valleyboy17

      Apple accounted for HALF of the traffic on Google maps.

      Now, Apple already has as many users as Google maps. It took Google years to produce Google maps.

      I suppose you are right. Apple should have just scrapped the data from Google maps, like Google+ did with Yelp!. Yep, they blatantly copied, word for word, entire sections of reviews for restaurants that Yelp! had, and Google+ did not have. “Don’t be evil” was over a LONG time ago at Google.

      But if Apple DID just scrape the Google maps data, I suppose you would criticize Apple for being “immoral”, just like Google.

    • I am not saying that Apple did a mistake with maps. It`s a great idea, I`m sure it will be amazing in a few years…
      I`m just saying that Google maps it`s better now, just because they are doing this for years and that they have much more data that Apple has now.

  • Dante

    In reference to your last line….I think the point is users shouldn’t have to do this. We’ve come to expect better than this from Apple. Disappointing.

    • Correct! Remember, we are the customer, unless we get pay to do this~

    • valleyboy17

      Why are you holding Apple to a higher standard than Google ? USERS built Google Maps, not Google ! I personally have found many many bugs in Google maps: mostly streets that don’t go through, including one that the airport built a runway over. Google maps gave me directions to go right through the secure area of an operating airport !

      I suppose Apple could have just blatantly scraped the map info from Google maps just like Google+ did to Yelp!. Google+ just blatantly copied entire cities worth of reviews from Yelp!. Then, when people noticed, they waited until they had critical mass, then they deleted the Yelp! copies… long after they had gotten all the use the could from Yelp!

      Then you would be criticizing Apple ethics.

  • Vittorio88

    I think that’s a great idea. Google Maps also has errors, but they do not have a functionality to report them.

    • valleyboy17

      Nope. I have personally reported many many errors in Google maps, including directions that told me to drive through an airport runway.

      Google maps was built exactly like Apple is building Apple maps.

      • Vittorio88

        I don’t believe you have reported a single error from the iPhone because it’s not possible. Sure you can from a browser on a PC, but it’s a lot easier to do from your mobile device when you see the error in the first place.

  • Yess, lets all word for apple for free…..

  • g1ToTo

    Here’s an idea, put back Google Maps and done!

    • Falk M.

      It’s probably being reviewed by Apple now.

      This way we get the choice between Apple Maps and Google Maps.
      IMHO, being able to pick is a clear winner over forcing ONE option.
      Also, note that you can actually already use Bing Maps, too. 🙂

    • Do you have an Android phone?

      • Timothy Do

        I used to have the iPhone 4 and 4s, but after the trial between Samsung and Apple, and the ridiculous patents from Apple, I switched back Android and now a proud owner of the Galaxy Nexus.

      • Glad for you.

        I am still sticking with Apple because of all the apps that I have purchased.

        So far, I still have 0 Android device.

  • That’s it. Apple maps will improve over time, like google maps, the first version is always full of wrong information.

  • well i probably will rock ios 5.1.1 for a bit longer. here’s an idea how about apple give more incentive for people to report issues, like a credit system report 5 or 10 issues and get a .99cent app store credit or something like that.

    • Easy way to get rich. Sign me up!

    • Eric Armstrong

      Not a bad idea. Except with hundreds of millions of iOS users, I think Apple would have to weed through literally millions of pointless reports from people just trying to get money haha. I’m using 5.1.1 for a while too though

  • O. Bakerman

    Why should one have to do this?
    I want to use the software not work on it for free to improve it.

    • alexanderlyd

      well if you either contribute or just have shitty maps- your choice…

      • @dongiuj

        Oh my god. I can tell you’re not in direct contact with customers in your job, if you have one.

      • alexanderlyd

        im 12 lol

      • @dongiuj

        That explains your comment then.

      • valleyboy17

        And YOU are not in direct contact with Google map customers.

        Google maps works EXACTLY the same way, I have personally reported many many bugs to Google, including one case where Google directed me to drive through an airport runway.

      • O. Bakerman

        wrong options… but still you’re right… my choice!
        I have no problem contributing to the OSS community but to a company who has enough money to make things work before they sell it for big bucks?
        Good luck contributing. I already have a job.

    • valleyboy17

      Then don’t use Google maps either. Google maps works EXACTLY the same way, and I have personally reported many many bugs to Google maps.

  • I still remember Google maps was pathetic here in Middle East. Had nothing. And just 1.5 years back they added direction. It took them way more time that what you see Apple’s current status. To me apple is really going in a fast pace but yet theres lot to catch up.

    • who would want to drive a google car around the middle east taking pictures? IEDs, rocket launchers, kidnappings. Google being an American company and the USA not being very popular over there, I wouldn’t want to be the one driving that mapping car around ;]

  • I don’t think people are getting it. You don’t have to do this, it is your choice. Apple has to improve the maps over time but what better and faster way to do that than have their customers survey the affected area for them? I think this is a great idea and it reminds me of Waze, a free map app that takes data from users to make the maps better as well and that has been very successful and lots of people love that app.

