If you’ve ever seen your local news station report about Apple products, or other tech-related topics, you know it isn’t always the best coverage. Let’s just say, technology isn’t really their strength.

That was once again confirmed last night, as Fox 5 News in New York inaccurately reported on the iPhone 5 and its features, claiming Apple’s new handset has a “laser keyboard and holographic images…”

The mishap came while Fox 5 News was reporting on the line forming outside of Apple’s Fifth Avenue store in New York City. It happens right around the 42 second mark, where they show the iPhone 5.

Except, it’s not the same handset we saw unveiled last week at Apple’s media event. It’s actually a concept from this video, created by Aatma Studio, which became popular before last year’s 4S event.

How embarrassing. You’d think that the news team would have done some research before going on the air with this. I mean come on, Aatma’s logo is in the top right corner of the video for pete’s sake.

There’s not much else we can say about this, other than we hope no one turns up in line for the iPhone 5 hoping for a handset that projects holograms and lasers. They will obviously be disappointed.

Ok iDB readers, discuss.

[via 9to5Mac]

  • Lol. Major fail!!! This reporter surely was lazy.

  • wow.. seems that apple withhold some new features from us ^^

  • Complete fail!

  • Lol they must been HIGH watching weeds , they had such phones with the laser keyboards lolol

  • You’re all forgetting something. Fox. They’re paid to lie to their viewers.

    • seems like there are a lot of FOX suck ups lurking around on iDB, at least if you check the dislikes of comments against FOX.
      BTW this dislike button is something i disagree about in the “new” comment section, just promotes negativity.

      • Kurt

        your idiotic comments promote negativity

    • Kurt

      thats msnbc/cnn/abc news, etc

      • Right, all media is completely deluded, except for one “news” channel. You’ve been duped.

        www youtube com/playlist?list=PLA3BD2524FE99BD4D

        And here is a great example.

        www youtube com/watch?v=p0kYzTkFY_A&feature=player_detailpage

        Snap out of it.

      • Kurt

        go watch your hard news reporters who aren’t supposed to be biased and
        watch them as they speak about having a tickle up their leg when they
        watch obama speak. thats liberal news for you. pandering to the left.
        thank God conservatives and independents have 1 single news on tv…we only have one news agency on tv and you liberals complain so hard. pathetic little people

      • As you can see here…

        www youtube com/playlist?list=PLA3BD2524FE99BD4D

        Are the reasons “we” complain so hard. Not because they’re conservative, but because they don’t report on facts. This article is yet another great example. Fox is the heart of republican corruption. You’re so out of touch with reality, it’s sad.

      • Kurt

        this article is about the liberal news agency called FOX 5…which is not the conservative news agency FOX NEWS. wow you know so little yet talk as if you know everything…you are sophomoric. go look up the definition though i just gave it to you

      • Again, you’re so out of touch with reality, it’s sad.

      • Kurt

        stop writing me, if im “so out of touch”

      • OK. But when you wake up from your Fox dream and get in touch with reality.

  • Ha! Android has had this for ages already! 😉

  • Stewart Lee

    And the bad thing is, you don’t even need to be a journalist to learn about apple products… Their products are so much part of culture these days that everybody just knows (maybe its cos i get excited and jump straight to their site but hey….) – nonetheless, i’m looking forward to picking up my iPhone5 over the weekend 😀

  • Fox is never reputble for news anyways. This just made me LOL.

    • Kurt

      fox 5 is liberal. so yes you are very right.

  • Zorvage

    I bet all the people at Fox are dumb andriod users..

    • Shadowlink

      You are an idiot

    • lol that’s great!

    • Kurt

      Fox 5 is run by extreme leftists (Demon-crats), so i agree!

