Today may be the big day for many awaiting Apple’s iPhone 5, but buyers at one of UK carrier’s O2 stores were left disappointed after £150,000 (around $240,000) worth of iPhone 5 were stolen before they could be handed out to eager purchasers.

The O2 store, located in London, had 252 brand new iPhone 5 handsets go missing around 1:30am, with the authorities hunting a man in connection with the theft.

A 23 year-old O2 worker is believed to be the man behind the disappearing iPhones, with cash from the store’s safe also missing, according to reports…

Apart from the shear audacity of the man, believed to be Usman Sethi of Illford, Essex, you have to feel for anyone who had queued up overnight only to be told that there were no iPhones to be sold that morning. Presumably O2 itself has a list of the IMEI numbers involved, meaning the handsets will be useless soon enough, but nobody ever said thieves were too bright, did they?

Did you queue up outside the O2 store in Colliers Wood this morning? Let us know how events played out via the usual methods!

[This is local London]

  • jose castro

    the thievery starts

  • Its not the first time. Ive bought my 4s and my uncles 4s off a guy on the street
    the day when the 4s came out last year. Idk why haven’t they track our IMED number or something?

  • Miketyler

    Damn that sucks for them Glad I got mine

  • Lolhaha

    Did u guys read the other report? That iphone 5s of softbank and i think docomo in japan are also missing. Hmmm, i smell something fishyy.. Somebody trying to sabotage the sales of apple here. Samsung where are u when the crime was done?

  • pikachu

    I think that thief is working for Samsung

  • crisp

    Some apple fanboys take it too far. Come on 1 iphone is enough

  • goofygreek

    I love how people just jump to the conclusion it was samsung. Lol, just like people blamed samsung for the apple protests that RIM was in charge of.

    • I love how people can’t recognize a sarcastic joke when they see one..

  • For sale iPhone 5
    Quantiy 10+
    $200 or make me offer ..

  • damn, now people get their iPhone’s stolen before they even buy them

  • are5th

    in japan,in uk…samsung sabotage