For those wishing to avoid signing up for a lengthy two year contract, Verizon or AT&T’s website will let you easily order an off-contract iPhone 5 that you can configure with a month to month plan.

Signing up for a carrier’s month to month plan will provide you with an unsubsidized phone for $649, $749, and $849, for the 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB versions of the iPhone 5 respectively. Here’s how to do it…


Step 1: Visit Verizon’s site by clicking here.

Step 2: Click New Customer.

Step 3: Enter your ZIP code and click Next.

Step 4: Select Order Device with Wireless Service and click Next.

Step 5: Select Individual Customer and click Next

Step 6: In the Pricing For menu at the top, select Month-to-Month

Step 7: You should see the prices of the iPhone 5’s below change to full unsubsidized prices.

When you order your Verizon iPhone this way, you’ll totally bypass having to sign up for a new 2 year contract. Pretty simple, no?


Just like Verizon, AT&T too, makes it easy to purchase an off contract iPhone 5 directly from its website.

Although AT&T doesn’t refer to it as “month to month” like Verizon, it’s the exact same premise; you can buy an iPhone 5 directly from AT&T’s website with no commitment required. Here’s how…

Step 1: Visit AT&T’s website here.

Step 2: Scroll down, and click Pre-Order Now.

Step 3: Click Buy Now next to “Are you shopping for friends, family or yourself?”

Step 4: Click Shop Now next to Are you a new customer?

Step 5: In the upper left-hand corner, you will see a drop down box that lets you choose between a 2-year contract and No Commitment. Select No Commitment, and you will see the full unsubsidized price for the iPhone of your choice.


Unfortunately, we have yet to find a way to order unsubsidized from Sprint via their website. They might be so desperate for customers, that they won’t even offer the option. If you find a way, please let us know in the comments below.

And for the record, delivery times are still showing September 21st for Verizon, unlike the Apple store. Whether or not Verizon or AT&T is pulling from a separate inventory is yet to be seen.

  • Can it be used for GSM? For example, if I do not wanna use month to month Verizon, I wanna use T-Mobile, would it be possible? What you guys think about that?

    • no

    • Such a stupid question!! Smh!! where would you pop the sim card in???

      • what do you mean? what is the answer then???

      • Damani Brown

        He means it will not be compatible with T-Mobile at the moment.

      • Lee Robinson

        Not possible. But you can with ATandT phone or Cricket phone(which is same thing) goes on sale 28th

      • Damani Brown

        Verizon iPhone works with AT&T… Sim slot is unlocked.

      • Damani Brown

        You know the Sprint and Verizon iPhones have a simcard slot right?

  • Codvisp

    You should mention that it is not factory unlocked!

    • People shouldnt think it is unlocked, the article never said it was. Its only off contract.

      • Lee Robinson

        After being a customer for 60 days(I’m assuming even month to month) Verizon will unlock the phone for overseas use. You still can only use CDMA in US. I’m not 100% on Verizon unlocking immediately if you pay full pop, but I read somewhere of someone doing it with 4s

  • Tanay TopaƧ

    Anyone knows if Verizon’s iPhones have a sim card slot and will they work on GSM networks outside USA?

    • It looks like NO. Go with AT&T one. They will unlock it after first month

      • Heatfan316

        Verizon and Sprint iPhone 5s have sim card slots.

      • Lansing2212

        Where are you getting your information? Would just like to verify.

      • Lee Robinson

        They contain a slot for GSM. CDMA cannot be changed, but you can use the phone outside the US with GSM nano sim as long as you get the phone unlocked. Cannot use CDMA outside of US

      • Mo’Nee

        if i buy a iphone 4s on contract would i be able to use it in jamaica with a sim?

    • Heatfan316

      Yes they do.

    • Cruz Martinez

      No they don’t only at&t model Verizon and sprint are cdma phones

      • Lee Robinson

        AND contain an empty GSM sim

    • Lee Robinson


  • Mo

    Is it unlocked ?

  • is there a factory unlocked iphone 5?

    • In Canada

      • are you sure?

      • Ya I already preordered one from the apple online store

      • Lee Robinson

        canada iphone is same as AT&T model. It can be bought unlocked in Canada

  • It does not make sense to get month to month Verizon, if i will NOT be able to use it for other GSM companies like T-Mobile. Why should I pay full price for it, then? I will wait for Unlocked ones.

    • Tanay TopaƧ

      Selcuk I believe Verizon’s iPhone also supports GSM network. Look at the tech specs for CDMA iPhone (A1429) at:

      As a matter of fact, this CDMA iPhone (A1429) is also compatible with European carriers. See:

      So assuming you’re from Turkey, as I am, this is the iPhone we should buy for further LTE developments in Turkey.

      • Lee Robinson

        Only if the LTE bands being rolled out in Turkey ar the same ones as this phone! Even then, it’s not a 100% sure thing if the bands are tweeked differently. there is no gaurantee

    • Lee Robinson

      because you can use it in both the US and a lot of overseas GSM carriers on 4G(once you get it unlocked). you cannot do this with the A129 international model. Only the A129 sprint/verizon model

  • Its not unlocked people its just off contract. Youll have to wait for an unlocked phone

  • This is NOT unlocked deal, guys!

  • After the first month, you can get the AT&T unlocked. Not sure how Verizon goes about it.

    • Lee Robinson

      60 days good standing

  • Apple’s so annoying, why couldn’t they 1 phone and not bother us with the choices.

  • chjode

    For those who have purchased a device with no-commitment pricing from AT&T in the past, will they give me any trouble when I request an unlock almost immediately?

  • luka

    iphone 5 att no commitment is factory unlocked

  • Jim

    The very next Verizon screen asks you to select a data plan and you can’t select none.

  • Max

    I have tried to order it on verizon website but ordering off-contract iPhone 5 is not that simple. They still want you to use their service, at least for a month. I just want to buy only Iphone 5, not their service.

  • Did this method work ? Please help ! I need an unlocked iPhone 5 immediately…

  • Bobbobjones

    Neither of these methods is correct.

  • Mo’Nee

    if i buy a iphone 4s on contract would i be able to use it in jamaica with a sim?is it advisable