If you don’t plan on pre-ordering your iPhone this weekend, but still want to grab the handset as soon as it launches, your only other option is to stand in line at an Apple, or other retail, store.

Queues for new Apple products are banal, sometimes starting a week or more ahead of launches, with hundreds of people. But if waiting in line isn’t for you, these folks are up to the task…

CNET points to a new service from TaskRabbit, an online marketplace that allows users to outsource tasks and small jobs to others in their area, that lets people purchase wait time in line.

For $55, people in the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as New York, can purchase four  hours of wait time in line at an Apple retail store the morning of the iPhone 5 release on September 21st.

“You’ve waited long enough for the iPhone 5, why should you have to wait in line too? A TaskRabbit will wait in line for you for up to four hours the morning of the release, Friday, September 21st. Then you’ll swap places and buy your shiny new iPhone — it couldn’t be easier.”

How does it work? Well, for starters, you’ll need to sign up for a free TaskRabbit membership. Then you can opt to ‘Buy’ the task, which in this case is waiting in line for the iPhone 5.

Within 48 hours, your assigned TaskRabbit will contact you to work out timing and model details. And once the task is complete, you’ll pay for it through TaskRabbit’s secure website.

This sounds like a cool idea, though $55 for 4 hours seems kind of expensive. And what happens if 4 hours isn’t enough? Can you hire the same person, or another TaskRabbit afterwards?

Anyway, what’s your take on the service? Good idea, bad idea?

  • Johnathan Jennings


  • Siv

    Don’t want to wait in line for the iPhone 5? Pre-order it online.

    Hmm, doesn’t that sound a whole lot easier than this “Taskrabbit” you speak of? And let’s not forget, those who pre-order sometimes get it a day early.

  • $55 for 4 hours doesn’t seem too expensive at all. We have a similar service, AirTasker, here in Australia, and the usual price that you see for most tasks is around $20 per hour. And it wouldn’t be very fun work either, standing in the one place for 4 hours straight, when everyone else is excited for the iPhone 5, and you’re just waiting for $55

    • Well_Said

      I’m from Australia too, Sydney in particular. Do you know when is the iphone preorder time?

    • Emre SUMENGEN

      Well, a TaskRabbit can get himself an iPhone as well, right? :))

      • Thorasgard

        Not likely at that wage.

      • Emre SUMENGEN

        Well, then they would not be excited about buying the new iPhone, whether they work for anything there or not…

        The point is: If anybody wants to buy it, they most probably will wait in line…

  • im in middle east and would definetly need that rabit thing but saddly no way and they said to me we will get the iphone 5 in late October if not noveber > please is there any way that can make me an owner of iphone 5 before then

  • Seems a bit silly of I’m honest

  • I’m going to wake up an hour early before work , lay in my comfy bed and pre order it haha.

  • seriously, who the hell wants to wait in line. When FEDEX or UPS delivers it right to my front door on or before launch day!

    • Emre SUMENGEN

      You get 2 weeks for your order now…

  • Thorasgard

    Steve Jobs said the same thing Cody. Paying people a living wage is just downright anti-American and a stupid business decision. How much of that $55 do you think the Human Being standing in line will see? Not likely even $7 an hour. These turds need to be investigated for labor law violations.

    Apple is going to very cheesed off if they don’t see their 30%

    Hey Cody, Clinton and I have word we want you to Google:


  • If only I had known about a service like this. I spent 240 hours in line yes 10 days!

    It was a lot more than simply getting my hands on a new iPhone.

    I released a book called ‘Bin There Done That’ about my experience in line and is currently FREE on Apple iBooks if any of you guys are interested.


    • Emre SUMENGEN

      Why only on US store?