      • Fox is bullshit. Get your facts straight. www youtube com/playlist?list=PLA3BD2524FE99BD4D

      • Kurt

        when a bush or obama gives a state of a union speech fox news will have two people come on one demon-crat and one republican to debate. so neither can just get the last word and lie. but on cnn, and msnbc and other liberal channels they only put on a liberal after the speech. hmmm, thats fair. a liberal host and a liberal guest to debate what the liberal president just said, and when bush was in office the two bashed bush. hmm thats some great news from the liberals….now get back to talking about the iphone little one

      • Yes, and when they talk about racism, they hire a black person for the panel. You naive, duped individual.

      • Kurt

        go to your precious youtube and watch blacks in the know bashing the demoncrat party for their racist attitudes and racist policies.

      • Why were’t Fox morons screaming to see Bush’s birth certificate?

      • Kurt

        you are a typical bully. i wonder your age and look. dont tell me, i think i have a clue.

        stop writing me.

      • Is that how you conservative rightwinger hypocrites work? Creating sock accounts, thumbing themselves up, flagging and downvoting other’s comments? Typical. Stay classy.

    • One comment says: “android is too advanced for everyday users”, gets 50 votes. This comment says: “dumb android users”, gets 50 votes. Will you people get your stories straight already?

  • Liu Zhenyu

    Maybe it’s true ;P i will get those surprise features on friday

  • LOL

  • Shadowlink

    What in the FUCK

  • Johnathan Jennings

    Gotta admit, the laser keyboard woulda been cool and somethig apple would have over android.

    • indeed it would have been cool but bluetooth laser keyboards are still out there. You can buy them on amazon 🙂 they’ll work with an iphone as well

  • Misleading title. This was a local fox affiliate, not the national “Fox News”.

  • hockeyblades12

    As a huge fan of technology, I had 2 people on separate occasions ask me if I had seen the new iPhone, and then showed me this concept video with the laser keyboard and holograms. They didn’t want to believe me when I said it wasn’t real. It’s amazing how many people have smartphones now, but do not know, or care to know the uses or limits of current technology.

  • Pavelbure

    This isn’t fox news. It’s a fox affiliate with a news broadcast. Least get YOUR damn facts correct.

  • AltF5

    ROFL! This sounds straight out of The Onion News – “a laser keyboard, holographic images, and tons of other cool features…” – That is priceless, even more so that they used these concept videos. It sounds like Satire, but being it was a real news report I am cracking up here. I think one of their non-tech savvy researchers found this on youtube and was like “Wow this phone is going to be great, we need to show our viewers.” Feels like the skit from ONN called “Apple introduces revolutionary new laptop with no keyboard” – Google it and see 😀

  • Those reporter never open idb website for sure

  • #epicfail lol

  • Tom

    FOX isnt known to be on accurate, they’d do better in televised home shopping.

    • Kurt

      fox 5 is liberal so they aren’t accurate…but fox news is known as the most accurate. unlike msnbc and the other liberal channels that won’t air negative stories on obama.

  • cschug

    Guys, it’s a local Fox affiliate, which has ZERO to do with Fox News. Now Fox News does have its own brand of crazy, but you can’t lump a national news network in with a local station. Completely separate companies.

  • Agalliasis

    Maybe it’s true! …if Tony Stark exists.

  • A W E S O M E

  • This is so funny!

  • I guess that’s how FOX back-checks all of their storys 😀

  • This concept video was out last year before the 4S was released.

  • That video is so popular… I’ve had friends ask me if my iPhone has a laser keyboard. Still, there’s no excuse for a news station to report something like this.

  • Stupid Fox News as always. XD

    • Kurt

      i guess you prefer, cnn, abc news, cbs news, msnbc news where the liberal “hard news” anchors get a tickle up their leg when they hear obama speak. pathetic

      • Sorry to break it to you, but others focus on facts. Fox does not.

      • Kurt

        liberal news is known for being corrupt. why do few conservatives watch msnbc, abc news etc and why do so many liberals watch fox news? even when its conservative its more accurate with the stories and reports negative stories on both parties. something you never hear about on your liberal crap networks…i hope you get banned

      • You’re so incredibly out of touch with reality it makes me sad.

