The iPhone 5, sporting Apple’s custom A6 processor, is really turning some heads in the tech world. Last week it beat out the competition in Geekbench tests, and early reviews say the handset is extremely fast.

And the accolades don’t stop there. The first SunSpider Javascript benchmark, which measures Javascript performance, for the iPhone 5 was published last night. And again, Apple’s smartphone swept the field…

AnandTech, who published the benchmark, reports:

“The first iPhone 5 reviews have lifted, confirming the leaked Geekbench data we saw in our earlier post. Apple’s A6 appears to feature two custom ARM cores running at up to 1GHz. A new datapoint comes courtesy of our own Brian Klug who’s currently visiting LG in Seoul, South Korea. He ran into Vincent Nguyen of Slashgear fame, who kindly let him run SunSpider 0.9.1 on Vincent’s iPhone 5 review sample. The score? 914.7ms.”

Unlike most performance tests, lower is better in the SunSpider benchmark. And not only did Apple’s 914.7ms beat out the likes of the Galaxy S III and HTC’s One X, but as you can see, it wasn’t even close.

In fact, AnandTech says that this is the fastest score they’ve ever recorded on a smartphone. It’s even faster than Intel’s new Atom Z2460 processor. The site attributes the A6’s speed to improvements in its memory subsystem. Well whatever Apple did, it seems to be working.

It’ll be interesting to see how Samsung and other competitors respond to the iPhone 5 and its surprising bump in performance. HTC, in fact, is expected to announce a new device later today.

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  • who needs 2GHz speed like the one on samsung galaxy s3 hahahahah…….u need brain not label…..

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  • Liu Zhenyu

    *sigh*, looks like false specs on paper like battery and RAM for the gs3 just cant keep up, or they are just terrible in managing resources, guess fagdroids gonna get owned by specs on paper just like they troll around.

    • For someone who seemingly hates “fagdroids”, you seem to be quite obsessed with them.

      • Liu Zhenyu

        I am not obsessed, but actively participating in debates against them, specs on paper is their main tactic, so i mentioned this 😉 You are also very active, saw you on jailbreaknation.

      • It’s not all about the hardware, but how software takes advantage of the hardware. I think we can all agree on that one.
        And yeah, I posted a comment or two on JBN recently. However, this site is my primary news source. 🙂

      • Liu Zhenyu

        That was my point i wanted to tell every person eligible for a smartphone alive today, DONT just take hardware specs, but how the software takes advantage of it

      • Jelly Bean for the GS3 is on it’s way (October), so I’m really eager to see how will the update improve performance.

      • BoardDWorld

        I’m sorry you have to wait for that slim hope.

      • And next year, you’ll be bragging how the iPhone got features which Android has right now, but continue to bitch and moan how shitty it is. Stay classy.

      • Gorgonphone

        android could be what jesus uses to call to say he is on his way back and it will still suuuuuck..lolol

      • I imagine you’re a 12 year old. Only kids these days laugh at “it suuuuucks lolololo” phrases.

      • Kurt

        you and @liuzhenyu:disqus should keep fighting. i don’t like either one of you.

        btw, why are you calling @Gorgonphone:disqus a kid? you are 19. what do you think you are an adult??? hahaha

      • With age comes maturity and responsibility. Judging by your replies, you have a really long way to go.

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      • You must be talking about yourself, because I’ve had a job until recently. I had to quit because I’m moving away for college in about a week. That same job allowed me to “buy my own toilet paper” and save up enough money to buy the iPhone I’m using right now to type this. Your comment, yet again, proved how immature you are. Keep it up!

      • Kurt

        you live with mommy and daddy, you are not an adult. enough with you being mature. you are only now trying to talk calm and not as you normally say “getting pissed off” and cursing like a little 19 year old child…again, who are you fooling?

      • Yes, I do. So does the vast majority of people my age. The difference is that some are more mature than others. Right, Kurt?

        And yes, I was pissed off at you. Am I not allowed to get annoyed by lying hypocrites? Now I am calm because in the meantime I realized what kind of a person I was/am talking to. Now I’m laughing at how dumb I was for ever getting annoyed.

        Why are you so obsessed with trying to portray me in the worst possible way? You do know that you can go to different places to take out your frustrations? Please do so, instead of constantly replying to my comments.

      • Kurt

        as your girlfriend @liuzhenyu:disqus would say…”dont get your panties in a bunch” but you do lie quite often on iDB. do you own any iOS products? why are you here? but if you do answer, i wonder if it will be another lie. but it is cute you called me a lying hypocrite considering i have yet to lie and have called you out on it over and over again. ok little boy, do you own any iOS products? why are you here trolling day in and day out?

