As expected – and right on time ahead of Friday’s iPhone 5 launch – Samsung has taken another cheap shot at Apple with a new television commercial. Like last year’s anti-Apple campaign, this one again pokes fun of people who would wait in the line for a new iPhone (even if the vast majority of readers in iDB’s non-scientific poll said they pre-ordered their device).

It increasingly appears Samsung is attaching its brand name to Apple in the hope of getting the kind of exposure, recognition and reputation Apple is enjoying. Don’t take it all to hear – Samsung’s ad is funny at times. And to those who beg to differ: we can always laugh at ourselves (here, here and here)…

Samsung is obviously asserting here that the iPhone 5 is a minor upgrade.

It’s all in your head, the company would have you believe.

I like the opening line when a guy says to a chick waiting in line for the iPhone 5:

Hey, they’re saying that this phone is going to be like precious jewel.

The Rolex of smartphones, perhaps?

The commercial also attempts to dumb down the iPhone 5 by mentioning minor design changes, like “the headphone jack is going to be on the bottom”, and slamming the Lightning port for requiring an adapter (it’s called progress, Samsung) to connect to legacy accessories (“but they make the coolest adapters”) and what not.

An iSheep says that “this year, we’re finally getting everything we didn’t get last year” as two Galaxy SIII owners pull their devices and beam a playlist wirelessly just by gently touching their phones, a feature requiring NFC technology that Apple didn’t include in the iPhone 5 (here’s why).

And what to say of this petulant exchange between an Apple and Samsung user:

Apple user: This one’s got a big screen.

Samsung user: This one has a bigger one.

From YouTube description:

Intuitive, innovative, and stylish, the Galaxy S III is The Next Big Thing – and it’s already here.

The blurb links to Samsung’s official Facebook page where the company recently asked people what phone they would bring to a desert island, but it backfired.

This latest television commercial aligns nicely with Samsung’s recent newspaper ad that draw criticism for its side-by-side comparison of iPhone 5 and Galaxy SIII capabilities, with certain features selectively left out to make its own device look better (Nokia and Apple camps created amusing versions of that advertisement).

By the way, does this image make sense to you?

So, what do you think about Samsung’s anti-iPhone 5 ad?

Did you find it funny or insulting?

  • Meh

  • vid

    fuck you samsung

    • Gorgonphone

      yeah they suck… they have the beats androids phones but thats like saying you have the best pile of dog shit…lol

  • love it;)

  • It’s really funny

  • Haha! Nice one Samsung. I can’t believe your willingness to go this low. I mean if you truly believe your devices or smartphones are better, there is no point in doing this kind of ad. It’s so childish.

    • Kind of how Apple thinks they’re products are superior, so why would they sue?…

      • you mean how Samsung STOLE Apple’s Intellectual Property and tried to re-package it as their own and made millions off of technology and research and design that was not theirs. pull your head out of your rectum and smell reality.

      • And what does that have to do anything? Steve Jobs would laugh at you and say “A good artist creates, a great artist STEALS.” Grow a pair and get real.

  • Miketyler

    This video actually made me laugh, these companies are just like little kids….

    • harit7

      Desperate times call for desperate measures. 😛
      Poor samsung.

      • goofygreek

        with the most pre-orders of any smartphone, and selling 20 million units in 100 days, i really dont think their that desperate. I think their just pissed about the major case they just lost.

      • harit7

        Then do you think making ads like this will benifit them?
        It’l only make matters worse.

      • goofygreek

        Nope. Its definitely not going to help them. At least it wont help them with people that don’t hate apple.

      • the difference being…Samsung records shipments as orders and not just actual SALES as sales. Apple reports actual sales with their figures. Samsung may ship 20 million phones but may have only SOLD 12 million phones, with the remaining stock of 8 million phones littering the stock shelves of every telco and big box store out there. so don’t try to impress with Samsung’s inflated, non-factual “sales” figures.

      • goofygreek

        You should read more carefully, Those numbers are actual sales, not the normal bs that samsung uses with shipment/sales.

      • riza mr

        Watch it kid
        This is Apple Community

  • Seems like Samsung is feeling a little bit threaten by the iphone 5. That’s why they are releasing all this ads against it. What’s going on SIII your sales are not growing as the iPhone ones?

