Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and for that reason, let me preface this post with a disclaimer: I’m not bashing anyone’s right to an opinion. That’s one of the things that makes life so great, differing points of view on all sorts of matters.

Apparently, whoever posted this post on the Big Boss blog isn’t too high on iOS 6, in fact, they go as far as to label it a “dud.”

I certainly don’t feel that way; I’m the complete opposite. That made me think, do most jailbreakers feel this way about iOS 6? Are many of you guys and gals planning on staying right where you are on iOS 5 until a jailbreak is released for iOS 6?

To call it disappointing, or a bit lacking is one thing, but to outright label the as-of-yet unreleased OS upgrade a dud, is a pretty strong statement.

iOS 6 is a total dud. I think it’s by far the worst major upgrade Apple has ever provided. It’s more like a 5.1.2 than a 6.0. Let’s take a look at the major differences moving to iOS6 from iOS 5.

He’s basically saying that iOS 6 brings almost nothing new and/or interesting to the table, and anything it does bring can already be done on iOS 5 with a jailbroken device. He also complains about the absense of Google Maps, or the traditional YouTube app. The YouTube app, as you know, has been replaced by Google’s own offering, and if you’re not fond of Apple’s Maps, then more than likely Google will release their own Maps app soon enough.

While it may be true that iOS 6 doesn’t bring a ton of new in your face features to the OS, there are still like 200 new features involved. Some of the new features are fairly big, like Maps, updated Siri, Facebook integration, Turn by Turn directions, FaceTime over cellular, Shared Photo Streams, Panorama mode, Full screen Safari, VIP inboxes, and many more.

It may not be on an iOS 5 level in terms of wow-factor, but iOS 6 is certainly no slouch in my humble opinion.

The post then goes on to say that:

the iPhone 5 seems equally disappointing

So, the iPhone 5 is a dud, too? Hmmm, that makes me question the seriousness of the post.

I mean, I understand if you’re upset about the lack of a jailbreak for iOS 6, but that’s been the game since the beginning of time. Users will have to choose, at least for a while, between an untethered iOS 5 jailbreak, or iOS 6. While that is a definite bummer, I don’t see myself opting out of iOS 6 in order to stay back on a jailbroken instance of iOS 5.

To me, once you go iOS 6, you simply don’t go back, it’s that good.

What do you say?

  • Apple gave a half glass of water to everyone. Some see it half empty and some see it half full. The point is no one is totally satisfied.
    By the way, I see it half empty. I was expecting lot more than that. An extraordinary battery life, more that 64 gb of storage, a bit wider screen, 2 gb ram or maybe more, 12 megapixel camera , nfc, etc….and not to mention all those tweaks that we jailbreakers have. With so much expectation all we got is a slim version of iphone 4s.
    With the realease of this new iphone5 i feel like apple is turning its direction from smartphone to “show off” phone business.

    • Emre SÜMENGEN

      A bit wider? Wider than the i5? Well, you can check out the LG Chocolate 😛

  • momerathe

    I need swipeselection, cardswitcher and NCSettings more than I need anything on iOS6


    Jeff, for me iOS 6 is not worth losing your jailbreak. To add on top of it, iPhone 5 is not worth losing your jailbreak either.

    I’m not saying iOS 6 or iPhone 5 are “dud”s or anything, but I’d rather not say that they are “amazing” either.

    But, we’ll know better as soon as we get the iPhone 5 in our greedy little hands 🙂

  • genXhippie

    I recurrently sold my unlocked iP4S for $450. The money going toward an unlock iP5 of course. Btw, I won’t update my jailbroken IPad 3 until the ios 6 is jailboken. I can’t live w/out my jb tweaks. 😉

  • i have had the original ipod touch, then the original iphone, then the iphone 3g, then the iphone 4, which is the one i currently have. I am under at&t still on their unlimited plan. Since day 1 I have always jailbroken my devices to add functionality that originally for the most part was not built in. I love the advantages that come with tweaks, and yes if are not careful you can slow down your phone and have fun trying to fix it, but for me i usually know what to install and use a few know tweaks that dont really affect performance of my device too bad.
    I will probably wait until next year before i decide if i want the iphone 5 or maybe by that time there will be a decent ios upgrade or the next phone will be right around the corner.
    Yes I agree that we all want the tweaks added to the next ios update, but alot of those tweaks will never happen and with all the patent coping wars, if apple did add a feature that did a function that was similar to a jailbreak tweak or resembled a claimed feature in another device that might not be too good for them. Yes i know that the notification center originally was a tweak that was done in the jailbreak community that later appeared in ios 5, you know lock info or intelliscreen.

