Like other sites, we’ve been getting a lot of tips this evening that Wi-Fi in iOS 6 is acting up. Several of our readers have informed us that their Wi-Fi quit working after attempting to connect to a faulty Apple page shortly after updating to the latest version of iOS.

Don’t worry, the problem has been pinpointed. As explained by developer Steve Streza, iOS devices are programmed to ping a test URL upon connecting to a Wi-Fi network to see if it’s protected by a “captive portal.” And that test page has been down all afternoon…

Here’s more on that from Errata Security:

“When an Apple iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod) connects to a WiFi network, the first thing it does is make a request to the URL

The purpose of this request is to discover if there is a “captive portal” in the way. A captive portal is when, after connecting to the WiFi, any web request you makes gets redirected to a login/ToS page. In order to continue, you must either login with a username/password (or sign up, then login), and/or access the Terms of Service.”

Anyway, it sounds like Apple was able to correct this issue on their end, so no update will be necessary. But if you’re still having Wi-Fi problems, you can try the following:

  • Toggle your Wi-Fi off and on – Settings app > Wi-Fi OR
  • Set your device’s HTTP Proxy to Auto – Settings app > Wi-Fi > Blue icon next to the network you’re connecting to > Scroll to the bottom

One of these methods should cure your iOS 6 Wi-Fi troubles. If not, be sure to let us know in the comments below.

  • Tinus

    I hear iOS 6 not worth upgrading…
    It worth only if jb and cydia available …

    • Look at more than one opinion. Look at the pros and cons and make your own decision before picking a side.

    • Falk M.

      I’ll not further continue jailbreaking I guess starting with iOS 6.
      So much hassle and I use so little…

      What I will do again is save my blobs and also maybe reconsider jailbreaking if good stuff comes out or I start to feel awkward without one… 😀

      I’ll miss SBSettings, but then again, I just wish I didn’t actually need to toggle so often… *sigh*

    • hazem

      Wifi Works after installing Cydiaa ?

  • Mike Smith

    no luck here my Iphone 4S wireless is still constantly going from 3G to wireless

  • It happened to me but it’s working now

  • chjode

    iPhone 4 updated to iOS 6 earlier today and no problems with WiFi at all.

    • Johnathan Jennings

      Same here

  • theloneranger08

    I have tried everything that everyone has listed as “fixes” in the forums and absolutely nothing works…

    • Me too! Need a fix and quick!

    • Jr56659

      Restore with iTunes

  • Mike

    Can not even turn wifi on! Bluetooth either.

    • I have exactly the same issue. I’ve tried every silly “fix” I’ve found in the forums. My phone is simply refusing to connect to routers or bluetooth. For routers, it reports the password is incorrect.

  • Hmm… Wifi is working fine, except that iTunes does not see it for WiFi Sync. It sees my iPad on iOS 6 but not my 4S on iOS 6.

  • couldn’t activate the iPhone *whenever I tried it says activation server is temporarily unavailable, when I called apple support they suggest me to downgrade to the ios 5.1.1, then I decided to stay with the 5.1.1 in the meatime

  • It works beyond perfect on my ipad 3

  • I don’t see the setting wifi over cellular anywhere…someone help?

  • Wifi not working since morning! It shows my network but that loading round is going on without a Pause

    • same here! anyone figured this out?

    • Jr56659

      Restore your device through iTunes. I had the same problem.

    • ditto that. anybody?

    • Alix Geddie

      Mine is doing the EXACT same thing after I did the update to IOS6.0…however I failed to notice I wasn’t connected to wifi for too long and just got a huge overage on my data and phone bill is crazy expensive. Can’t believe it took so long to clue in…but yes it gives me the option to connect to WIFI I put in my password and the little icon just spins and spins….I hope someone can HELP not soon but NOW!!!

      • Anonymous


  • anyone having issues with the home button, half the time its not responsive and if it is, its slow

    • @dongiuj

      I have this problem after a year of use with all iphones i’ve had.

    • Blake

      re calibrate the home button. Go to a stock app (calculator) hold the power button until slide to power off pops up. Then release the power button and hold the home button until the app force closes. Then your home button will be recalibrated

      • Milad Khahil

        very nice … Helpful

  • fixed thanks

  • I had wifi issues. I couldn’t connect to my home network (wasn’t recognizing the password, then it would take the password, but would never get a complete connection). I clicked on the network (on the right-arrow, so i could see the specific settings for that network) and I set the proxy to auto, and viola, it connected to my wifi. Thank you for the tip!!

