Apple’s new and 80 percent thinner Lightning connector found on the iPhone 5 and the new iPod touch has been met with criticism. As you know, existing accessories designed for the legacy 30-pin dock connector cannot connect directly to the Lightning-equipped devices without Apple’s Lightning to 30-pin Adapter, provided in $29 direct-plug and $39 cable varieties.

Confusion arose around whether or not the adapter is including inside the iPhone 5 box. The iPhone 5 entry on the online Apple store under the “What’s in the box” section originally listed the adapter as included. However, sales reps claim the opposite and Apple has consequentially removed the item from the iPhone 5 package…

iPhoneinCanada first reported that Apple’s online store originally listed the adapter as included with every iPhone 5 and fifth-gen iPod touch purchase, free of charge.

Your iPhone includes a Lightning to 30-pin Adapter for connecting accessories to devices featuring the lightning connector.

However, The Next Web chimed in with an interesting update from an Apple sales rep:

Following the publishing on this article, TNW reader Ryan Moores reached out to share clarification he received from one of Apple’s online sales representatives. According to the representative, it is “an error” and it is “being investigated at the moment”.

Apple has since updated the online store and said adapter is no longer listed as included.

The Lightning to 30-pin Adapter, Apple says, is “intelligent” and “ultracompact” and lets you connect your 30-pin accessories to devices featuring the Lightning connector.

This adapter lets you connect devices with a Lightning connector to many of your 30-pin accessories. Support for analog audio output, USB audio, as well as syncing and charging.

The adapter does not support video out feature (that’s what the Lightning to HDMI and Lightning to VGA cables are for).

Are you mad that Apple is providing this much-needed adapter as a separate purchase?

In my opinion, Apple screwed everyone who pre-ordered their iPhone 5 thinking they will be getting a free adapter. Making matters worse, both versions of the adapter are scheduled to ship in October.


  • That’s just stupid…

  • That’s not fair to it’s customers!

  • Apple have just pissed me off with this and I’m seriously thinking about not upgrading my 4S now

    • Guest


    • Over a $30 adapter? Come on now, we couldn’t stay with the 30 pin forever…

  • It’s all about the money. We’re talking about the same company which once charged for iPod OS update. More than a hundred billion in their pocket doesn’t seem to be enough to offer a free piece of shitty plastic. No, they’re gonna charge $30 and $40 for it! Absurd!

    • Jonathan

      I agree, they charged $30 for a bumper once

  • notewar

    Well im not surprised

  • jvkeizer

    When I bought my iPod Touch 4th gen., it didn’t even come with a power adapter!

    • I D

      True! When I bought my iPod touch I thought I must be missing something. I hadn’t realized it only comes with a USB cable.

  • Waiting for a chinese rip off… might even come out before Apple gets those shipped 🙂

    • eisforme

      Exactly! Don’t worry everyone. There will be third party adapters for cheap. I wish apple would’ve adopted the micro USB standard that many countries are trying to do. That would make the most sense. Make it uniform! It’s all about money, though! Lol.

      • Rob_Huska

        The micro USB is not smart enough for what apple is using the Lightning connector for. It’s is not just for charging and syncing data, but it is also the audio and video out source, and micro USB cannot do all of that. They would have had to put an extra port on the phone, like an HDMI port. It was linked to a few articles back, and the next blog on here is the full article about it.

      • saying to make the phone plug uniform is like saying to make humans all look the same. no one wants that and it would be stupid to do. but it would make things cheaper. thats the whole thing with apple… you dont pay them for cheap… you pay them for quality. unlike android phones.

  • maurid


  • This is horse shit! I will be waiting for a 2.99 one from china on eBay. I dont pay crazy prices for accessories from Apple.

  • So… I may be a lil late to the game, but what is the deal with this adapter that people are so worried and complaining about about? From what I’ve seen of the Lightning to USB cable that comes with the iPhone 5 I will have no need for this adapter. One end connects to the iPhone and the other to my USB port (my pc for charging and syncing). I’ll have no need for this.

  • Can someone please explain what the big deal is? You have a charger for your other devices and your iPhone 5 ships with the lightning charger—what’s the problem? Is everyone wanting to charge their devices with the new charger? I really don’t understand the controversy.

    • Dp

      It’s for accessories, genius. This is hilarious that Apple is going to further rape their customers’ wallets. The best part is that people will *still* let them get away with this garbage.

  • djlucash

    just wait until dealextreame got’s it 🙂