To celebrate the launch of iOS 6, I thought I’d put together a quick video highlighting some of the major features of Apple’s latest update to its mobile operating system.

Hopefully, you’ve already read our post that shows how to prepare for today’s release. For now, watch and learn about all of the cool features that you’ll be enjoying once iOS 6 officially drops…

What’s your favorite new iOS 6 feature? Was it included in our video? Be sure to check out our other iOS 6 video coverage for more in-depth detail.

  • I’ve jailbroken My Device (ipad 3)… it’s IOS 5.1.1 but how can I update it to IOS 6 if it’s Jailbroke? may I unjailbreak it? or just update it without any prob? I know there isn’t a Jailbreak for IOS 6 :(((

    • All you have to do is update through itunes of course you wont have a Jb

    • no jailbreak for iOS6 there really no point of updating. you can get iOS6 features right now on iOS 5.1.1 jailbroken with the right cydia tweaks.

      • Gorgonphone

        i will keep my 4S on 5.1.1 permanently and only move my ipad 3 to ios6 when the full jailbreak is out..

    • Gorgonphone

      dont upgrade your 4S to ios 6 cause it will probably slow it down to make you go buy he 5..lololol

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    The best iOS 6 feature will be cydia

    • Kurt

      (sarcasm in 3,2,1…) how can you not like iOS is so exciting!

      • Liu Zhenyu

        It is exciting when you appreciate it and jailbreak, for the first point i meant, imagine a die hard scumsung fandroid getting an iPhone 5, thinking how lame it is and how iOS 6 is boring. However, an Apple lover like myself would look at the product, admire the elegantly cut chamfers and amazing retina display, something i really think samsung has been lying in broad daylight about when its specs on paper are better than it, as i saw the gs3 super amoled and it was nowhere near the clarity. Furthermore it is important to note that you should not set your expectations too high when anticipating a product, i agree the leaks destroyed the iP5 launch but users should understand the research that takes to build a phone, especially Apple where bars are set ridiculously high. This is a reason i feel Samsung lacks integrity by doing little to no research by stealing. I am in no way saying stock iOS is incredible though, jailbreaking is the way for iPhone to be truly yours. In fact, jailbreak tweaks are so varied that Apple may or may not know consciously when they take a tweak or too in iOS updates. cheers! ;P

      • Kurt

        with a jailbreak, thats different story…but we are talking about iOS 6, which is a good but not great OS. i prefer apple to switch to a super amoled screen than our led retina screen. our screen is inferior.. i see you think apple can do no wrong. so i wont write further. you too biased to reason with.

        don’t be racist and hate samsung because they are koreans

      • Liu Zhenyu

        Are you kidding me, Retina display “INFERIOR” , please go do some “real” research by going to a carrier and compare an iPhone 4> screen with a gs3 instead of reading all those false specs by Scumsung employees. I wrote all the good stuff about apple ONLY because you said iOS was not exciting, so i wrote some facts to let you ponder over, you return with a comment saying i was biased and racist, you should learn some writing skills and not assume someone is racist just because he prefers a brand that is original over one that lost 9 digits for copying, justifying my points on my previous post. How the hell is my previous post biased except my second line of mild explicits? YOU are biased against apple, anything said FOR them will seem biased to you. I see no reason to CONTINUE writing this, considering i gave you VALID facts and AGREED stock is nowhere good, how is that NOT A WRONG BY APPLE YOU GENIUS? Grow up and think before you write.

      • Kurt

        blacks on and led screen use power…not so on an amoled screen. thats just one of the many ups the amoled screen has over ours. again, you are just too biased to reason with. (i only read your first line you wrote, how does that make you feel)

      • Truth

        Kurt: geta life or jus kill urself insted if trollin loser

      • Kurt

        that’s some excellent spelling

      • BoardDWorld

        I hate Samsung, it’s a long drilled in hate, Dodgy TV’s that don’t last much longer than a year, cameras that fail in their warranty then again just out of their warranty. Just rubbish. However I love Korean drama’s and their woman are some of the most beautiful on the planet, I have nothing against them as a people. I know plenty of Koreans that hate Samsung, simply because they buy their smartphones then get the slip when it comes to updates. iPhone 3GS is still getting updates!

