If you thought the legal wrangling between Apple and Samsung was settled with August’s patent-infringement jury decision, you were wrong. In a patent infringement lawsuit filed in February in the same San. Jose, Calif. courthouse that awarded Apple $1.05 billion in damages, the two rivals are preparing for a grudge match. Now the Wall Street Journal reports the South Korean smartphone maker “anticipates” it will add the iPhone 5 to the iPhone 4S in its list of allegedly infringing devices.

Likely still stinging from its patent-infringement loss, the maker of the Galaxy S told the court it expects the new iPhone will be part of a lawsuit against Apple set for 2014. The one hold-up: the iPhone 5 isn’t expected to hit store shelves until Friday.

Samsung will add the iPhone 5 to its list of problematic devices “as soon as it has had a reasonable opportunity to analyze the device,” according to today’s report.

The move is not unexpected. Apple — which also claims Samsung infringes upon eight of its patents — recently added the South Korean smartphone maker’s brand-spanking new Galaxy S III to its list of offending devices. What is unknown is whether Samsung can offer new evidence not already considered by the court and if the South Korean company can expect a different outcome than the one announced in August.

However, in the lifespan of patent infringement lawsuits, 2014 is light-years away. Possibly more pressing is a Dec. 6 court date when Samsung and Apple will again appear before federal Judge Lucy Koh. There, Samsung will likely argue the jury’s decision be set aside, while Apple reportedly will press for $3 billion in damages. In the meantime, Apple fans are expected to purchase record numbers of iPhone 5 no matter how long the court drama drags on.

  • REVENGEEEE !!!!!!

  • This is lunacy… I don’t see how Samsung has any grounds for this when Apple has kept their phone designs consistent, especially when Samsung has been determined to have copied that design!

  • Saimon13

    Wtf??? Why do they fight over a fucking (srr for cursing) design? it should be free, if i patent a square shape for mobile every one will have to do rounded/triangle phones? I call bullshit, Steve Wozniak said that too. Design has to be free.

  • Apple has deep pockets. They can handle this case. Lol. I already have my tracking number and my phone will b here tomorrow. If Samsung wants it they can try to pry it out of my fingers but they gotta get past my guns first. Lol.

  • That’s crap, Apple has done nothing wrong to copy Samsung. Apple is unique & samsung likes to copy Apple’s design.

    • “…..samsung likes to copy Apple’s design.”

      Yeah, the Galaxy S3 looks so much like the iPhone.

      • Liu Zhenyu

        Yeah those before didn’t, at least they’ve learnt and now is all well, who is the “cannot compete” company now? Samsung

  • art

    Let’s compare the feature-set offered by Galaxy SIII and the iPhone 5 and have a laugh…
    Who’s having fun using Apple Maps btw?

  • it’s just a friggin shape of a phone.. wtf is wrong with samsung. i wanna see them create a triangle or diamond shaped phone. seriously.