“It doesn’t take a genius,” according to Samsung’s new ad, to see that the Samsung Galaxy S III is a better handset than Apple’s new iPhone 5. “The next big thing is already here,” it says.

The ad, which Samsung will start running in national and regional newspapers tomorrow, does a side-by-side comparison of the two phones, with the Galaxy S III appearing superior…

Admittedly, the S III looks better on paper: larger screen, better battery life, more RAM, and a longer list of features. But, to be fair, Samsung lists things like “Turn Over To Mute,” “Tilt To Zoom,” and “Shake To Update” for its handset, which comes off as trying to pad the stats.

Anyway, technical specifications have never really been Apple’s cup of tea. You won’t find it putting 8-core processors in its handsets, or things like NFC, just so it looks good on paper. No, Apple’s strengths are its hardware, its reliable software, and the “it just works” mentality that comes with all of its products. If you’re a specs person, the iPhone’s probably not for you.

The ad itself is actually really telling of how Samsung views Apple and its position in the smartphone space. It clearly views the iPhone as the market leader, as it continues to feature it and Apple in its advertisements. Remember Apple’s “I’m a Mac” campaign against Windows?

The question is, will this strategy pay off for Samsung the way it did for Apple? It’s hard to tell. We imagine the ads will probably make Android users giggle, but what about the general public?

What do you think about Samsung’s new ad?


  • harit7

    That clearly shows someone is pretty scared.
    First the lumia 920 and now the iphone 5.
    Samsung is just desperate now.

    • KyleRay

      Lumina 920 has not sold one single phone yet! hahaha… neither has one single iPhone 5 been delivered to a customer either. While Galaxy SIII only on market 114 days recently has been said to top 25 Million!

      The original goal was to sell 20 million on the year! lol… and you have the nerve to call that desperate? hahaha…. better change your diaper, because Samsung also sells Windows phones along with Bada OS phones that out sold WP7 by itself…… again last quarter! ;-P

      • harit7

        Lamesung fan.^
        Lamsung makes fridges and washing machines also. 😛
        Even their fans lack innovation.^
        Copying and pasting sales status makes them feel like a king.
        Hats off man.
        Btw for your “amazing” info lumia 920 hasnt been released yet.
        Its just been announced. 😛

  • KyleRay

    ahahaha…. “What a Maroon” Bugs Bunny says, “All Apple’s iDIOT fans must be over the legal limit of inebriation of RDF FUD Spiked iKool-aid to not see the TRUTH!

    There’s a reason GSIII has outsold every iPhone model available today combined. I didn’t hear Apple claiming 10 Million Pre-sales and I didn’t hear anything from them when Samsung topped 20 Million GSIII sales a few weeks ago either. Samsung is on track to obliterate not just iPhone 4s sales this quarter w/ GSIII sales, but to blow away all iphone models combined. Now reportedly over 25 million and Apple having only been projected to sell 24 Million (all models) iPhones!

    Consider this…. Samsung sold half the 104 Million Android Smarterphones last quarter alone, before GSIII was even launched. Helped immensely by Galaxy SII and Galaxy Note’s incredible sales after being out nearly a year prior to GSIII launch. What does that tell you? That they had NO Pre Launch Slump like Apple’s had the last 6 months! ….and none of these phones were sold to people thinking or even wanting an iPhone!!! ;-P

    Mark this prediction; Analyst have said Apple is estimated to sell from 42 to 47 Million SMARTPHONES (Total all Models) THIS QUARTER. SAMSUNG is well over estimates that have it breaking 200 Million Smartphones for Smarter People. While Apple will struggle to break 130 Million Totals of all iPhone models combined! …..for the first time Galaxy SIII has beaten out iPhone single model sales Globally! …….so the Samsung Ad is not an idle boast!!! ^_*

  • Liu Zhenyu


  • thedarkknight80

    Another attempt from a plastic cover with useless bloatware/mediocre gaming experience/touchscreen lags trying to make fun of perfection.

    Samsung can put 6 GB of Ram in their phone , and still their touchscreen and UI experience can’t even come close to the perfection and fluidity of the Iphone/iOS combo.

    That add made me love my Iphone even more .