  • Aaron Sirianna

    Maybe Samsung Could Have Lines Like That If Anyone Actually Gave A Shit About There Products 😀

  • Funny how they use stupid no-one-cares-or-use features to try to sell their phones

  • these commercials of theirs just show how jealous Samsung is of Apple’s success. Samsung WISHES they could get people to line up for days on end, in cities all over the world, for one of their devices.

  • MrNiceGuy22

    Hahahaha this is hilarious!!!! I’ll still stick with my iPhone tho lol

  • dejan ljepava

    I am sick of this commercials. World is big market for Apple and Samsung and many more phone manufacturers. There is room for everybody. Fak em all.

  • Pepsi talks about coke everytime, but coke never do that. The same whith intel/amd. Seconds needs to talk about the firsts to sell. Thats a law.

  • Actually “Shamsung” is in constant need to attach their brand name to Apple, it’s the only way for them to get noticed.

  • Im the kind of person who will never wait in the line for any product EVER, but this ads from Samsung are actually stupid because seems to me that they are so jealous about Apple success… I mean, come on… they are a company.. their biggest wish is having a huge crowd waiting in line to get a new Samsung product.

    Making fun of that people is kind of offensive and the WORST way to get Apple followers attention. If Apple someday respond to Samsung will be like.

    S-voice… the dumb SIRI version…
    Camera App… even the icons rotate like the iOS Camera App…

    And the list goes on…
    From now on, can we call SAMSUNG

    “the overly attached Apple fan?”

    • Lolhaha

      True that. Samcheap is so childish. Well we cant blame them, cos they’regoing down and desperate to snatch cstmer from apple.

    • Basically the same thing Apple did to Microsoft with their “Mac vs. PC” commercials. Now that Apple has marginally narrowed the gap, we’re seeing the same types of commercials from Microsoft directed at Apple.

      • And here’s why Apple did that to Microsoft.
        Youtube: watch?v=N-2C2gb6ws8

      • iFuture

        Why has everyone to mention that fucking mac ad ?!

      • Falk M.

        LOL… I think there’s a fine difference between insulting your (potential) buyers and poking fun at your competitor and comparing your products.

    • max

      the commercial is actually really funny…dude swallow a chill pill or go nibble on something before you get heart attack. SERIOUSLY DUDE GET A LIFE!!!

    • The Samsung Galaxy S3 is the best iphone made to date. Even better, there’s no long lines to wait to get one 😉

  • sammy

    this is just sad first the stupid newspaper add now this

  • Its just a matter of How people think . We iPhone users love the iPhone , but if you compare the iPhone with Samsung by specs . iPhone is obviously much weaker . But it doesn’t necessarily mean its less efficient. Thats what the android users think . Specs are everything for them. I dont really find this commercial insulting tho. It’s actually pretty funny

    • Apple sells user experience, not specs. The specs are just a way to get that user experience, while for Samsung, specs are the only way to get users attention… but the user experience sucks like hell… their phones look cheap and the features quality sucks..

      Apple Motto: Do more with less.
      Samsung motto: Promise More, do less.

      I’ve tested a S3 for 2 weeks… and man… that phone really sucks. And im not saying that it’s everything garbage.. but in general, the user XP really sucks and everything looks like a rip-off… specially the camera app, text app, s-voice (that don’t recognize most of the commands) .. and many other things.

    • Mi_Wolverine96

      Thank you! a non-extremist voice! i write apps for both OS. i have an iphone. BUT LETS BE CLEAR!! IOS IS A PIECE OF SHIT IF ITS NOT JAILBROKEN w/ANDROID TWEAKS!!

      • Android tweaks? WTF are you talking about?.. even cydia was released to everybody before Android devices…and on that time, the Android project was like a BB project….

      • Mi_Wolverine96

        ur right, my bag! but that still validates my argument. the OS is AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN incomplete to 1 of the 2 groups that that buy IOS devices (the hackers).

      • Apple care about features that work right, like I’ve said in other comments, it’s all about quality, not quantity.

        Android has a lot of features, but most of that features don’t work fine. The design has no consistency and performance and stability looks like in beta stage. That’s not how Apple work.

        Only SIRI was their first beta and works fine, and it’s only beta because doesn’t have all languages and features available, and since it’s a AI, he needs to learn with people.. not with developers.

