You’ve seen Samsung’s anti-iPhone newspaper ad (and a Nokia fan’s take) that takes a jab at the incoming iPhone 5.

The advertisement has caused quite a stir with its “it doesn’t take a genius” tagline (an obvious reference to Apple Store Geniuses) and a laundry list of features focusing on the bigger display on the Galaxy SIII, twice the RAM and stuff like standard micro-USB plug, expandable SD card storage and swappable battery.

Taking a page from Samsung marketing department’s book, an Apple fan created a spoof that goes a long way proving that a spec matrix can often be a double-edged sword…

Here’s an Apple fanboy’s side-by-side comparison of the iPhone 5 and Samsung’s Galaxy SIII, courtesy of Reddit.

And this is Samsung’s print ad.

Both versions selectively leave features off to make the other phone come across as a less capable handset. I wonder how Samsung’s ad would look like in a Galaxy S4 variant.

Now, I ain’t trying to make a case for either phone here.

Us here at iDB are obviously fans of Apple.

But every smartphone has some glaring omissions and major downsides to it, Apple’s iPhone included. In my view, each persons is entitled to settle with a device that best suit their needs, be it Apple, Google, Samsung or any other vendor.

Sure, Samsung’s ad appeals to the types who care about specs and nothing but specs. But from the general public’s standpoint, I doubt technical jargon like S Beam, S Voice or Palm Touch Mute Pause conveys any meaningful message.

In case you were wondering, a technique Samsung used in its print ad is called The Ben Franklin Close, otherwise known as The Balance Sheet Close.

In a nutshell, it comes down to listing all of the qualities of your product or service in a row and put a comparable product or service in the other row and intentionally leave out competing qualities that trumpet yours.

Make no mistake about it, Apple is also using this technique to sell you an iPhone.

Summarizing your product’s benefits this way (usually) yields desired results. But as effective as this sales technique is, it can as well backfire when your audience is well-informed.

Here’s something else, for balance.

I hope we can all get along nicely and share meaningful thoughts down in comments.

  • iPhone 5 has a Quad-Core?

    Thats is really nice.

    • No, it has Dual Core CPU with Quad-Core GPU. I think this image is not the best, if the moderator approve my message, you will see a much better comparison and the real reason why the iPhone 5 is way better 😉

    • I 2nd this, but where’s the source?

    • abujafer

      It’s dual-core.

    • Doesn’t.

    • It has the Arm A15 chip, which is *technically* dual core, but each core can also have 4 “mini” cores. So in actuality, it can technically be 8 cores on a dual core chip.

      • Good to know.

      • It’s not an A15 core. Sorry, but your information is incorrect. It’s a custom built Apple chip NOT based on the A15.

      • Everyone was saying it’s based on the A15, but now it’s shown it’s not.

  • Shadowlink

    Yes this post!! Everybody just stop being fanboys and appreciate what all mobile phones have to offer, sure they all have their flaws but they all have good features to them too.

    • Liu Zhenyu

      *sigh* what a great way to save yourself from embarrassment fandroid, your previous posts here dont lie. Besides, Scumsung started this.

      inb4 “noob fanboy” “dont talk cock”

      • Shadowlink

        Lol how exactly am i a fandroid kid?

      • Shadowlink

        Texting all this from my 4s btw 😉

      • Liu Zhenyu

        K sorry then ;D

  • harit7

    The last picture is just EPIC. 😀
    Depicts my situation.

    • i know my iPhone 5 is in kentucky and i have the 4S! Can’t wait.

      • harit7

        Lucky man.!
        I got my 4s 6 months back.
        Cant even dream of upgrading.
        but i still dont regret buying it. 😀
        Its an amazing piece of kit by itself.
        Absolutely love it.!

  • I don’t get the cheap plastic argument. 99.9% out there will get a case for the phone anyway.

    • mnm0071980

      I’m the 00.1% because I dislike cases on my phone. 🙂

      • Same here. Cases really make a phone look ugly I think.I love the look and feel of my iPhone. There is a reason phone makers make different colors.

      • 100% true I jus broke my iPhone 4 and a week later got my 4S out of the need to have one without a case. The feel is amazing.

    • PereZ!

      Right on.

    • Yeah but cheap plastic at the same price as metal? Come on…

    • nftnft

      Most of the iPhone cases out there, really suck and make the phone really thick and feels big in your pocket. I wish I could keep my phone without a case, but they get scratched so easily, so, I just put a front and black clear protector and a bumper case around it.

    • Whether you get a case or not, it does not negate the fact of what its made out of. It could be made from POOP and if you put a case on it, well, its still made out of poop.

    • Cheap plastic means that having this phone on the pocked after one year of usage you will see some moving parts there, and therefore, less durability of the phone. There’s nothing wrong with plastic, the HTC and Nokia have great quality products made of plastic.. but the Samsung S3 it’s really flexible and cheap. For the price of this phone.. it’s really a shame. Specially from a brand that don’t spend money on designers and developers to build their own OS…

  • PereZ!