  • There are already apps on the App Store for features like S-Beam and group chats. And what does “Palm Touch Mute Pause” even mean?

    • KyleRay

      If there are they won’t have to worry about SAMSUNG suing them. Because they own IDEAS, like Apple. But the reality is that those aren’t Apple’s platform features, until Apple buys them. Now that’s when SAMSUNG will SUE Apple…. after they buy them!

  • Lol lamesung :p thy didnt add iMessages , iCloud and cydia..!!! Samsung enough of copying ..!! Go do something innovative of having your own os on your phones first , then you can show off next to apple ..!!

  • Guys stop fighting over Which phone are better . I got both iphone 4s and GS3 I love both

  • Samsung done it again, their just jealous and trying to get apple attenttion, pathetic if i say, don’t get me wrong i love the s3 but this ad is a real shame for samsung,.. They have to copycat apple ads to get it right,,

  • KyleRay

    “The Next BIG THING is Already Here…… SAMSUNG GALAXY SIII”!!!!

    Truer Statement has never been made and they’re not just talking SIZE….. either. Galaxy SIII is setting records for single model sales all over the GLOBE!!!

    China is now the largest Smartphone Market, bigger than America. Where Samsung is the #1 selling brand and GSIII has now broken all single model sales there. While Apple after treating the Chinese People and Proview like they’re just dirtbag slave labor peasants, phones sales dropped like a dead fish on it’s way to the bottom of the DEAD SEA! ….and that’s been going on for 6 months. China is why Apple only had 26 million iPhone sales globally last quarter. Down from 36 Million the quarter before and this quarter to only top 24 Million if they’re lucky!

    Oh……. wait, that’s why Apple launched pre sales and getting store sales before the end of this quarter. So they could inflate sales of iPhones to make they’ve been selling a bunch, when they haven’t sold a quarter of Android phones again this quarter! hahaha… …..now who’s the desperate one? ;-P

    btw… this is just an example of SAMSUNG’s adherence to Truth in Advertising! lol… :DDD

    • Last time I noticed iPhone was a phone and Android was an operating system . Comparing one iPhone with all Android phones is outright dumb .

  • Jim Yewchin

    Can i say one thing?

    I’ve used droids and iPhones.

    its PREFERENCE. you can drive a ford, honda, ferrari – its your choice. if your car is unreliable, loses value, and your friends hate it – thats your own problem.

    back to the phones – features, performance, lawsuits, advertising aside – its UP to YOU.

    its preference guys – stop stabbing at someone because they use a difference phone as you – its a phone! who cares. in 5 years, your android will be outdated, and there may be an iphone 10 by then.

    take it easy and make your own choices

  • stupid Samsung last 12 cool features can also come with Jailbreak

  • 2g ram???? 1 gb

  • sasan akbari

    Poor samsung!
    It’s just like a baby when they cry! Lol

  • Steven

    It’s amazing to see how crazy Apple fans are. Apple has my utmost respect in creating such huge fanbase, despite the fact that iPhone 5 DID lose to Galaxy S3.
    And no, I don’t own a Samsung phone so I’m not being bias.

  • Christophe

    whats that? removable battery ?

  • lol 90% of samsung is its oprating specs, you could have write for apple it has 3d maps, panaroma and a million more!!! lol
    samsung cant even have the sspecs of the iphone when its jailborken!!!!

  • mnm0071980

    I love the debates and arguments both these companies bring to people when in truth, neither Apple nor Samsung could care two craps about us. Both companies have recycled technology over and over while still making money off people with a “new designed” phone. With all the fighting you guys and girls do over these two phones and companies, you should work for them or see how much they laugh when you fight over their products.

  • Samsung just named UI features to make it look alike its a better phone without naming the featurs from the iphone….

  • i dont get it
    if samsung think that s3 is better than iphone then why would they need publish such things
    let the public decide
    after seeing their anti apple ads i am sure that there s3 is crap and they r scared of apple

  • Mohammad

    Hahaha u typical Apple fan boys need to come out of your CAVE AND start to apreciate other technology around you instead of getting hung up on Apple. I currently use a 4s so i dont hate apple, but at the same time I apreciate other OS like Windows and Android. You fools all you appreciate all you apple patriots is how easy to use it is i mean come on. Fair enough its easy to use but wheres the tech such as stay awake from the S3 where is the pop up play like features, where are the interactive and intiuitive widgets which provide so much info without even launching applications. Oh well all you misled people come to your senses and just admit that Apple is slowly losing itself to android. I love apple products because they feel so premium all an Iphone is is a FASHION STATEMENT.