      • Mi_Wolverine96

        ur comment is left field. it has nothing to do with my argument. ill recap…pure IOS is not & has not been complete for 1 of 2 groups the buy IOS. quality/quantity has nothing to do. & since u pointed out cydia existed before android, androids non-working features have zero baring. siri, again, zero baring.
        if ur going to reply, get off the soap box & focus on the content.


      • I work as a developer too, and I can easely say that what you’re talking about is the most senseless think I ever heard from a “developer”

        If Im going to start about tools (XCode, Frameworks, API’s, UIToolkits and other stuff) I can tell you fore sure what system sucks.

        I mean.. .even the developer tools for the Android suck like hell and the emulator, same thing… not to mention that JAVA, in general, sucks… that’s why most of Android devices need “heavy” hardware to run with a reasonable performance. And the fragmentation is a pain…

      • max

        YOU SHOULD REALLY…REALLY CALM DOWN MAN!!! HOLY SMOKES. it’s a matter of opinion thereby you can’t force other people to like yours. IS THIS GUY LIKE THE APPLE SECURITY GUARD?

      • If its a matter of opinion, let me stay with mine and gtfo, jelly kid. Or say something productive.. or your empty head can’t help you on that? Because arguments in both of your comments = zero.

  • bae125

    That is pretty damn funny, got to give them credit.

  • sue them apple not for 3 but for 5billion then the shitty samsung might stop admiring the iphone by constantly making commercials about it

  • Zorvage

    So childish and sad..

  • Metroview

    It’s like they’re not even trying to promote the S3 but instead insulting their potential customers by attack and ridicule. I’m pretty sure that’ll work, Samsung.

    Get over being butthurt over that lawsuit already.

  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    It’s funny people getting mad at Samsung for promoting or pushing this Ad against Apple. When Apple not to long ago promoted and push the PC vs Apple ads against Microsoft.
    Trolling Microsoft in every corner. Apple Stop running the Ad when Microsoft started promoting the Price of a PC vs a Mac. Both Companies agreed to never have Ads like that again. I know you luv you iDevices and Macs but take the Ad was what it is ( funny ) nothing more and stop trolling.

    I’m a PC and luv / own an iPhone 4S and iPad ( iPad3 )

    • Well said. This ad was hilarious!

    • genXhippie

      Yes, well said.

    • Apple only messed with Microsoft when they started to rip-off many features from MacOSX… even the Microsoft VISTA logo inside a “Glass Bubble” was mimicking the Aqua effect very well known on MacOSX…

      Apple only stopped those ads after Microsoft followed their own path, with a different and innovative way of user interface, like the Metro.

      you should check this video on Youtube, the true reason why Apple it hard on Microsoft. youtube: watch?v=N-2C2gb6ws8

      • GuyBey0ndC00L

        Actually before the MAC vs PC Ads came out later after Apple and Microsoft agreed to share software and patents across companies.

    • Kok Hean

      It’s actually an ad against customers of Apple, that’s why people are so upset 😛

      • GuyBey0ndC00L

        I’m a PC customer and those Ads didn’t hurt me I found them funny but that still a dis on PC users

      • Kok Hean

        As a Windows user, I laughed at the Mac vs. PC ads. I didn’t laugh at Samsung’s ad.

  • Haha. That was a hilarious ad! I don’t have a GS3 and I don’t plan on switching from my iPhone 4S to that, but I do have to admit that ad was pretty funny!

  • jdshorrock

    Would like to see that happen Friday…Samsung wouldn’t have the balls. But it is slightly funny.

  • genXhippie

    Great ad, funny as hell imo. I own a Nokia N8, SGS2, and a jailbroken iPad 3, will be purchasing an unlocked iP4SS/iP5 (sold the iP4S for $450) soon.

  • Samsung, are you jealous that no one lines up down the block days before any of your products release? It sure sounds like it…

  • That is so funny! Lol. Can’t hate on them all of it was true. U just have to laugh at stuff like this. Copying is the best flattery. Thanks for the free publicity.

  • ghettocowboy

    hahahaha, love it. it is so true

  • goofygreek

    I thought it was pretty funny. Yea its making fun of the people waiting in line for iphones, ( which if apple would actually allow more pre-orders, this whole image of people waiting in line for the iphone wouldnt happen. Good thing about the line though, makes the iphone look like its in bigger demand than it really is.) But, on samsungs side, it does show what the galaxy s3 can do that the iphone cant do.