    • Waze is very nice, but I don’t see why there is no “Avoid toll” option…

  • OMG people. It’s going to be ok, the world is not due to end until December 21st. Whenever you report a bug or problem with an AppStore app or when you sign up for automatic reporting of diagnostics, you’re helping to improve software. We do this ALL the time so why is it such a big deal now? Do I think Apple missed the mark on Maps? Absolutely. Would I like to be an active participant to help make it better? Absolutely. This is the Apple vs Google war that Steve Jobs wanted and everybody supported but now that you have to actually participate in the war…I’ll let you finish that sentence.

    • pegger1

      That’s a lame excuse. They rushed it out so they could cut out Google Maps from iOS 6. They should have included both. Yes apps have bugs but this is below Beta level.

      • valleyboy17

        More than HALF of Google maps traffic comes from iPhones.

        Why should Apple help a competitor ? Apple is one of the few companies that can actually compete, and win, against Google.

        And Google maps wasn’t nearly as good as Apple maps is when IT first came out either. Follow the directions and Apple maps wil be WAY better than Google maps.

        After all, it already TODAY has more traffic than Google maps !!

    • Appletiser

      the Mesoamerican calendar is inaccurate, Dec 21st will pass by like any other day and the new map app will continue to suck 🙂

  • We paid them for the phone/service and work for them?

    I though this map is base on TomTom?

    • valleyboy17

      Google maps works EXACTLY the same way.

  • thatguy63085

    First I never used street view never used satelite people just want to complain cause apple is on top right now they always want to talk shit bout everything then lets talk about how android always freezes up or reset all the time come on cut it out

    • We just have to look at the market share and profit margin.

  • Appletiser

    a message to Apple, subsidise the cost of the new iPhone and i’ll contribute to it’s development, if not you should provide an equal or better option for the map service you substituted.

    • @dongiuj

      Right on!

    • valleyboy17

      Don’t use Google maps instead, because Google maps works exactly the same way.

      USERS built Google maps, not Google. I personally have reported many many bugs in Google maps, including one case where the directed me to drive through an airport runway.

      With Apple maps having just as many customers as Google maps, the maps will be fixed in short order.

      On the other hand, maybe Apple should just have scrapped the user-generated data from Google maps, exactly like Google+ did with the entire cities of Yelp! reviews it copied when Google+ started up. “Don’t be evil” was over at Google a LONG time ago.

      But then you would be complaining about Apple’s ethics being just like Google’s , wouldn’t you ?

      • haridsv

        Right, that users never contribute to the improvement of the service, unless they get payed, right? Companies first build a useful service and give it away for free, and users flock to it and ask for more, but which is exactly how Google maps became better. Google also innovated a lot with maps. How about all the money they spend on street views and others that make maps a better service? Those are clearly not user contributed. When I contribute something it is often out of my own selfishness.

      • Appletiser

        i appreciate your opinion, point’s of which are valid. the key issue, for me, with all this is that Apple have nurtured a generation of Google map users and built their trust. That map solution, yes initially flawed, has grown and become for most users one of the most often used and trusted features on their iDevice. People have become accustomed to an expected reliability from a map application. now Apple have thrown that away they are expecting their customers to start more or less back at square one, developing and re-building another map infrastructure. can you see why folk are pissed?

  • I love IDB but your last points makes no sense users should not have to do this we buy our devices so we can use them not fix them. We are not the ones that requested apple to take out a great solution for their own half backed crap. They should have kept Google for a few more years until there were ready to release product as good or better.

    • I agree idb has always quoted the famous “it just works” slogan
      But seem real silent about that right about now?

  • Dude

    We can help make it better by flooding Google with requests to make a native Maps app so we can ditch this P.O.S.!!

  • Why do we have to be sending messages to apple evrytime we find an error? the should have sticke with google maps until have a perfect app; now I am getting a super SG3 dfinetly!

    • valleyboy17

      How do you think Google maps works ? EXACTLY the same way.

  • Gay users should stop the mimimi, jump off the boat, get a smelly Android and run to mommy Google if you can’t deal with the fact that IT’S ALL CURRENTLY GOING THROUGH CHANGES.

    Changes take time to settle down, if you’re a lazy arse and can’t contribute to the mass by crowd-sourcing it nor can you wait to get Google’s Maps app from AppStore (which is going to defeat the whole fucking purpose Apple’s been working on for us) just leave the party, you’re not gonna be missed, that’s for sure…

    By no means I feel ok with losing functionality, but options right now are to either give Apple a chance or whine like an unsatisfied cunt…

    • You talk of whining yet your whole post is exactly just that how about you start over this time be respectful of the blog and of the people who come here for information dont be a troll

    • Appletiser

      Apple have made enough $$$ to not warrant a chance. they’re not a small upcoming brand (who would get my full support) they were more focused on showing off the limited 3D mapping instead of making sure the app didn’t fall short when used as day to day resource.

