It is no secret that prior iOS releases were deployed fairly quickly across the vast majority of iOS devices in active use. This year’s iOS iteration, iOS 6, is no exception. According to one mobile ads provider, just a day after its public release iOS 6 peaked at more than fifteen percent of all web traffic on its mobile ad network.

More importantly, traffic has remained at that level since. Another non-scientific survey shows a huge spike in iTunes traffic during the hours iOS 6 went live. With more than 400 million iOS devices sold to date, iOS 6 is poised to become Apple’s fastest-growing iOS release to date…

According to a Chitika survey (via AllThingsD), within its first 24 hours of availability iOS 6 peaked at more than fifteen percent of web traffic observed on Chitika’s mobile ad network – and has remained at that level.

Now, this isn’t an accurate representative of the whole market as Chitika derives its data from a sample of third-party apps that incorporate its ad technology. Still, it’s a sign that iOS 6 is quite possibly seeing a rapid uptake.

Another thing to consider: such a massive surge in web traffic data is expected in the first few days of iOS 6 availability as people update their devices and presumably spend more time browsing the web in order to test the various aspects of the new software.

Apple users historically were quick to adopt major iOS updates.

Contrast this to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean which is found on just 1.2 percent of all Android devices, according to Google’s own data collected during a 14-day period ending on September 4, 2012.

By comparison iOS 5 took about three days from its October 12, 2011 release to hit the 15 percent mark.

Traffic overview on the iOS launch day provides another interesting pointer.

The above chart taps data from fixed access networks in the U.S. to show a comparison of iTunes and Mac App Store traffic on Wednesday, September 19, 2012 versus that of the average levels of the previous two Wednesdays in September.

As you can see, the iOS 6 launch day drove huge spikes in iTunes traffic, another indication of the software’s rapid adoption.

If there are readers out there who haven’t updated their devices to iOS 6 yet, we’d love to learn why down in the comments.

  • Theyre Is no jailbreak.

    • Chris Reyes

      all of your base are belong to us

    • There’s a tethered one for A4 devices like the iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4G and also the 3GS

  • SimonOrJ

    Apple’s new map sucks. I’m also going to wait for Apple to approve Google’s Maps application.

    • Kurt

      Apple’s youtube app blew too. I really like Google’s.

  • Android “Nestle” names of their OS’s are ridiculous, just saying.

  • cos there is no jailbreak, IOS 6 is a huge improvement over ios 5 but its still not as good without a jailbreak

  • Trentmanson333

    Gonna wait on the jailbreak for it besides im getting the iPhone 5 tomorrow it will already be on it

  • I tried to, but i got error 1600 🙁 Will try again soon…

    • Mahbub

      you tried what?

      • I tried to update to iOS 6. Yes, I’m running iOS 5.1.1 jailbroken.

      • You can’t do OTA when jailbroken

      • I didn’t try OTA. I was trying through iTunes

      • Danny Salerno

        Enter your device in to DFU mode and then in iTunes click Restore and load the required IPSW file for your device model for iOS 6, that is assuming you have a local copy of the iOS 6 IPSW for your specific iDevice.

      • I did that too, still got the error :/ I will try again later though, thanks for your suggestions!

    • Mahbub


    • babiloe

      you should try on the other computer, cant solve 1600 puzzle either

  • Mahbub

    Can i still update to 5.1.1 or restore it?

    • babiloe

      the time i post this, yes you can, maybe not for another hour, hurry

  • Wanted to enjoy my last few days with a Jailbroken device before my iPhone 5 comes on Monday. And as for the maps app I ran iOS 6 for a couple months and I loved it. Finally having turn by turn directions is worth less data cause there was no reason to use it before without turn by turn, I just used third party apps. And now it does that with Siri integration too, i loved it.

  • Matt

    i like my jailbroken i4 too much, waiting till january for free upgrade to i5 and by then untethered jb should be out hopefully ^_^

  • You don’t see fragmentation on iOS!

    • Falk M.

      Yeah, let’s just stick to iPhone Software 1.x and never release an update so we’re not fragmented in the slightest.
      Also, start coasting Apple, we don’t need new models. It just fragments…

      Ugh, some people take that line way too seriously.