    I do still have hopes that more tweaks will end up in the ios and be more polished, i really would upgrade just to see how a big different the hardware and lte really bring to the phone.

    Currently just about eveything that ios 6 can do you can do in ios 5 via some tweak, like 90% i would say, i think that I have not seen anything like passbook in ios5 i could be wrong, i mean you have things like keyring, and world card, but nothing like what apple is releasing with its passbook, but besides that if you really want siri anyone can install it via a port/proxy or whatever, even thou at times it can be buggy.

    just my thoughts…….

  • Whos_Jeff

    Apple dropped the ball on this one iOS 6 doesn’t bring anything that’s a big factor to the table. So does the iPhone 5. It’s 18% thinner wow!! Like phones these days aren’t thin enough. We gonns see the same design for 4 years. 4/4S & 5/5S prolly even the 6. 4inch screen!! Like android hasn’t been pass that already. Guess I’ll keep my iPhone 4 till it dies. But. I must say ios very great but it needs to bring more things to the table

  • They also really need to add music queue as well. Something simple such as holding the name of the song and the option to play after current comes up instead of having to make playlists all the time which can be a daunting task when you just want to hear one song after the current one. Where do we go to apple for suggestions?

  • Ty

    As big of an influence BigBoss was in the early days of Jailbreaking, he’s almost non existent in the last few years. While I appreciate all he’s done for the community, he’s just not relevant anymore. I use to check his website daily back in 2008-9 now he has one post every couple months. I tend to go to iDB and iMore:)

  • Aleksander Azizi

    As i see it, the biggest upgrade Apple made was iOS 4, thats when everything started to get “Apple’y”.

    • Aleksander Azizi

      iOS 5 was big as well, but iOS 6 is no where near those updates.

  • Why do I feel like iOS isn’t moving since years, I mean come on apple, you can come up with a mind blowing new os for that beautiful iphone you got there 🙂

  • The turn-by-turn alone is a major update, and that by its self is satisfying. But of course I would like to see more in regards to music controls and setting toggles in notification center. That and I would agree with quick reply too.

  • When i think about it ios6 should have been alot better so should the iphone 5. Apples got people hooked on the brand now they don’t need wow factor anymore.

  • 99% of iOS 6’s features can be accomplished with an iOS 5 jailbreak (and more). The only reason I would update to iOS 6 is to get those features without overloading my device with (mostly) random packages.

  • I will wait for the untether and I hope it will come very soon for the iPhone 5 too ! I think that Apple shuold make their updates bigger but even if they don’t, if there is an untether I’ll always do the updates.

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    I went to iOS 6 for about a day…my jailbreak is much more important so I’m back on 5.1.1

  • Of course preserving a jailbreak is gonna be more valuable than getting ios6. While cydia devs are thinking about being creative, apple devs think how to patch exploits.

  • I can’t wait to use the “Do not distrub” feat. gonna be amazing… Of course I’ll miss a JB but I’m sure b4 the yrs out they have 1 …apple gets most of its ideas from the JB community so I don’t see this as a ploy 2 end JB that’s a major reason y ppl buy the iPhone

  • Well, there isnt really anything new for the iphone 4. They take away google maps (with streetview) and add apple maps with all features excluded from iphone 4. Yeah google will put maps on app store, but guess what? You dont even have to download it if you have ios 5. Keeping jailbreaked ios 5 untill i get a galaxy nexus 🙂

  • Nicolas Loots

    iOS 6, the most disappointing mobile operating system yet.

  • Dan

    iPhone 5 does look like a great phone (design wise). I agree with the fact that it doesn’t seem to bring anything revolutionary to the table.

  • I can’t go without LockInfo. I have my calendarr preview on my lockscreen. Quick reply is also something I use alot.

  • I dropped my JB for iOS 6. I do miss biteSMS and SBSettings toggles, but that’s about it. I can wait for the JB for 6.0 to get that back.

  • Chaotic Buddhist

    I moved to iOS 6 because my battery life on my iPhone 4, even with all the updates leading to 5.1.1, was never really up to par.
    iOS 6 has remedied that and my battery life is not only sick now, but the OS is actually faster than iOS 5.1.1, stock or jailbroken.
    I only ever jailbreak for themes, so for me this isn’t an issue at all. However, I have been using BiteSMS for about four years and it’s the one thing I miss when I lose my jailbreak, but it’s not a deal breaker at all.
    I’d say this entry was just someone being a butthurt baby and badmouthing Apple because it’s apparently the popular thing to do now.

