Good news for folks who couldn’t get their iPhone 5 pre-order to go through this morning, or don’t want to wait two weeks for it to ship. It looks like Walmart will be offering another round of pre-orders today.

According to a new report, the retail giant will start accepting in-store pre-orders for the handset at 8 a.m. local time…

Bloomberg reports:

“The iPhone 5, announced yesterday, can be ordered tomorrow at 8 a.m. at U.S. stores, Sarah Spencer, a spokeswoman for the Bentonville, Arkansas-based retailer, said in an interview. The newest version of the best-selling smartphone will sell for $189.97 with a two-year contract, Spencer said. That’s cheaper than the $199 price announced by Apple, which will also begin taking orders tomorrow.”

The iPhone 5 will go on sale in retail stores on September 21, and it sounds like you’ll have plenty of choices. Apple Stores (duh), carrier locations, Walmart and Radio Shack have all confirmed they’ll have the handset.

Did you place a pre-order through Walmart? We’d love to hear about your experience in the comments.

  • sdmidnightrider

    its a little cheaper overall since at walmart they dont charge the tax on the full retail value of the phone like everyone else, they only charge the tax on the 189. i got my 4s there last year and they even had a promotion for a $100 gift card with every new phone activation so it was worth the patience with the not so knowledgeable staff. the only problem i saw was that they run out of white phones the fastest

  • Jerry

    I’m Pissed their tryna force you into a 2 year contract they don’t even give you the option of a one year

    • Is there some obligation on part of the the telco to offer you a 1 year plan?

    • I’m pretty sure the 2 year contract is because of Apple and/or AT&T, since you can only get the lower price for the iPhone when renewing your contract for 2 years. I don’t think it is Walmart’s fault.

  • I told ya this happening yesterday 😉 -Robin

  • Walmart here didn’t have them this morning. Best Buy appears to be taking pre-orders, too.

  • Irritated IPhone User

    I don’t trust you liars!! You posted an article similar to this yesterday! I was gullible and went to Walmart to place my Pre-order and the employees looked at me like I was dumb! I was embarrassed and I wasted gas and my precious time! I could have just ordered online! Talking about saving $9 dollars well I wasted that $9 today!! GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT BEFORE POSTING ARTICLES!! Smh

    • Cline

      Well, same happened to me. But after research so did a lot of other people.. then came along next day, they had them. It seemed like the managers only knew

      • Irritated IPhone User

        Thanks I did on Saturday but I was pretty mad on Friday!!



      • Irritated IPhone User

        You have no life go jump off a bridge to concrete head first!! Go play in on coming traffic, go fall on a bed a needles with lemon juice!! Your life is useless like your comment stupid!!!

  • I went to Walmart and pre ordered 2 of them today. Waited till 4 and I was still only second on the list

  • Apple Lee

    I went to local Walmart today at 6:00 p.m. and asked about the Iphone 5 preorder, they looked at me as if I was dumb too. Went to another Walmart later at 7:00 p.m. and was able to pre-order. I was the first and only one to pre-order.

    • frostyarcade

      Literally the exact same thing happened to me.

  • chsjenkins

    For the people who had a problem with their local Wal-Marts call around before driving from Wal-Mart to Wal-Mart because I had the same experience and a few altercations with managers because they talked to me as if I were dumb. But I did find one that knew what I was talking about and now my phone is on reserve and I am only like one of 2 on the pre-order list and I am getting a Verizon and I believe the others were different services. I understand the frustration as well but call the corporate office of Wal-Mart and they will tell you which Wal-Marts around you will be carrying it because not all Wal-Marts are participating.