If you weren’t able to place your iPhone 5 pre-order last week, and still want to pick one up on launch day, I have some good news and some bad news for you.

The good news is, Apple and other retailers will start offering the handset this Friday at 8 AM. The bad news is, it looks like some folks are already lining up…

Fortune reports that an iPhone 5 line has formed outside of Apple’s Fifth Avenue store in New York City. Folks started showing up around 8AM last Thursday.

Now, waiting outside for 8 days for a phone to launch sounds pretty extreme, but it sounds like these folks are hoping for more than a handset. Out of the seven people that Fortune talked to, six of them were there for promotional purposes.

A couple of the guys are hoping to get exposure for their new social media startup. And there’s also a few musicians. And then of course there are some folks in line hoping to either sell their place, or sell the iPhone 5 to folks with less patience.

Waiting in line for new Apple products has become quite the cliche over the past few years. So much so, in fact, that Samsung uses them as a setting for its TV spots.

But if waiting out in the elements for days isn’t really your thing, as aforementioned, the iPhone 5 goes on sale this Friday, at several retailers, at 8AM local time.

  • presidentwalter

    Thats just crazy. I could never be able to do that. Also, don’t we already have too many social media startups?

  • Liu Zhenyu

    Hmm… Despite too many leaks and disappointment from Apple fans and bitching around by Fagdroids about specs on paper and how sg3 bla bla ba. It seems there is equal anticipation for the device from previous iPhone if not more.

  • Guest

    so crazy

  • Don’t these people work?

    • notewar

      “A couple of the guys are hoping to get exposure for their new social media startup. And there’s also a few musicians” – they are actually working

      • Tom

        Yeah I’m sure that applies to everyone who is there.

    • I though the exactly same thing. lol

      • Keesher

        I spoke with one off them yesterday and he said no job no school. As a matter of fact he made it seem normal. They showers at a close by gym

    • None

      Probably unemployed using tax payers money to buy an i5 or some are actually working i.e. social media bloggers, etc.

    • Yujin

      the chinese boi is a visitor from china …last year all fo these fuckers show up and made the line a living hell…in and out all the damn time and they even brought more people in..im ok with family waiting, but 10-15 people is ridiculous…the will take it to china and sell it for $2000…hope apple kicks them out.

  • max

    Why do you guys have to always refer to and take little jabs at samsung in your posts lately? You just couldn’t resist the samsung comment. It’s really getting old.
    Apple should sue themselves for copying the iphone 4 & 4s and naming it the iphone 5.

    • Reneiver

      Instead of idling on an apple blog, why don’t you go back to playing with that 4.8in wide thing you call a phone.

      • notewar

        Seeing so many fandroid in this blog it gets me thinking if there’s actually any apple fan hanging around android blog.

      • No Whammy

        This. When the iPad Mini comes out they’re going to be shouting, “We’ve already had that for years! It’s called an average Android phone.”

    • I have to ask you..

      Regarding the size of the Galaxy SIII,, Do you carry it or It carries you?


      • Dan

        Recently switched from iPhone 4 to GS3. The size difference is not that noticeable in your pocket to be honest and it’s still the perfect size for my hand. I wouldn’t go any bigger though.

      • Pukka12

        I use both my iPhone 4s and s3 on a daily basis(need two phones for work). They both have their pros and cons. The s3 is to large to use comfortably however it’s features make up for it. Being able to download torrents on the go and than stream them to your tv after is amazing

      • AdamChew

        It’s great to carry a latte when they run out if plates.

  • i am in line for 3 days, im posting this with my iphone 4s

  • Sad sad sad..

  • Kok Hean

    Someone said that he would queue up instead of preordering because it’s more fun 😛

  • Where they go to the bathroom?

    • What do you think the bags are for? And there’s so many people, that they won’t starve, if you know what I mean ;).

      • 1337lolzorz


  • I always wonder how people can do it for days in lines. I also miss WOZ he might join in too lol. So either you have so much free time or time just doesn’t matter or you live in a unknown time dimension which Einstein might have explained better, but what all of them seem to have in commune, is that this people doesn’t seem to have any work related stress syndrome. When you travel the world you might also notice that in some culture where time is available for doing nothing the risk of an heart attack is more likely low. (It won’t necessary apply for those in line already more obese and living by fast food only) but it might be really some kind of different thing going on there waiting for that iPhone 5. Hmm mine will be in on the same day and it took me less than a min to order, but I still kind of respect the effort and so called fun for those who have chosen the hard way. Apple should give them shirts with iPhone 5 advertising and then give them the phone for free instead of spending millions on Ads, but what would then happen if nobody would go for work?

  • I only camped for one thing and that was the Playstation2..lol it was fun but ji never did it again..

  • Nigga took the week off from work

  • air naji

    Fucking bums… They killed the sneaker game and are slaves to the items they own. So a phone is worth 5 days of your life outside? Hope someone robs them.

  • next year iPhone 5S
    same thing with core i7 procesor and nikon lens built in camera. LOL!

    more powerfull than my old PC ALASKA

  • Really? Still? This is getting lame…

  • Really? Still?