More details have come to light today regarding Apple’s new Lightning connector and its capabilities. It seems it will be capable of wired video output after all.

Previously, folks were worried that it wouldn’t support video out, due to the fact that the Lightning to 30-pin adapter doesn’t. But Apple just confirmed it will…

The Verge has gotten word from a company spokesperson that Apple is working on Lightning to HDMI and Lightning to VGA cables, and they’ll be available in “the coming months.” There’s no word on pricing, but the current video adapter is $40.

It looks like it’s either these cables or AirPlay if you’re looking to share video locally from your iPhone 5. For what it’s worth though, Apple says that 30-pin adapter still supports audio out, charging and syncing.

Remember, there are two versions of the 30-pin adapters. One that just plugs into your device, and one with a cable. And they’ll run you $29 and $39 respectively.

  • No thanks… AirPlay bitches!

    • Falk M.

      I fancy being able not having to carry an Apple TV where ever I go, but might want to AV out for watching a movie together or something… 😉

      • So if you are going to AV out in the first place, wouldn’t you have the cable with you, and if you are carrying the cable… whats the problem carrying an Apple TV? I guess the real reason not to use airplay if you already have the Apple TV with you would be because the place you are at doesn’t have wi-fi which you need for airplay.

      • Falk M.

        I guess you answered your own question there.
        The cable: Always with you solution. Don’t “think about” packing it or recabling your TV set with an Apple TV.
        Apple TV: Solution for my home. Done.

      • SimonReidy

        HDMI out from the lightning port will provided uncompressed FullHD picture quality too. Airplay is great, but the picture quality is a little degraded as the signal is compressed to lower bandwidth over wi-fi.

        I just hope a lightening to HDMI adapter isn’t ridiculously overpriced.

  • Kok Hean

    It should have come with the devices itself. How much did they manufacture it one piece, $1?

    • This is apple.. If you went to there HQ they would charge you for breathing the air on there If they can make money from you they will.. They didn’t get that stock pile of cash from giving stuff away…

    • J

      Apple is now including an adapter with all preorders

      • jdshorrock

        That’s been updated…not uncluded

    • abujafer

      I don’t think any company out there sells their phone with an HDMI cord, let alone an adapter. That $1 is dozens of millions to Apple, of which they could pay off their entire workforce and still have all those other savings.

      • Kok Hean

        I believe that there are longer and cheaper HDMI cables being sold out there. The problem is that those that Apple sells are overpriced. 19 USD for a cable? 39 USD for a freakin’ adapter? They cost $28 and $54 dollars respectively here!

  • The connector is cool and stuff, but 30 bucks for a 30pin to lighting adapter ? What are they thinking ? IF anything they should be including one for free with the iphone 5, just to show their appreciation to the loyalty of apple users, that have used the iphone throughout the years.

    • SimonReidy

      I know it seems stupidly priced but there’s a sort-of-reasonable explanation behind it. Because the lightning connector is all digital, the 30-pin convertor has to include a DAC (digital to analog convertor) in order to decode and pass through the analogue stereo sound. The circuitry required for this is quite large and expensive.

      What they could/should have done, is make two versions. A smaller and cheaper one for people that just need it for a charging dock, and the current larger one for people connecting it to docks that need to pass through audio (clock radios, stereo systems and so on).

      Perhaps they stuck with the one in order to avoid confusion, but it is a bitch that its so expensive as a result.