It’s been a big day for Apple releases, including the Mac. As we reported earlier, OS X 10.8.2 was released with a whole slew of new features. Most predominant are the new Facebook single sign-on, and the iMessage phone number syncing abilities.

Take a look at our brief video demonstration of these two new features in action, and don’t forget to check out our post highlighting the full change log. Have you upgraded yet?

  • Metroview

    LOL at the iMessage. Did you help that guy Jeff?

  • Do you need to be on ios6 for imessage to sync with mac? I can’t find an option to add my phone number

  • Jeff, you should make it clear to folks to to add your phone # into iMessages, you click the “add Email” button..and ignore the user@example template and just type in your # and it will accept it. I just fumbled around for 5 minutes until I just tried that. It’s confusing as hell.

    Edited: Wait, that might still not be right, as I haven’t gotten the “verification email” it supposedly sent… How DO you sent it up???

    • Jack Politz

      be sure to add the country code “1” before your 10 digit phone number

  • Ya you kinda dropped the ball there Jeff. Can’t figure out how to add my phone number to the list of email addresses. I clicked add email and typed in my phone number and it says waiting to verify email it sent but my phone number cant receive emails…help?

  • kumar714

    imessage sync not working right, i’hv been iMessaging since this morning on my phone but when i go to my macbook it shows me the one i have sent to my friend but not the one my friend has sent me back. IS THERE ANY FIX FOR THAT?

  • Aaron de Silva

    I can’t seem to login to Facebook on my iPhone (ios6) via the settings app

  • Jeff, can you tell me what are using for screen capturing ? I like the little effects…