    • @dongiuj

      Spoken like a true apple fangirl.

  • Javier Gore

    What’s read between lines is “We screwed up by taking drastic and poor thought out measures” such as getting rid of Google presence in iOS as a result of the revenge for the safari privacy scandal. A successful company has to know its weakness and limitations while at the same time recognizing other company’s strengths. Should apple have done this in the first place, they would have taken proper measures to progressively getting rid of google maps instead of facing this scandal.
    I think Apple was way too arrogant to believe they could lead the mapping industry from night to day.

    • valleyboy17

      I suppose that Apple should have just scrapped the user-generated data from Google maps (which is most of it), just like Google did when it started Google+: they just copied entire cities worth of reviews from Yelp!.

      After they had critical mass, they deleted the Yelp! copies, but the damage was done. They couldn’t and didn’t want to undo their user growth. And Facebook ALSO copies it’s competitions user-generated data by scrapping your email address book.

      I suppose Apple should just have copied Google’s user-generated info. Google didn’t generate that data: USERS did.

  • I guess “it just works” is no longer the bar?
    its now it just may work with your help!

    • valleyboy17

      Just like Google maps did.

  • sasan akbari

    You think everyone have free times to do that? I mean adding a new place?!!

    • valleyboy17

      That’s how Google maps works !

  • Great post! This will definitely go a long way. Google has been doing maps for a lot longer than Apple. Clearly. So every helpful tip/report to Apple can get will help get them caught up.

  • ghettocowboy

    Remember this: you guys are great Apple’s sheeps. Apple loves you. They don’t have to pay anything for beta testing. They should have left the map out and incorporate it the next update like version 6.1 or til it is fully cooked. I personally don’t want to try half baked software

    • valleyboy17

      And YOU are Google’s sheep. Google maps developed EXACTLY the same way. I personally have reported many many bugs to Google maps, including one case where they told me to drive through an airport runway !

      Maps will be worked out in VERY short order: MUCH less than a year, considering that Apple was sending Google maps HALF the traffic that Google Maps was getting.

  • It shouldn’t need to learn, it should have already been ready.

    • valleyboy17

      Why should Apple maps be held to a higher standard than Google maps ? I personally have found many many errors in Google maps and I helped them fix it. No more.

      I guess you are right. Apple should have used the Google trick of ripping off it’s competitors, then claiming it didn’t need to anymore, just like Google did with Yelp! reviews when they started Google+. Oh, and I forgot they did the same thing with YouTube, refusing to remove the ripped off copyrighted TV shows until after they have crushed the competition with illegally uploaded movies and TV shows.

      Yeah, I guess they should have done to Google what Google has no moral qualms about doing to Google competition. “Don’t be evil” was over at Google a LONG LONG time ago.

      Apple might be the evil empire, but it’s WAY more ethical than Google.

      • Because if you are going to replace a product that is already prime and everyone is used to with a greatly inferior product, then Apple should keep Google Maps as a back up for those who are not satisfied with the overall failure of the new Maps app. Apple bought enough mapping companies to have this already ready. They have been working since at least 2009 toward this move… so if it was not ready, then why force it on to people?

        And in reference to Google ripping off competitors. Seriously man? Seriously? Have you ever looked at the features of iOS 5 and iOS 6 to see how many of those “new features” were ripped off directly from Android and from Cydia? I guess since Ping was ultimately a failure, you can’t count it as a rip off of other social media sites. OS X widgets are exactly the same thing that Konfabulator was doing for years. Apple rips off ideas just as much as anyone else.

        Both companies have their good ideas, products and morals, and both have bad. That’s the way it is… but some people are too blinded to see that and think that either Apple or Google are incapable of doing anything remotely evil.

  • @dongiuj

    Give it time? By the time it’s sorted itself out ( i mean by the time we did apple’s work for them ) it will be old and time to change to a different thing that will require the user to sort out for apple again. How about they stop releasing things in beta.

    • valleyboy17

      Google maps was in far worse shape when it came out. I personally have found a LOT of bugs in Google maps.

      Remember: that HALF of the traffic Google maps used to get was from iPhones. Therefore, Apple Maps has AT LEAST as many users as Google maps.

      Sorting the Apple Maps will take a LOT less time than it took to get Google maps sorted out.

      And then, you won’t even think about going back to stone age Google maps.

      • @dongiuj

        But i don’t remember google using their maps as a selling point to try and fool the public into buying their phone.

  • haridsv

    The author is clearly the best example of iSheep who would just take whatever Apple throws at him, and thinking it is for his best.