      • Creating sock accounts to downvote and flag my comments to shut me up, replying and saying how I should leave the site, while at the same time accusing ME of being against freedom of speech? Yup, you’re a hypocrite. Denying it? You’re also a liar.
        imageshack us/a/img269/1518/img0321w.png

      • Liu Zhenyu

        I agree, that Kurt is so detestable.

      • Gorgonphone

        “jelly bean” it will still suck.. you need to wait for “chicken soup” or maybe “mac n’ cheese” to get those gains in efficiency you wish for..lolool

      • mehrab

        Lol it didnt really improve it alot lol

      • Gorgonphone

        well no android hardware is designed for the os cause there are to many different android

      • Gorgonphone

        cause they suck and talk loud all he time so its hard to miss therm..and companies keep flooding the market with POS crappy android phones every 2 weeks

      • Kurt

        you do realize the downward arrow after the 23 is for dislikes right?…no one seems to like you and your comments much around here. when will you move on to somewhere you might fit in a bit better?

      • I have my opinions, and no amount of dislikes will ever stop me from expressing them. Especially by a bunch of immature childish fanboys (who create sock accounts to thumb themselves and downvote and flag other’s comments on other articles). Yes, that last bit was about you, just in case you didn’t get it.
        “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” – Voltaire

      • Kurt

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        if you really believe in free speech, then maybe you are more conservative that you think

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      • Kurt

        look at your comment, again you are a hypocrite. conservatives have one single news channel. and liberals like yourself do not let it be, you liberals lie over and over again. anyone it doesn’t matter, obama won’t win the election. by the way, you too young to know, but you are the one who wrote first about politics yesterday. are you that short minded? or is this another liberal lie?

      • News channels are not there to take sides, but to be objective and report news. If you had a living cell in your brain you would realize that, as well as how all the mainstream media does is kiss their donor’s and executives’ asses. With that said, I’m unsubscribing from this thread, because you obviously don’t know how to just letitgo!

    • Gorgonphone

      its cause android sucks and does not run efficiently so the hardware needs to have massive spec numbers but will still under perform in the end..

  • Lolhaha

    C’mon samdroid fans here! Let’s talk about this article. Hahaha. Well, I guess no one wants to talk about how apple beats their beloved samcheap galaxy3.

  • More than twice as fast than the 4S! I’m jelly. They did a pretty badass job with the hardware!

    • Ali

      iPhone 5 is at least 1.5x faster than GS3 as well.
      GS3 International 1442 vs 915 = GS3 is x1.6 Slower
      GS3 TMobile 1754 vs 915 = GS3 is x1.9 Slower
      GS3 AT&T 1825 vs 915 = GS3 is x2 Slower

      • And the international S3 is 64% faster than the 4S. 🙂

      • 4s was last years phone why dont you compare gs3 with iphone5??:)

      • I’d rather wait till October for 4.1, and after that MWC in February.

      • mehrab

        But you”re 4s has 3 times the gpu and ios optimization and appstore apps lol

    • Gorgonphone

      4S is a damn fast smooth phone to use but the 5 is the ultimate speed daemon

      • Kurt

        mine is laggy often, but that has more to do with the faulty multitasking that doesn’t clear apps appropriately. which is why i’d rather have an easier and quicker way to do it myself. but such is life

  • Big LOL @Samsung , who’s gonna win with quadcore? Don’t let them fool you with cheap plastic…

    • Gorgonphone

      those android ph0ones are all cheap and lame feeling only one i liked was the nexus 1…lol

  • Does this mean iphone5 is 0.5 sec. faster that galaxy s3 ?

    • Guest

      No, 53s for international version, big diff

      • I’m using a converter app in my iphone and it says 0.52817 sec difference. I’m not good in maths. Can you tell me how you did the calculation.

      • Pete

        Half second

      • Pete

        You need to check ur maths.

  • Pete

    The difference is in miliseconds with a difference 0.5276 seconds between iphone 5 and galaxy s3. Thats just a half second which is well!not super noticable difference anyway.

  • Why is everyone so amazed by this chart. Iphone is just half a second faster than sg3. I love my iphone 4S more than any other handset but that doesn’t mean i have praise it with such ridiculous chart. Don’t be an isheep guys. 😀

    • Liu Zhenyu

      We are not iSheep dude, we just love to fight back considering much fagdroids have argued and slammed iPhone for having less powerful hardware.

  • Falk M.

    BOOM! Wow… The A6 has all my respect, what a BEAST!

    • Gnius101

      My iphone5 scored 748.5ms
      What does it mean?

  • zag2

    Oh dear Nokia Lumia…. LAST

    • Kurt

      i wonder what this years model will be like. the 920 is one fast beast

  • mehrab

    Benchmarks are not ecerything neither are specs. My nexus 7 2012 is a lag monster now while my iphone 4s is faster and MUCH MORE SMOOTHER ANDROID IS SHIT SPECS DONT MATTER ON AD ROID