      • Kurt

        quit being sad and stop demon-crats being racist and keeping down minorities just to get their votes. social programs can be helpful and are needed. but not requiring people to work and just freely give to people as if they deserve it is wrong. it makes people lazy. how many people do you know get unemployment (which is a good thing for maybe 2 or 3 months) but 6 months and longer is just a way to make people lazy. how to make them lazier? well direct deposit their checks into their bank accounts. no need to feel embarrassed you are on unemployment. no no no, don’t do that. don’t require someone to go and fill out paper work in person each week. no no no, do it on the phone or Internet that takes 30 seconds after memorizing the questions.
        now quit it

      • You’re so incredibly out of touch with reality it makes me sad, AND you keep proving it with every comment you write. Keep up regurgitating Fox propaganda.

      • Kurt

        more liberals and independents watch fox news then conservatives and independents watching liberal media. hmm i wonder why so many liberals and independents would watch fox news. because its not full of scary LIES and PROPAGANDA as you say. its the most fair news agency. but i feel it is slanted right being the hosts are mainly republican. but they always bring on a liberal and conservative to debate. that doesnt happen on liberal media. they bring on 3 liberals to one republican with the host being liberal. fair? nope…stop spamming and stop writing me

      • “the most fair news agency” You are willingly ignoring something, and it’s slowly starting to piss me off.
        www youtube com/playlist?list=PLA3BD2524FE99BD4D
        www youtube com/playlist?list=PLA3BD2524FE99BD4D
        www youtube com/playlist?list=PLA3BD2524FE99BD4D
        www youtube com/playlist?list=PLA3BD2524FE99BD4D
        www youtube com/playlist?list=PLA3BD2524FE99BD4D

      • Kurt

        yes most fair. what part of most fair do you not understand?


        Fox News is Conservative but they are the most fair news agency. During the election of obama and mccain.

        Fox news ran 44% negative stories againt obama and 44% negative stories against mccain
        MSNBC ran 12% negative stories against obama and a whopping 73% negative stories against mccain.
        CNN ran 23% negative stories against obama and 64% against mccain….you see, who is the most fair and balanced?

        what do you not understand…NOW STOP WRITING ME AND STOP SPAMMING iDOWNLOAD BLOG

      • Kurt

        Mods please ban @Tr1pT0p he is always fighting with someone on iDB

      • Lola Peterson

        Yes, ban him. I saw him on other articcles attacking people. Kids these days…

      • My Disqus comment history is public. Feel free to look around.

      • Maybe if you start paying attention to what I say, I wouldn’t have to post it 5 times in a row. Yet again, you’re so out of touch with reality, it’s sad. If there isn’t anything to call out Obama for, what should he be called out for? The reason why there were far more negative stories about the republican candidates is because the candidates were, you know, fucking retarded? That ignorant creature which would today be your vice president (Sarah Palin), believes how humans lived with dinosaurs, how this planet is not older than 10,000 years and how angels are real. And you’re surprised how there were more negative stories about them??? You are out of touch with reality.

      • Qwerty

        Wow you are one childish like prick. I hope you get banned

      • Wow! LMFAO!!! Only 1 comment? Did you seriously create multiple sock accounts just to thumb you up and flag my comments? How low can you go? Just wow!

  • David Canfield

    Ha ha ha ha this is sooo fox unlike the Aussie chanel 7 reports dead on the money every time

  • Hahahah!!! oh yeah, cause that sort of tech would come out and people would just casually be saying “it’s got a laser keyboard, holographic display …” we aren’t there yet!! 😛

  • Kurt

    this is harassment. quite it little 19 year old kid

    • You take persecution syndrome to a whole new level. Nicely done. Don’t lose your mind, health care is expensive.

  • maroc

    poor guy he is wating for 4 days to get iphone 4 lol