First the iPhone turned the concept of mobile phones on its head, offering consumers apps as well as a dialtone. Soon, handsets became the go-to devices for taking snapshots. Now the iPod touch — a master at upending the market for music — is set to become your favorite point-and-shoot camera.

The new iPod Touch gains a 5-megapixel camera that also includes high-def images and Panoramic views. Now experts say the Touch has all the makings of a rival of the grab-and-go digital point-and-shoot camera. “I think this new Touch will appeal to many people both young and old, who are looking for a point and shoot camera that does more than just take photos,” writes Glyn Evans at the iPhoneography blog.

The iPod touch is seen as the perfect Apple device for the photographer who loves what the iPhone 4S can do (the 4S is the most-used camera by Flickr photographers) but don’t want or need the iPhone. Along with the same screen, video dimensions and image stabilization as the iPhone 5, the new iPod touch also offers the same access to apps. Those apps enable photographers to shoot, tweak and share photos without any second step, like moving to another device.

Plus, the new Touch has a loop for a lanyard. A mostly overlooked feature is actually a huge sign from Apple that the company wants the Touch not in people’s pockets, but dangling around their wrists, like a point-and-shoot camera.

Just as digital spelled the demise of film, the single-purpose point-and-shoot camera may very well be looking at its end of days. What do you think? Are you using your iPhone more often than a traditional digital camera?

  • VATekMan

    Until phones have real optical zoom, I do not think that it will be a replacement for point and shoot cameras. Not that enough people do not already use their phone and iPod touches (and even iPads) as a P+S replacement, does not mean that it will replace it for anyone wanting real pictures for printing and such…

    Phones and similar devices are making an impact, but there are a few more steps before we hear the end of the simple P+S. But in the end, the best camera is the one you have with you when you want to take the picture… And more people are likely to have their phone with them….

    • that is only true for the hard core users.. causal users who love MP3s will be very happy with the 4S / ipod5 camera se up..

    • That’s a fair point about optical zoom, but given the fairly reasonable price and fairly advanced Program (i.e. Auto) modes of today’s DSLR cameras, anyone wanting “real pictures” with optical zoom would do well to skip past P&S all together, in my opinion.

      Today’s P&S will probably look just about the same as a good smartphone when printed, where as DSLR will see a vast improvement.

      • VATekMan

        It only looks as good assuming that you want some really wide angle shot. So either something that is right in front of you… or a wide landscape… I take pictures with my DLSR, Phone, and Point and Shoot, and the only reason I ever use the phone is because it is there, the limits just do not justify it for most uses. It is not often that I want the entire room I am sitting in for a picture, I want someone specific and the digital zoom on phones is not worth using.

        Yes there are times and places for a phone based camera, but for real “family memories”, I would not bother reaching for my phone, because I want something that I want to look at more than a few days down the road…

  • I love my DSLR and I’d never give it up for any point-and-shoot of any kind, but for day to day photos? The iPhone/iPod is perfect. Point-and-shoots are ancient history to me.

    • I agree….I have a Nikon D80 that I use for family events and such, but to go to the amusement park with my daughter or if I see something I need to take a picture of quickly…. I always resort to my iphone. I have a small point and shoot camera and I don’t remember when I used it last. I always find myself shooting with my iphone and immediately post to facebook to share with family without even having to go home and upload from my PC. DSLR is defintely a must and I would never say not to own one….. but I don’t carry a DSLR everywhere I go….. and sometimes there is that special moment that you wished you had your camera and all you got is your phone…. unless you carry a point and shoot camera in your pocket everywhere you go… I don’t other than my iphone. As for the iPod…. I think majority of the users will be younger generation … mostly teenagers that will be using it for everything… atleast those that don’t have an iphone yet. My son that is 9 uses my old iphone as an ipod… and I have no reason to buy him a point and shoot, he already has one and loves it. The other point is…. take a look at all the apps available for photo editing right on your iphone/ipod. There is no doubt point & shoot cameras will be replaced with devices like the ipod / iphone.

      Juust to point out another factor….. my mother gets confused with all the options and settings on a point and shoot camera. The simplicity of taking photos on an iphone / ipod will provide sales.

      • Your point about on-device editing and sharing tools is a very good one. It’s no Photoshop, but Camera+ alone has saved some otherwise trash photos and greatly improved some more. Plus, really, sometimes it’s just fun to
        tool around with some snapshots when you have a few minutes to spare.

        Let’s not forget the ability to switch over to 1080p video recording at any time to boot. Sure, it’s not a “real” video camera, but the convenience is huge. The camera functionality of these devices would have cost quite a pretty penny not so long ago.

  • Somehow new iPod Touch surprise me , even more than the iPhone 5 excitement

  • shadyside4fyr

    The ipodtouch should be for games! ! GAMES!!! (Screeming with arms waving wildly) it should have the A6 chip..

    • im guessing it doesnt have A6 because it would cut into their profit margins.

  • Yes. It will replace them. But if ppl r smart they will wait for next yrs iPod with an 8mp camera. Lol.
    Think about it, y else wud apple not put a 1080p camera on it. So they can have a new feature for nxt yrs model. And the iPhone 5S will have an even faster processor, more battery life, and a 1080p FaceTime camera.

  • @dongiuj

    I used to use my iphone so much to take photos. Then I bought a proper camera. Now the only use my iphone camera has is to take photos of food in the supermarket and email it to my wife to see if that is the correct item she wants me to buy. My iphone has pretty much the same quality as my phone i got just under 5 years ago.