  • Really insulting to potential. Clients I don’t think is cool to make fun of people make fun of the product not the people

  • See most people don’t care about Samsung phones when they are in line for a new iPhone because they know the iPhone will work nicer and Samsung is only posting this because they know apple has the best phone

  • Usama Ahmad

    youtube banned 🙁

  • Deja-Vu

  • wadjj

    kinda like it actually

  • bae125

    The fact that people actually get upset at this rather than just enjoying the humor is even funnier. Lighten up people. Rabid fans of any product have always been and will be easy targets, mostly because they’re ridiculous. From sports to phones to politics…have a laugh and go on.

  • Gorgonphone

    lol it would not matter if samsung got Jesus to star in their ads their crappy phones will still suck..

  • SimonOrJ

    Here: Oh Samsung sucks they copy Apple and don’t get innovative and they are jealous of Apple’s success and Samsung is cheap plastic crap…

    on YouTube video: There’s no such thing as “Apple Fanboys” and “Samsung Fanboys” and this is perfect commerical and Apple has too many restrictions…

    Let me ask you this: If you like Apple products that much, then why do you go against Apple’s policy and just jailbreak your devices like they are nothing?

  • this ad really got me laughing, samsung can really get crazy sometimes

  • Every ad where Samsung makes fun of me makes we want their phone less and less and less.

  • I think it’s great Samsung advertises for Apple. Free PR. I also laugh at the “bigger screen”. If they made the Galaxy S IIII with a six inch screen would that be an accomplishment to boast about?? 2gb of memory as well, because iOS and android are the same operating system.

  • Hmm… Funny. lol

    Just to point out, also i do know that mostly iOS Feats are as great.
    -NFC technology, with it being. great and all, imagine if you drop your phone during info swap. Total Bummer if your GS3 gets dings or cracked. not as simple to hold as if you did the bump technique in iOS when the bump app came out.
    – with the bigger screen pointed out. A lot of people i know who has the GS3, they all either went back to an iPhone or has said to go and get the new iPhone 5 cause the screen is too big for their pockets. Sometimes Bigger isn’t always better.
    -sharing videos or pictures was never a hard task to do. If you ask me. i wouldn’t want anyone to have access to my photos in the first place.
    -Text or email while watching video. Popup Play, serious guys. watching video with a ratio smaller than your screen, infact smaller than the leading competitors when the phone in portrait view. SMH. WHY WATCH SOMETHING ON A SMALLER PROPORTION. I don’t care. Its pretty much humbug. “okay type this, crap screen blocking send button. move that there, okay now hit send, ohh move the video back to the right side. go back to my text list.” way too much shit to do when it comes to using this feat.
    -“The Next Big Thing?” Really, even when we already hear that samsung is making the SGS4. *pinches nose bridge* Not even gonna comment about it anymore.

    To samsung, thanks for the entertainment. Now Get Serious and get real. Just stick with what you make best as a staple company.

  • Why is there so much of bickering over here. Its marketing. I wouldn’t say its marketing 101. But its been done before ..

    Apple dit it
    Microsoft does it
    Samsung’s doing it

    Its healthy competition. And its part of the game. If you dont work for any of these companies and if your a mere consumer , you should instead sit back and enjoy as these big giant’s take on each other. Bickering doesn’t help. They are still going to produce such ‘valuable’ ads with or without your valuable inputs :)))

  • James

    Haha this is great! I’m a Samsung user but I have to admit, this seems a little childish…

  • Sorry, we dont sue that much in eu.

    • pedling

      No, but the EU does, ask Microsoft!

  • gregsilva4

    Samsung is just clowning on the ppl that think there going to be the shyt ones they upgrade to the iphone 5 funny commercial:)

  • Margaret C

    People only own an iPhone because this is the most popular phone out. This ad just states the facts that the iPhone doesnt do compared to the galaxy. Most people that own an iPhone don’t even know how to use it other than calls. They own it because it’s an iPhone. Be an educated consumer Atleast.

  • riza mr

    Its a Funny Add

    *Battary drain is so fast
    *Couldn’t find a APPLE STORE in NAGOYA in iMaps ( pls dnt say Apple is not selfish to Update there stores only)

    * No JB yet ,may be not in near future
    TBT NAVI Can buy online