  • cd

    I’m going to update to ios 6 but I will miss zephyr that’s one of the main reasons I jailbreak now that and Siri on my iPhone 4, if I don’t like it I will restore back to 5.1.1

  • luna

    I like passbook. so, how can get this feature in ios5

  • Shawn Steinlauf

    I wouldn’t get too hung up on the post. It is both poorly founded, lacks depth and the writer fails to see the big picture of iOS 6. A jailbreak will be out sooner than later (actually, Redsn0w already pwns iOS 6, tethered of course). Keep the jailbreak community alive!

  • He’s speaking from a jailbreaker’s point and thats perfectly fine! But some people might find facebook integration good and do not disturb! We shouldn’t upgrade anyway until we get a jailbreak and that’ll be definately a big bonus to everyone who is on ios 6 then

  • My most frequently used jailbreak tweak is TetherMe. I’ll be sating on iOS 5 until there’s a proper jailbreak for iOS 6 to keep TetherMe.

  • im staying on iOS 5 until an untethered jailbreak comes out!!! plus by then the tweaks will be compatible with iOS 6

  • pfarthur

    The one thing I would really miss if I updated is adding a shortcut for the Home button through Activator. My home button is broken, so Activator makes my life much easier. I can always use the AssistiveTouch as a backup, but it’s not the ideal solution…

  • Personally, I’m upgrading to iOS 6 because they have FINALLY integrated Facebook 🙂 Screw Twitter lol… On a scale of 1-10, how much do you want iOS 6 to be jailbroken? My vote is a 10 🙂

  • whatever! they just upgraded the Apps not installing too many of them like we do in jailbroken Device using ‘Installous’

  • I don’t mind using a tethered JB, but as long as even that is no option for newer devices updating to iOS 6 is just not worth it. OpenVPN alone is worth more to me than all the new features.

  • Tommy L Neel

    Personally, I love the JB. But lately, I have had my phone reset at the most inopportune time. It crashes exactly when I DON’T need it to. It’s fun to have, but iOS 6 is going to be pretty righteous. I read the Big Bad Boss post last night and thought it was an absolute joke, as if they were somehow trying to convince people NOT to leave them for iOS 6. Just downloaded & upgraded to the newest iOS – see ya in a bit, JB community

  • Gorgonphone

    okay yeah so there as some now and cool improvements but the problem now it that the basic UI look has gotten very very very stale.. So apple gives us supper powerful iPhones great now we want a UI with some slick eye candy to show off the basic power of or new phones.. that damn basic apps grid is so boring now it painful…

  • ramo

    For me I like certain tweaks that I can’t find in the stock iOS like the ability to swipe the status bar to change my brightness (even in lock screen) or tap it in lock screen to enable or disable bluetooth and respond to texts in lock screen using BiteSMS. I used to use SBsettings for the setting changes, but the integrated tweaks work more seamlessly for me. So for now I want to wait for a jailbreak to maintain these features. It’s about usability for me more so than the “features” of the new iOS.

  • Keith

    I updated yesterday and everything seems just a little bit better. I am disappointing with the MAPS. First, it is very hard to see the traffic. Most programs have green so you know traffic is good, yellow when its a little slow, and then red for bad traffic. The new program has hard to see red dots in the areas where its really bad but no colors anywhere else. Ill try to get used to it but not liking it so far. Also, and more importantly, THERE IS NO ZOOM buttons. You ever try to zoom by pinching while driving? It’s a recipe for disaster. It is such a hassle, that i pay $9.99 per year for Motion X because it has zoom buttons right on the screen.

  • Not sure if i’ll ever go Ios 6. Def not until Unteathered jailbreak, with no accsplash, and mewseek fully working. Still even then I’ll lose google maps.

  • Not smart

    My iPad 2 isn’t updating to ios 6 after I have jailbroken it so I took of the jailbrake at its still not updating what’s up with that

  • Francisco Ortiz

    Here is a Story about what manufacturers have been able to do. And this is why the JB for IPAD will stop all together. Apparently on January 2013 APPLE can SUE YOU if you Jailbreak your iPad.


  • Hyper2High

    It is a dud, big boss blog was spot on. So many people wishing they hadnt updated and they not jailbreakers. Am glad i read that blog before ios 6 release or i would be pissed off too.

  • ditkazbearz

    Nothing special about IOS6 Siri is a 5 minute wonder and then never used and finally shut off so she doesn’t pop up when you don’t want her. Messaging is better but not worth losing your jb for. If you’re on 5.1.1 and jb stay there. They hype is just that “not worth losing you jb for”

  • ditkazbearz

    Also I’m not buying an Iphone 5 till it’s not severely limited by no jailbreak. Feels good may wait for the 5s or the 6.