  • After ios6 installed iphone 4s auto brightness not working at all? Is it the bug? I tried two times clean install but..? I downgraded back to ios5.1.1 and auto brightness working well.

  • And regarding Wifi issue in ios6 i didnt have that at all after upgradation. But auto brightness not working in ios6 ‘ iphone 4s.

  • So this means that when ever you connect to a wifi network your iPhone sends data to apple?!?!?!?
    Does it send information which can be used to identify which wifi network I am on?????

  • Switching the wifi toggle in and off worked for me

  • why apple didn’t tell us earlier? I have to restore my iphone to fix it.

  • Jithin

    usb tethering stopped working after itune update 10.7.
    I’m using OSX 10.6.7 and iPhone 4 with iOS6. . any solutions??

  • I was there yesterday and was able to fix it by restarting my TimeCapsule base station.

  • TSeng

    updated my 4S yesterday, Wifi simply says “Unable to join the network”

    I’ve turned:
    Siri on and off
    Wifi on and off
    Bluetooth on and off
    Airplane mode on and off
    the phone on and off
    Soft reset, hard reset
    Reset my network settings

    All in various orders/mystical voodoo

    No luck, no wifi :{

    • Jr56659

      Restore with iTunes. It worked for me

  • I am having a strange issue when connected to my work WIFI ONLY my connection to some things don’t work (Gmail, both other e-mails are fine, and itunes store). I tired the suggestions here and even removed and reset my wifi connection settings. Any suggestions?

  • Nath_12_22

    no… no fixed… cannot browse at all… eeeewweee

  • iPhone 4 updated – Wifi Connectes but not working, I dont even get the page most ppl refer too cause nothing loads at all

    • Wayne Hancock

      Same here, it shows connected but just doesn’t work.. NEVER see the Captive Portal page or check..

  • robbie cunningham

    Fix did not work for my iPhone 4 or iPad. Nothing seems to work. Still no wifi

    • if your router is the WEP firmware it will not run, try updating it to WPA by contacting your internet service provider, that’s what i did and it worked

  • Bonnie Miller

    After updating to 6.0 my Wi-Fi turned off and the toggle is grey. I do not have the option to turn it back on. HELP!

  • Natebg

    iPhone wifi receiver seems to be weaker. I used to be able to connect to the dorm public wifi from my room. Now I can’t it doesn’t show up!!

    • Lee

      I’m traveling abroad in Beijing and have the same problem. The problem is that Apple deleted the ‘Auto Login’ toggle switch. It must be set to off, but this is no longer an option.

  • yes the second solution worked but the first didn’t.

  • Did an update this afternoon,
    Now can’t access Internet at All on. iPad 2

    • Jr56659

      Restore in iTunes. Worked for me

  • Jason

    I have intermittent wifi at best. Jumps back and forth even with the fix in place.

  • with the new update i can’t find find my new router netwerk also with manual input my Iphone can’t find the netwerk. but my Macbook and Apple tv connect without problems. how can i solve this problem. thanks for your support

  • Wifi os OK on my New iPad but not my iPhone4. It doesn’t recognize any networks, though the ipad is on wifi sitting right next to it. Help?

  • jcax44

    None of the proposed solution have worked unfortunately. HELP!

    • AnnoyedFromWoking

      This worked for me for error “Password Incorrect” for WEP and “Cannot connect to…” for WPA/2 Reduced channel number on our routers to 11 or lower. Tested with 9, 10 and 11 with no problems but anything higher and we get these two connection errors when trying to join our WiFi network. All other devices connect fine on any setting including Windows XP and 7, Windows Phone Mango and even an iOS5 iPod Touch.

  • WIndows8 :D

    you have to diable your passcode then it will work!!!!!

  • Guest

    I was having Wi-Fi Sync issues as well and followed all the above suggestions with no luck. This is what I did and it’s working for me. I have an iPhone 4 with iOS6. I made sure I had iTunes opened, I went to Wi-Fi Sync on the phone and the Sync Now button is available only for a few seconds. I tapped on it real quickly and it trigged a communication with iTunes. The first time I had to hit Cancel Sync but then tapped on the Sync Now button again and that time it worked. I now have the Sync Now button available all the time. I hope this helps.