      • Gorgonphone

        samsung is a bootleg company..

      • Kurt

        they go to concerts and record the music? how dare they!

      • Kurt

        you shouldn’t be full of hate. it only affects yourself in a negative way. do you need to talk?

      • Retina display inferior???? Hahahahaha!!! You made me laugh so hard I sharted a little bit!

      • Gorgonphone

        no!!! the retina screen has the best natural color saturation and also the highest resolution and clarity… those lame android screen look like neon lights

      • Kurt

        actually, the nokia 920 has has higher chroma values than our iphones.

      • Gorgonphone

        the leaks did not destroy the iPhone 5 launch/… apple destroyed it but only making the damn screen longer and by having the same boring looking ios6 running on it..loll

      • life is like that man. look at any android phone its still the same old lame android operating system. its still the same old windows mobile os. its still the same old everything. if you want different and new every year then go buy a different phone every year man. of course they are just going to come out with new updates its apple they dont want to just create this whole new thing they wanna build a product that makes them the most money…. which is where their iphone comes in. they already have the iphone9 made….theyre just milking it till 2020 comes out hahaha

    • Gorgonphone

      yup i never use a a ios device hat is not jalbroken

  • What time they going to release the updates?

    • People are saying 10 am PST.. must of been a trend with past update releases…

      • Thanks Adam as I m in Australia here it’s already 19th Wednesday afternoon

      • it’s out 3am over here in Brisbane thursday morning mate

      • I just can’t wait to upload the iOS 6

  • ic0dex

    If I have my iOS 5.1.1 SHSh blobs saved will I be able to downgrade from iOS ^ with my iPhone 4S?

    • I habe shsh too and iphone 4s

    • From what I remember reading about the 4S SHSH Blob downgrade technique, it was a firmware exploit that allowed it and that it would be patched in iOS 6. But don’t take my word from it.

  • New Share Menu, iDB. Lol

  • for me iOS6 has almost nothing terribly new about it, i only have older devices which will get hardly any of those features in the video 🙁

    • like the iphone 4! whats with that!? I got siri working perfectly with jailbreaking.. and i know for sure cydia will come out with apps that allow users to use all the features of ios 6 on older devices.. but still…

      • Totes aye bro

      • Gorgonphone

        siri works on iphone4 but it hogs ram and runs much slower than on the 4S.. It was not optimized for the iphone4

      • It runs perfectly fine on iPhone 4, same speed, same thing.

  • Wow that video was harsh to listen to…

  • Primo Sidone

    the home screen needed to be overhauled. same boring look as first iphone. us old ios users needed something visually exciting. that’s why many of us will be switching to android, just for the sake of being excited again. this doesnt mean ios 6 sucks. it IS amazing. just not enough for many of us.

    • Gorgonphone

      II agree… apple really needs to accept that the app grid set up on the spring board is very boring now… they need to do something new cause even though the iPhone 5 is a great machine it just appears old due to that same lame looking UI set up..

  • Johnathan Jennings

    I was kina bored with ios 6.. But now I’m kinda excited(:

  • Sigh…. Upgrading the 3GS and 4 makes almost no difference.

    • Liu Zhenyu

      like the galaxy s3 to the note 2 had any

      • Oh well to Samsung a bigger screen is a BIG difference

  • JerseyD

    I feel like this video was more of a ‘all the iOS 6 features we know about’ than a best of. And tbh none of those really jump out as must have features. Really going to miss bitesms, zephyr, and ncsettings until we get a JB. Being forced onto iOS 6 w the iPhone 5 makes it a little simpler because I don’t have to make a descision. Not sure what I’m going to do w my 4S.