  • Michael

    They’ve “accidentaly” forgot to list Panorama next to Smart Stay..!

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    It’s your money, use whatever the hell you want..

  • Michael

    They’ve “accidentally” forgot to list Panorama ability next to Smart Stay…

  • Whos_Jeff

    Y’all sit here bashing each other about which phone is better meanwhile apple and Samsung bank account increases. They are the real winners

  • Muntazir

    Why dont they add up more things like counting the buttons lol this is so disgusting

  • Did you know that you CAN remove the battery of an iPhone ?

  • Who cares about hardware. iOS doesnt need major specs to function correctly. You’ve seen past gen iphones and their lack of lattest hardware. The software creates the user experience and ios 6 has made me switch to the SGS3. I havent looked back from selling my iphone 4S.

  • ok, looking at this post I remembered a very old joke I saw in youtube more than 5 years ago hahaha

    that’s is the best phone ever!!
    Sumsing Turbo
    http://www.youtube .com/watch?v=MJeK0ZaRIC8 ( “just remove the space before “.com” )

  • Read the last line
    “Appearance of phone may vary . Phone screen images simulated.Above listed features are representative ,not all inclusive”

  • If your product is great, you don’t have to compare it to others. Samsung just really though the iPhone is greater than them. Samsucks!

  • “The ad itself is actually really telling of how Samsung views Apple and its position in the smartphone space. It clearly views the iPhone as the market leader, as it continues to feature it and Apple in its advertisements.”

    If Apple is the leader why must they attack Samsung for making a better product? Because Apple isn’t number 1 and must eliminate competition just to compete with the numerous products vastly superior to theirs. Again, if Apple is really better than Samsung why must they sue them for practical FRAND capabilities?

    People say Samsung copied Apple. I say: “A good artist creates, a great artists steals.”

    People say Samsung blatantly copied Apple. I say: “If it looks like an iPhone, people will get an iPhone. You can’t buy an S3 and walk out thinking it’s an iPhone. Either you’re mentally challenged, can’t read, or completely ignore sales representatives.”

    People say Samsung deserves to get sued. I say: “Apple needs to innovate and quit letting the competition stifle their (currently) not-so-innovative product line.

    Suing is a last resort move and only shows how desperate you are when you can’t handle competition. 😀

  • TriguyRN

    That’s what I like to see!

  • It’s not even running Jellybean. I’m still on 2.36. I will never buy s Android again. I love chrome might buy a chromebook, its always updated.

  • D.

    Ive had the iphone 3 since it came out at the USA first and send a friend to in the US to buy me one at the Apple store. At that time I was the first one to have one in my school back then (I’m from PR and I if you wanted a 3g back then you’d had to wait for more than a month before it arrived here for sale). I’ve never had any problems with ether the battery even tho’ I take showers with it so I can play music and I even drop it a couple of times. No cracks, screens works and the speakers where untouchable. It looks ok compering it with a 4s and it was still usable the iphone hast never let me down and I love the userfriendly it can be, Looking forward for an iphone 5 because I really need an updagrade. If so embody could upload an video of the ipone 5 unboxing would be cool and just rate or compare with an iphone 4 side by side. Thank you.

  • Damn that sucks. I was going to get the iPhone 5 until I read “A totally different plug”. Glad I caught this first! lmao

  • Rickeem Collier

    How when Apple has the most fragile phone on the market you don’t catch an Android shattering and I have an iPhone

  • I have owned the SGS3 for several months now and I can honestly say it is the best smart phone I have ever owned and I’ve owned Blackberries, HTC Touch Diamond, Motorola Q, Motorola Photon 4G and a host of others. I have never been impressed with the iPhone! I’m a Samsung customer for life, but that’s why we all have choices in the types of cell phones we purchase.