As usual, Apple didn’t give us many details regarding the internals of the iPhone 5 outside of what it lists on the handset’s Features page. We know it has an A6 processor, but that’s about it.

Luckily, some smart folks have done some digging and have uncovered some interesting information about Apple’s new smartphone. For instance, they’ve confirmed it has 1GB of RAM…

From the technical wizards over at Anandtech:

“Apple thankfully didn’t obscure the details of its A6 slide at the launch event, which gave us a Samsung part number: K3PE7E700F-XGC2. Through crafty navigation of Samsung’s product guide, Brian Klug got us the details. The K3P tells us we’re looking at a dual-channel LPDDR2 package with 32-bit channels. The E7E7 gives us the density of each of the two DRAM die (512MB per die, 1GB total). The final two characters in the part number give us the cycle time/data rate, which in this case is 1066MHz.”

While 1GB may not be as much RAM as some of the other handsets made by Samsung, and others, have, it’s a welcome upgrade from last year’s iPhone which only had 512MB. iOS is generally pretty resourceful when it comes to memory, but the extra 512MB certainly won’t hurt anything.

And that’s not all Anandtech found. It also discovered that the iPhone 5’s A6 chip is a completely new processor, not just a retooled A5 like originally thought. In fact, the site says that it’s Apple’s own custom creation — its first SoC (system on a chip) designed completely in-house.

“I received some information pointing to a move away from the ARM Cortex A9 used in the A5. Given Apple’s reliance on fully licensed ARM cores in the past, the expected performance gains and unpublishable information that started all of this I concluded Apple’s A6 SoC likely featured two ARM Cortex A15 cores.

It turns out I was wrong. But pleasantly surprised. The A6 is the first Apple SoC to use its own ARMv7 based processor design. The CPU core(s) aren’t based on a vanilla A9 or A15 design from ARM IP, but instead are something of Apple’s own creation.”

We still don’t know how many cores the A6 has for sure. Anandtech says it’s assuming two, but it hasn’t been confirmed yet. We also don’t know how the iPhone 5 will measure up to other phones in terms of performance. Apple hasn’t given any CPU speeds or GPU details.

We’ll obviously know more about the handset and its internals once the iPhone 5 gets the usual teardown treatment this week. And it’ll be interesting to see how it does against the competition in performance testing. Judging by the hands-on videos, It certainly looks speedy.

We’ll obviously pass along all of this information as soon as we get it.

  • Kok Hean

    Even if the chip has half the cores and RAM, the phone will still run smoothly.

    • Ofcource it will but in longer run,wen it will be runnin ios8 or some figure lik dat it will probably get slower

  • JerseyD

    Hopefully a jailbreak is found quickly.

    • SamsungAppleFan

      I thought jb was already out for ios6? Either way, thanks to Samsung for the awesome speedy ram. Wouldn’t want it from anyone else.

  • samsung 2gb ram = apple 512mb ram trueee .:P

    • This makes no sense.

    • The iPhone 5 has 1GB of RAM. And really, would you ever need that much RAM on a phone at this point?

      • when you jailbreak your Iphone.. yes more RAM the more better. Stock iphone it dont matter

    • Liu Zhenyu

      He is not actually siding Samsung, so Apple fans, stay chill, he is saying that Samsung takes so much RAM just to beat 512 mb not mentioning Apple downclocked their CPU.

    • False…

  • Suck! I want to 2GB ram! Cheap upgrade! I’ll wait for iphone 6

    • You want 2GB of RAM to do what with, exactly?

      • As always a jailbreak will appear again , maybe some months later. After installing a lot of cydia tweaks you will notice that 1 gb of ram isnt a lot. Of course the 512 of the previous versions was a joke. The S3 runs very smoothly with 2gb and many homescreen widgets and other extras like wathing a video while doing other tasks. I think that it isnt the best idea to bring a phone on the market with less features than already existing handsets …

      • If Apple says its a 2GB ram and place a 1 GB ram everyone would be happy . Truth is you will not notice a thing . S3 needs 2gb ram to run Android and 1gb is more than enough for ios as it doesn’t exploit much resources

      • I have like almost 15 cydia tweaks installed an running as well as a theme applied on my iPhone 4 and the 512mb RAM is more than enough to handle all of that.
        And the international version of the S3 only has 1GB of RAM, the 2GB version is only available in 4 countries. And the 1GB version runs as fast and smooth as the 2GB version.

      • iNfAMOUS70702

        Winterboard themes would run a helluva lot smoother for one

    • You don’t actually need 2GB of RAM for your iPhone, you don’t even really need 1GB tbh. The app that eats up the most RAM that I have ever tried is a 3D game and it only eats up 70-80mb.

    • The iPhone doesn’t even need 1GB of RAM. Just because you think you need something, does not mean that you do.

  • The 4S is already speedy and graphics look really great. Can’t wait to see how the iPhone 5 will perform.

    • Kok Hean

      I wonder why Infinity Blade didn’t make it into the event though. Hmm…

      • Falk M.

