Over my time blogging, I have only spotted a few wood or faux wood skins for iDevices, but have never had the opportunity to review one. Thanks to my new friends at Toast, I have been using their real bamboo iPhone skin for a little over a week and my completely custom skin is getting even better everyday I use it. With the iDownloadBlog logo darkly emblazoned on the pale wooden backdrop, my iPhone skin is the talk of the town…

Unique + Custom

Let me start with “wood.” This skin is real wood. Not faux wood. Not fake wood. Not a wood-colored sticker. These Toast skins are real wood, designed and refined by an industrial designer and furniture maker who wanted to find a way to combine mass manufacturing with nature materials. Well, consider that goal accomplished with bamboo, walnut, and ash.

Back to wood. Each piece of wood is unique, like a snowflake, which makes each individual Toast skin a completely personalized and natural addition to your iPhone. Then, to take it a step further, Toast offers a selection of laser etched images. If you really want to kick it up a notch, they will laser etch your custom logo, graphic, or picture into the skin. It is important to note, if you choose bamboo, the laser etching process affects the grain color differently in some places, causing the burned logo to appear lighter and darker, while ash and walnut offer a more consistent burn. In some designs, the wood is cut out, like this Jolly Roger.

My custom iDownloadBlog skin is sharp, not to the touch, sharp to the eye. The bamboo grain is both a tactile and visual stimulant, that has warmed over the past week with the oil of my hands. Different woods will patina with different hues, but continue a life of their own based on usage. Additionally, the grain is wearing ever so slightly, smoothing the wood to the touch.

+1 For the Planet

Although Toast uses real wood for their product, the company is a member of One Percent For The Planet. This pledge means Toast gives 1% of their revenue to environmental organizations each year. Their commitment helps perpetuate a healthier, cleaner environment for all of us. From rivers, lakes, and seas, to the mountains, forests, and plains, One Percent For The Planet members constantly give back.


If you have not figured it out by now, I am a big fan of Toast’s customizable wood iPhone skins. I really appreciate founder Matias Brecher for sending over a review unit, which will be on my iPhone for a good long while. After speaking with Matias, he assured me the 3M backing will allow for reapplication, as long as it remains clean when removed from my phone.

For a wood only option, you can nab one for $25, with a selected design $30, and for a custom logo $70, found on the store page. Bulk pricing starts at 5 pieces, which can be handled by contacting the sales team. For a solid unique iPhone skin, the pricing is seemingly reasonable.


  • Wears with use to a vintaged look
  • Blend nature and technology
  • Real wood, not vinyl or painted grain
  • Just thin enough to fit in my Otterbox Commuter case
  • Made to fit with Apple Bumper


  • May be too thick for all cases
  • It can be reapplied, but is not easy to get off – which may be a good thing, after all


What do you have to do to win?

In order to win an iPhone skin of your choice from the Toast Store:

Winner announced!

Thank you again to our friends at Toast for making this giveaway possible and congratulations to @AntZoo for winning! Make sure to check back frequently for new giveaways.

  • I have never used a real wood skin before, so I can’t say what my favourite part would really be. But, from reading this review, I am sure I would really love it. I liked the fact you claimed it wears down and that it may have a vintage look to it after long wear. I like that kind of stuff, and I’ll definitely love that. The fact it is real wood is really cool.

    My twitter handle: @castielpetrova

  • The laser engraving is pretty sweet


  • Love this skin, gives my phone a nice natural feel.@Marlonvb

  • I love wood for decoration. It looks classy, especially with iphone. I hope I win.

  • I love the fact that it’s wooden and that they etch and cut the design. It definitely feels exciting to the hand! A smooth design that reminds me of my childhood, when I used to burn pictures on wood with a pokerwork. 🙂


  • I would really love to win it because it looks really awesome

  • The iDownloadblog engraving looks amazing! I would love to wow my friends with this!

  • it looks awesome 🙂

  • i love the smell of wood


  • awesome skin, always look for some unique stuff, like this, and helping the envoirement with it aswell, thats deff a plus, i care about the nature bigtime!
    Thats why i love the natural material skins.
    GL all.