    Both phones are great phones. If android had iOS app store apps I’d switch to android. That’s why iOS is probably keeping me from switching. iOS apps are amazing! Other than that, both phones can do amazing things.

    • I also have in mind that I spent a lot of money on app store, and those purchases are not transferable to the google play store anyway, I tried a lot of androids, and I still can’t switch from my iphone

  • PereZ!

    Both are great phones. The only reason I haven’t switched to android is because most of the apps suck. If android had ios apps I’d switch to android. Other than that both phones are amazing.

  • i dont care about what phone has more offer but i guess iphone is the one on top of the line

  • Um, A6 is dual core…

  • Dan

    I was pleasantly when reading this latest article and completely agree. iPhone and Galaxy S3 are both great phones. It really comes down to what you’re looking for in a device.

    • Bro, but still I think the Originality of the device matters.
      If Diamonds and Graphite where put on rings I’d the one with a diamond for my woman.

  • GambitGamer

    Lol the tennis ball in the dogs mouth is photo shopped in

  • lol so true how about current iphone users seeing the iphone 5, guess I’m one of them!

    • me too. lol that last pic with the dog is funny. and very true.

  • thatguy63085

    First I would like to say I’m a apple fanboy. Ok good I’m not gonna lie I played with the s3 I do like buy why should I get it? Samsung comes out with a new phone every quarter like come on. Supposedly better than the last one I don’t have money to blow!!! Samsung needs to come out every year not every 90 days well that’s all I have to say

    • Outhig

      The main ones, the S range phones only come out every year too.

    • iNfAMOUS70702

      The galaxy s3 is their flagship and that’s a yearly release like the iPhone..all the other phones they put out is their mid range-low end stuff

    • thatguy63085

      So ok the S series are the flag ship but why in march the revealing S4

  • iDevizes

    Nicely done 🙂 Good article about how important it is to be well informed and how manupilative commercials are.

  • I’m not a Samsung fan but I’m not an Apple fan either. I at least see current hardware anrd software from Samsung and Apple is on it’s first stage of LTE and navigation software. Android phones had hiccups during the initial LTE adoption a year and a half ago. I have to say Apple uses nice materials but Motorola does also. I couldn’t see myself buying an iPhone simply because I would be taking a step back from features I have become used to that Apple just can’t provide. Things Android has been doing for years Apple is just now integrating and it’s still missing a lot of features. I’m completely unimpressed with iOS 6 and can’t stomach the blandness of the UI. If you’re an iPhone user the iPhone 5 is an upgrade if you’re an Android user it’s a downgrade of your device is running ICS or higher.

    • iPhone users want quality.
      Android users want quantity.

      Can you have a lot of features on the Android? For sure. Quality.. not so sure.
      Most of them are from 3rd party developers, like the iPhone gets a lot of features from 3rd party apps.

      What’s the advantage of having an iPhone? You can have a Great OS, fast and smooth, more secure, great quality apps. And with Jailbreak, there’s no limit for customization.

      Both platforms can delivery almost the same features, but about quality, iOS is the one that make more people happy because it’s just works and people don’t need to see what custom rom runs better on their devices, because iOs runs great since the beginning. Also, jailbreaking a device it’s much more easier than flashing a rom.

      So conclusion, on iOS you can make hardcore users and regular users happy. On Android, only hardcore users are happy…and most of them still have a huge reservations on Android stability and Apps quality.

      • Have you ever even flashed a ROM? Or booted to a custom ROM? Yes it can be easy an yes it can be hard it all depends on your knowledge. And I am a huge fan of iOS but that’s only because of the jail breaking. If there is no jailbreak for a longtime on the iPhone 5/iOS 6. You will be seeing me on an android. Because of its unlimited amount of customization. Not that I particularly want an Android it’s just the fact of customization and essentials to me.

        Your argument is invalid.
        I’m only on iOS because of jail breaking.

  • sackboy

    Atleast plastic doesn’t break when you drop it.

  • I can`t stop laugh about that dog. It`s like looking at myself right now 😀

  • Honestly I think iPhone has no flaws what so ever but unsung trying to share the APPLE WORLD whose share is the whole world. I wish apple could rule the world and make everything down to mineral water.
    Sumsung be real and show us what you made of. Stop copying Apple and making the most out of what u steal.

  • They forgot a couple:
    iPhone: forward compatible with pretty much any new release of iOS
    Samsung: forward compatible with about one new release of Android.

    iPhone:compatible with every single one of the 700,000 apps
    Samsung: compatible with maybe 10% of the 200,000 apps

  • my favorite line: “don’t settle for cheap plastic.” haha

  • It is a marketing tactic after all. You omit the features of the other in a comparison to make yours look better.

  • Wow! A shiny new one! I gotta have it!! Lol

  • JackOfficer

    fuckin lame

  • Kok Hean

    “Us here at iDB are obviously fans of Apple.”

    Not necessarily true.