  • MattXD162

    The moment you hear “untethered jailbreak for iOS 6”, that line will skyrocket.

    • Kurt

      I’ll be one them. I purposely haven’t watched any vids on ios6. I want to try it out myself.
      Does anyone know if navigation will work outside of the states?

  • If i updated my iphone 4s with ios 6 and it has a modem firmware 3.0.04, will i still be able to get AT&T or any other person to factory unlock my phone?

  • thedarkknight80

    I will go the same road i did last year : bought a 4S with pre-installed ios 5 and didn’t bother update my iphone 3G .

    And that’s what i will do this year . I will keep my jailbroken 4S and buy the iphone 5.
    I would rather experience ios 6 on my new iphone .

    Only thing still missing though is : Cydia on the iphone 5 .

    Bring it on devs !

  • Keith S.

    I have no way of disputing the claim that iOS 6 is being downloaded and installed faster than any previous iOS update, however I’m calling bullshit on the statistic in the headline here.

    The article states that “traffic peaked at more than fifteen percent of all web traffic on [a] mobile ad network.” 15% of all mobile ad traffic is NOT 15% of all devices. What about all the older devices that were handed down to relatives and not on any plan? Or given to kids as non-networked gaming devices? (For that matter, there are a LOT of iPods out there that don’t go on the network often.) What about the people still on iOS 5.1.1 and earlier who just stayed the hell off the network today because everybody is busy downloading iOS 6? Or the tens of thousands of phones that are currently in UPS trucks bound for Gazelle, AT&T, and Amazon for trade-in?

    I’m sorry, but there is NO way to extract the percentage of devices from a percentage of network traffic, as you can’t possibly know the distribution of heavy and low network users, not to mention those who aren’t on the net and picking up ads in any way.

    If you want to say “as many as 15% of users who were using iOS devices on the Internet today”, that’s kind of the upper threshold, but still fine. But 15% of ALL devices? I think not.

  • Why I cosby restore my iPhone 4 using the ipsw file in ur download section and the iTunes too (10.7). It shows iTunes could not connect to iPhone software server or is temporarily unavailable. 🙁 help me. I have tried on 3 different computers. Did all the blah blah’s. But couldn’t restore it. Help Plx.

  • C. Hanson

    I tried to download iOS 6 several times but got error messages. I live in Botswana and the download speed is bad. I will try again tonight.

  • se-u

    I update my 4S. Its very bad.
    More feature but more mistakes,
    Map is sucks

    Typing mistakes

    Siri didnt understand like before

  • TeachMeHowToDougie

    the remaining 85% is waitng for unthetered jailbreak

    • Kurt

      That’s me!

  • klouud

    Waiting for A5 jailbreak… after a fresh install of 5.1.1 and going back to SBSettings, I realized I can’t live without SBSettings and WeeKillBackground.

  • Irfan Tarique

    Jailbreak please then upgrade

  • How can i down grate from ios6 back to ios5. I hate ios6,

  • Jack Randall

    I haven’t upgraded because of Maps. I see no indication apple maps is an improvement on google maps.

  • Rick Hulett

    I am one who hasn’t updated to iOS 6 simply because of the problems others encountered who had, ie; battery consumption, maps, wifi, and a few other glitches.

    Recently a proud owner of a 3g for over 4 years, made the mistake of upgrading to all iOS updates, encountered many problems along the way that virtually killed its speed, jail-breaking trying to make it faster.. haha what a joke, the lesson learned here was do-not-alter what was originally designed. I learned that trying to improve this design was a big mistake by listening and reading all the misleading information on the internet of those who believed they had a fix…..NOT

    So I now have iphone 4s/5.1.1, and have no desire to update, functions properly, as it should. Have not encountered problems that would prompt me to trust iO6 update to what appears to be other bigger problems.

    I have no desire for a iphone 5 as the features are not that much different from 4s and frankly the speed of which the 3g to 4s so remarkable there is not reason to spend $$$ for the 5. I will wait 3-4 years when iphone 6 comes out….hehe