  • I don’t mean to sound sappy or anything like that, but it just looks so beautiful! The mixture of Natural Wood and Stainless Steal fits so perfectly together! My favourite thing about Toast’s wooden skin is the fact that it sets you apart from the crowd. I really like the dark wood in the first image, along with quite a few of these designs! I really like the iDB one! I can just imagine picking up my iPhone and enjoying the lovely wooden feel at the back. It would really make my day if you picked me.

  • it mades from really wood that’s what I love !

  • mk3s

    The best part is gotta be the customization/personalization that you can get from the custom etching!

  • fx2908

    It’s just gorgeous!


  • Ordered Bird on a branch. Absolutely beautiful!

  • Johnny manidis

    I really love the fact they use real wood, unlike what I’m using now (Icarbons (which are still great)). So I just ask that you consider me! Thanks


  • Engraving or the logo part is brilliant! Love it.

    Twitter: SuganAnbalagan
    FaceBook: S.Anbalagan22

  • I love that over time the oil from your fingers wears on the wood giving it a real feel and look.

  • I dont have any iphone no point joining this one. Waiting for the result of the iphone give away

  • Takes you one step closer to nature. I have an iPhone and I do not go out much


  • its just sexy as fuck


  • Tommy C.

    High strength glass and stainless steel wrapped in real wood.. It’s the perfect combination of high-tech and no-tech.


  • It just looks so good…


  • I owned a wooden case in the past,it looked like Leica,they are awesome,beautiful,state of art!I’d like to have such a piece again!Combined with a white iphone it’s really cool! @baccarogatos

  • It Feels So Natural @Imofx

  • simple…is wood its awesome!!!

  • Symbianfan

    Twitter: @suprim1
    It will be very easier to clean the case and it will also keep the iPhone safe.

  • Wood would be great for protecting my iPhone’s glass but also I love its texture, and it’s so pleasing to the eye.

  • Custom logos

  • simple and awesome!!!
    Good Luck all

  • does anyone happen to know if it fits when the iPhone put into a mophie battery charging case?

  • I love the fact that an electronic device can be wrapped in something so in touch with nature, it’s very sensational and also environmentally friendly! It probably smells good too!


  • ogtw

    I love the fact that’s it made out of real wood instead of plastic or rubber, it really adds a nature touch to the high tech iPhone! I love it!

  • the elegance of just being wood and how it’s crafted beautifully to show off my phone 🙂


  • Iculknfne

    wow, the best part about the skin is the massive protection you get from it being real wood. plus it looks supa sweet! hope i win this!

    twitter: @iculknfne
    facebook : iculknfne <———- just in case!

  • Wood and iPhones go together like Apple and Lawsuits.
    No, I kid…

    But they do add a wonderful touch in a sleek, elegant way. No other phone could style a wooden back, I’ll say that much. Last year I bought a wooden back replacement called a Jackback… It rounded me out to about 80 bucks. Though it was quality, that was a bit steep for me. And due to me trading iPhones, I no longer have it…

    Hopefully we can cross our fingers in this contest and experience that feel once again!

    Twits be @itscb3

  • I love how its made from real bamboo and your giving it away
    Biggest Fan


  • It looks EPIC! And the option to have a custom image in the back just makes it worth getting! It looks epic, and very sweet!

  • Every morn I’m familiar with some wood.
    I know I can handle it well… Carve it like a baby.

    This is why I am the most manliest to bestow this honorable wood skin.

    Thank you for your time

  • MAX

    Twitter : @themaxbeta

    Awesome skin!! I hope I’ll win this time

    Thanks iDownloadBlog for awesome giveaways! Keep it up Guys!

  • Donovan Wynter

    it woule be nice to win that with my name customize at the back

  • i love it bcoz its made of natural wood, its customizable. Elegant, smooth finish. Just awesome and the one in the picture engraved with idownloadblog ….. just love it ….. muah. ,<3