  • I was having Wi-Fi Sync issues as well and followed all the above suggestions with no luck. This is what I did and it’s working for me. I have an iPhone 4 with iOS6. I made sure I had iTunes opened, I went to Wi-Fi Sync on the phone and the Sync Now button is available only for a few seconds. I tapped on it real quickly and it trigged a communication with iTunes. The first time I had to hit Cancel Sync but then tapped on the Sync Now button again and that time it worked. I now have the Sync Now button available all the time. I hope this helps.

  • Jr56659

    I had this same problem on my new iPad and iPhone 4S, all I did to fix the problem is restored both devices in iTunes. No more wifi problems now

  • Same problem: wifi down both on iPhone4 and iPad3 since upgrade to OS6. None of proposed solution work. “Unable to join the network NAME” keeps appearing. Help2 please

    • I am having the same issue. Any fix found?

  • Steve

    my iPhone 4 or iPad 3 will not sync wirelessly with iTunes, the device names show up in iTunes but are all greyed out with the little timer spinning continuously, they will sync when they are plugged in to my iMac, any idea what the problem is ??

  • M.m.mughal

    none of proposed actions are working, since i have updated my device which is iphone 4s , i am unable to activate wi fi conections as it is free fixed at off and there is no way to move it to on mode. is there any help ?

  • Graham Chatfield

    Updated iPhone 4S from 5.1.1. Two wifi problems. The first of course was fixed by Apple. The second problem is the wifi freezes at random times. It still shows as connected, simply doesn’t work. Tried the above solutions, tried restore thru iTunes. Tried reset on the Network settings. Notta. Was fine I’m 5.0 thru 5.11. Like come on Apple, seriously! Your beta testers never noticed? Yer gonna have a bunch of pissed off iPhone 5 users if it does that to them… Hurry with the 6.01 fix before thousands jump ship!!

  • Nath_12_22

    Do we have to always put proxy on auto? There is still a problem on my side..

  • marylin

    it worked for me!! its soo fast now! thanx i was getting worried.

  • The problems arising out of installing iOS 6 in my case are resolved by merely restarting the iPhone.

  • kenzi

    Did not work for Ipod touch 4th generation

    • SOphia


  • Everyone’s collecting information now.. We live in bad times.. GOOGLE I KNOW YOU’RE LISTENING!!!

  • Jordy

    You have to hard restart your iphone. Hold the power and home button both until the iphone restarts and comes up with the apple logo. 😉

  • From the times of 4:00 pm- to about 9:30 pm i spent with apple 3 times, my router provider and microsft and other professionals trying to fix the problem. When i tried to connect i tried every possible fix listed, including a full restore, and even in DFU mode. What the final issue was, which might be of use to others, wasn’t even the IOS itself, my router is a Westell. It’s pretty old, what i had to do was contact my internet service provider which is verizon, and it turns out that IOS 6 does NOT run on WEP firmware, which my router was under, i had to update my router firmware to either WPA or WP2 firmware, mine was WPA. Took forever to fix but once that was done my wifi problem was fixed, Potentially you could have firewalls blocking it in your security in your router possibly, check it out. Hope this helps all you out there, if you are still experiencing this problem.

    • Do they charge you to update your router firmware to WPA or WP2…that might be my only solution…I tried almost every solution I’ve found online… We just got Internet not so long ago….(2 months ago)…I don’t think that would be my problem…thanks Patrick I might have to try that…


    I cant even turn WIFI on,,, its gray and cant swith it on!! WTF!!!

    • Shinun

      Same here … i did everything i know .. 🙁


        I’m only glad i kept my 3g when i got the iphone 4 – But I have to use both hands! – One for a phone (the new iPhone4 ) and the other old 3g to do anything with wifi and that sux big-time – Apple need s a bigger bite on the @$$ to get them to fx this – latest software load did nothing for this serious problem. – I think I’ll dump some more stock…

    • Me too.

    • mine tooooooo!! :/

    • Me too. I talked to Apple person and they said to reset network settings and I did. It worked. Then two days later, grayed out wifi again. Reset network settings now 7 times and not working.

    • Btw, this happened after I updated to 6.1. DONT DO IT! KEEP AWAY FROM 6.1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!