        They weren’t quick enough in utilizing the full potential yet maybe?
        Infinity Blade is traditionally among the games to use the full potential of the new iPhone. Hmm…

        Addition: Just seen an Infinity Blade 2 commercial on TV… They probably worked on this web game version for desktop browsers…

      • Because they ran out of ideas for Infinity Blade.

  • Johnathan Jennings

    Come on jailbreak tweak makers..! Make the iPhone 5 the best upgrade ever.

  • Stefan Jobes

    Galaxy S3 Time.

    • JerseyD

      iPhone 4 and 4S have 512mb RAM.

      New iPad has 1GB

    • The iPhone 4S only has a 512MB RAM, genius. Research before before you post next time.

      • Leton

        That is what he said genius

      • Look carefully at which comment I’m replying too, geniuses who disliked my comment. (but you probably couldn’t see it because it’s already deleted/edited)

  • Since Samsung make the chip you could have easily pulled this information from their SIII vs iPhone ad from yesterday.

  • Johnathan Jennings

    I don’t even know what RAM is lol

    • What a perfect example of the general iPhone consumer this person is.

      • Kok Hean

        Unfortunately true 😛
        Actually, this is true with a lot of smartphone users, even people who use Android. I might be talking about RAM and they would be thinking of internal storage.

      • iNfAMOUS70702

        Sad but true…I told my iPhone fanatic friend that I was gonna skip the iPhone 5 and get the SGSIII and he told me it only had 16 or 32 gigs of RAM whereas his 4S had 64 = SMH

      • “I don’t even know what RAM is lol”
        Do you know what a computer is?

    • wow u don’t gotta pick on some one just cause he isn’t as educated as you in some topic -.-
      RAM stands for Random Access Memory & this means programs which run need to save their data some where –> RAM so basically that means as more RAM as u have the more apps u can run in background and the faster ur device is

      And for all u stupid fu**s ! give it a break and help eachother, this is iDownloadblog and not smartassblog !

  • seyss

    Maybe Apple intentionally didnt reveal the numbers of cores in the A6 so Shamesung would release that ad saying A6 is dualcore then be suedf

    • pawfyd

      Doesn’t Samsung actually make the processor? 😛

    • Apple never releases that information.

  • Man, when I saw 2x faster CPU and 2x faster GPU for the A6, I thought Apple actually was going to go to a quad core. Anandtech is saying otherwise…

    Not that I am very disappointed, I already stated when people rumored quad-core processors for iPhone 5 that the quad-core would be essentially useless, when a dual-core processor phone still runs very smoothly and the extra power would not be needed at this point in time.

    However, I would like an explanation of how you make such components faster without extra cores…

    • More cores does not always mean more speed.

      • But then what do you need to do to make the cores faster?

    • Liu Zhenyu

      Quad core is just a spec used by Samsung to feature in their immature little ads to compare with iPhones when iPhones runs smoother even with 200mb of RAM and 3GB of storage.

      • @dongiuj

        I’ve tried a galaxy s3 and found it to be pretty damn smooth running. It has deeper software functions that an iphone can’t run smoothly after those kind of widgets run. Like somebody pointed out before, if you like widgets and deeper functions on a phone then you’re better off getting a GS3. If not then stick with an iphone. I agree with this from first hand experience.

      • I have a dual-core Xperia S with runs as fast as the Quad-core S3. So the number of cores really doesn’t matter if the OS and App doesn’t fully make use of it in the first place.

  • Nick

    Its funny how other rival phone fans will bash on the specs of iPhones vs the specs of their phones.

    Isn’t the fact that the iPhone can outperform those other phones with less ram, ect. make it the superior device?

    • It is all in the eyes of the beholder. You say iPhone, I say Galaxy Note 2, that weird guy in the corner says Nokia Lumia 920. Just because the phone works for you, does not mean it works for everyone else. This is the one thing I wish people like yourself would understand for once.

      • I agree, people should choose what fits their life, not what other people say would fit anyone else.

  • shinx2ran

    why do you still need to measure with any other android phones when the iPhone 5 itself can open apps without lag? really, this fighting with specs is really annoying. Long before I use mac and idevice, I had this “Specs” in mind, but I am with Apple now, I dont need to think about specs, it just works !

  • Funny how a device can get fully pre-ordered with an hour, without people even knowing its exact specs 😛

  • @dongiuj

    Wait a minute. I thought they said last year the 4S had 1GB of RAM but a developer found that it only ran at 512MB of RAM.

    • Wrong, Apple would never reveal details about the specs of their iPhones.

      • @dongiuj

        Ok, maybe i’m wrong. But i’m saying what i read about what developer said last year. I can’t remember where i read it, maybe on this blog. I remeber reading that the 4S was claimed to have 1GB ram but a devoloper found that the phone couldn’t run anymore than 512MB. That’s what i read from a developer of iphone apps. Apparently he is/was a top developer. I don’t remember names but i remember the figures.

      • Well, I don’t know then. I haven’t been following this site yet when the 4S was launched. But I still remember Wikipedia showing that the 4S had 512mb RAM that time.

  • JackOfficer

    who is the fat fuck in the photo?