  • iMrabet

    i wanna ask if the panoramique photo action will be also available on iphone 4 or not ?

  • merso

    yeah that’s all crap so it’s just iOS 5.1.2

  • Itay

    When we can update???? i try to update via itunes 10.7 but it always write to me that my 5.1.1 is the newest version…

    • Liu Zhenyu


  • Catchy tune, making me hyped.

  • rob ramsdaro

    3d maps and navigation are the only 2 decent upgrades, both of which wont be on the iphone 4. In canada our contracts are 3 years. so ill have to wait another year for a new phone. so IOS6 does nothing for me, ill be staying on 5 until, an untethered is available and makes use of those, I can patiently wait for that. I have a GPS app and 3 maps is just a toy, nothing useful about it.

    • Ron McLaughlin

      Why won’t the iPhone 4 get these? I was thinking iPhone 4 would get it all, even Siri this time…..

      • Gorgonphone

        shortage or ram and slower processor

      • iPhone 4 hardware is more than capable to run these things. That’s Apple again trying to force the costumer to upgrade, all bullshit, same happened to Siri. Thanks to jailbreak, we can prove them wrong…

  • Deep

    Panaroma will be there for iPhone 4??

  • Clayton Wilder

    I’m amazed that no one bemoans — and that Apple doesn’t do anything about –the lack of email spam control in iOS. Am I alone? I have SpamSieve running on my MacBook, which works pretty well, but I also have all my mail download to my iPhone and iPad. Life being what it is lately, I spend more of my time on my mobile devices and, therefore, with all my spam. Is anyone else driven crazy by this?

  • @dongiuj


  • Gorgonphone

    looks boring as hell to me… can i get some 3D parallax wallpaprs???

  • For those Apple fans that don’t like Samsung, easy… Open your iPhone and disassemble it completely. Now assemble it back again. TADA!! WTF?! Only screen and back housing. What happened fanboys? Truth is, iPhone is NOT COMPLETELY ENGINEERED by Apple, it is COMPLETELY DESIGNED by Apple. Manufactured in China, were poor Chinese work and live on inhumane conditions. Samsung manufactures its products at Korea were 99% legit democracy still exists, workers earns good wages, bonuses, etc. Also, we have to make clear that Samsung does hires REAL ENGINEERS to create and develop real not designers. Samsung does not give a crap out of how many lawsuits Apple would like to pull them out, at the end of the day Apple will keep buying parts from Samsung, at least for now. Lawsuits were made on the US only, WHY Apple did it this way?! It is the only place on the planet that the judicial system/(government) would gave them the upper hand; easy, concise and precise. For those that do not know the difference between LCD and AMOLED, I recommend you get your facts right about this because Apple named it a “Retina Display” it was just and ONLY for marketing purposes, AMOLED is way superior in every aspect. Originality: Apple, I mean apple, humm I think that word was invented by someone else, way before Steve Jobs used it to market his first products. Anyways, I do believe that everyone out there understood the reality about this. Sarcasm behind all this post: I am writing it from a MacBook Pro 13″ Early 2011, with OSX Mountain Lion which I am selling. I now have a revolutionary, breakthrough, super fast, so cool, way faster Windows 7 PC. JAJAJAJA XP

  • Creative Girl

    This new ios sucks. Even the updates on the app store don’t work. Best ios ever, no way! Give me back the old one.

  • Will upgrading from iOS 5 to 6 with iPhone 4s slow down my phone or is it adjusted to not slow it down?

  • Rishi Varadharajan

    Hey guys it seems apple has released iOS 6.0.1… currently i m using iphone 4s and i wonder will the processer of my mobile slow down when i upgrade it from iOS 5.1.1 to iOS 6.0.1…. i know i will get better feautures if i upgrade it but i just wanna know will my phone be slowed down if i upgrade it….

  • wait, wait i didnt get it, so if i have ios 6 on iphone 4 (not 4s) will i have siri?