“How will people know that I upgrade?”, asked rhetorically a guy standing in the line for a new iPhone in Samsung’s anti-Apple ad from last November. Breathing new life into the “iPhone is boring” meme, ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel sent the camera out on the street to ask people to check out the new iPhone 5 whereas in reality they were looking at the current iPhone 4S. Apparently, a lot of people are willing to believe that an iPhone 4S is the iPhone 5…

Not sure if this is fake, but it wouldn’t surprise me that the general public would confuse the iPhone 4S with the new iPhone 5.

Here’s Kimmel’s hilarious take on what ordinary Joes think of the iPhone 5 update (via Steve Troughton-Smith).

You gotta love a guy describing the handset as a little thinner with the screen a little bigger. Another one says it’s a lot lighter and faster as well.

I guess those people were reading the same blogs as Apple’s lawyers.

Hungry for more?

Check out the iPhone 5 keynote compressed into four minutes.

What say you?

Is this experiment fake or real?

  • Fake and funny lmao

  • The same reason why people buy Samsung phones… “look… it’s an iPhone”
    General public are stupid and pretend that they know everything, specially in front of a camera. Fake or Not, this is very plausible in our world.

    The same goes to “geek wannabes”. If you ask them wich is faster, a quad core or a dual core they will say the Quad-core. But more cores doesn’t mean faster processor. Like Camera Mega Pixels vs Lens/Aperture/Image Processor… almost everybody things that more “MP” means “Better”.

    • And also because they consider them better. I was with my friends at the mall the other day. We were bored and decided to check out what’s going on in one of the tech stores. There were dozens of phones on display and what do you know, they all gathered around the SGS3. Everyone absolutely loved the massive display, how fast and intuitive it was, all the apps… Plus, they all complained how expensive the iPhone is, and they’re absolutely right. Apple’s overseas tax is absurd. Theat SGS3 I mentioned unlocked costs around 50% less.
      There was a slide during Apple’s event yesterday where they showed all iPhones next to each other… All of them are absolutely the same! The iPhone hasn’t changed at all these past 5 years! (Google “all iphones” and look at the images.) People actually notice that. Apple is still playing the same game which made the iPhone so popular few years back. They’re afraid to change it. All we keep seeing, from year to year, are nothing but marginal changes. Nobody will notice those “sapphire crystals inside the camera”, or the “magical new A6 chip”. What people see from year to year is the exact same thing, wrapped in a slightly different case.
      And just for your information, more megapixels does mean better image quality; scaled down. When you take a 16 megapixel image and scale it to, for example, HD resolution, it will, without a doubt, look brilliant.

      • Pixels are only the size of the picture. What make them better and look more realistic is the lens and chips. That give us a bigger dinamic range of colors and contrast. And in low light situations, once again, chips are really important, combined with the aperture and ISO.

        We only need a huge amount of pixels when we have the intention to print that photo for something bigger than a A2 paper size. The regular size, 2Mp is good enough.

      • The number of captured pixels and image dimentions are determined by the camera sensor. Generally, larger the sensor, larger the image. That is why, for example, Nokia 808 PureView’s camera is so large; 44 megapixels. You don’t have to print an image to get the benefit from high megapixel count. Like I said, scaling the image down will result in more sharpness and clarity.

      • Bigger sensor can increase pixels, but tha’s not mandatary. Take a look at the Nokia 808 vs CANON 5D Mark III full frame camera.

        The canon has almost the half pixels and it’s a REAL FULL FRAME camera.

        Most of the brands use “pixels” to trick people that they are buying better. That’s the point that I’ve tried to explain.

      • And the point I was making is that more pixels does mean better (clearer and sharper) image. When you scale down an image from a Mark 3, guess how will it look? Even better.
        Scaling an image down improves it’s quality, and more megapixels allows more headroom for scaling down.

      • I understand what are you saying and it’s half true, but scaling down a image does not improve the color depth, contraste range and noise from low light situations. Lens/Sensor/Processor is what defines a good quality image. That’s why the iPhone camera, since the iPhone 4, outperforms many POS cameras out there, that have more pixels. And even if you scale down both, to 800×600 as an example. You’ll see that differences (on color range, constrast, details, etc)

      • All Porsche 911s look the same for the past 50 years. What makes it the best race car for every day use is marginal improvements over each generation.
        Improvements would never go wrong. Radical changes involve greater risks and greater success. Sometimes radical design is not a bad thing. But would you really expect radical changes on a popular device from the richest company in the world?

      • Dead on!!

      • Microsoft did the same thing with Windows XP. They stuck to it as much as they possibly could. Now it got pretty stale and they’re trying out something new. And it’s working.
        But. For a company that keeps pointing out how great and innovative they are, and with a motto “think different”, then yes, I do expect changes and better things every now and then.

      • But Apple did that. To avoid a huge list, im only giving you the smartphone example.

        Before the iPhone, almost every brand was like “BB wannabe” or touch screen with stylus, expensive apps, no innovation at all, slow operative systems, systems designed for stylus and not fingers, hard to use, and I can tell you, I had a HUGE list of smartphones, from the old QTEK, to HTC, Nokia, Blackberry..etc..

        What Apple did? Thought different from the other brands. Picked the best ingredients (some from them, other where technologies waiting for a longe time to be used..like the Multi-touch) and made the iPhone.

        1. AppStore. For the first time I saw on a mobile phone a place go get easy and fast apps, with only a few cents or even free.

        2. UI 100% designed for fingers.
        3. Fast and smooth, since the day one.
        4. Easy updates.
        5. Great Apps, and tools for developers to build those apps. Xcode is amazing.

        So technically yes, they thought differently from any brand out there, and this “new model” is now followed by almost every brand in the world. Apple didn’t invented this stuff and made it right since the day one and was a HUGE RISK because the iPhone was Apples first phone, competing in a world were brands are here since almost 20 years.

        Apple, in only 6 years, killed many brands and many OS’s. Symbian is dead, Windows Mobile is Dead, Motorola was almost killed, Nokia are figthing hard to stay out of bankrupcy. And the worst, they even made a pact with their old enemy, Microsoft… I remember the old days when someone asked to Nokia … “Why don’t you have the Windows Mobile” and they were like.. “are you crazy? Symbian is the future…”

        Tablets.. everybody laught about the iPad.. “Just a bigger iPhone” and now everybody are trying to get almost the fisrt iPad”…

        did those companies thought different? No. They are following the Apple model. And if this model are working fine, why would Apple change it?

      • How did you get italics on “overseas tax”? 😛

      • Like in html. Your text here. Instead of x, use i for italic, b for bold, u for underline. I didn’t get a chance to test out other formatting options. There is probably something in DISQUS help on their site. 🙂

      • Aha, didn’t know Disqus supported HTML. Thanks!

  • Funny

  • What is wrong with JUST ADMITTING YOU DON’T KNOW??? Why do so many people pretend they know what they’re talking about, when in reality, what they say makes no sense what so ever?

  • JerseyD

    Remember after new iPad launched they stood outside apple store w it next to an iPad 2 and people couldn’t figure out which one had retina

    • At my work, a friend brought the magical ‘new iPad’, and we asked some labmates to come see the difference. To be honest, 90% thought mine (the ipad 2) looked better, just because the brightness and colour tone were different… LMAO

      • Timothy Do

        the physical appearance won’t help either because everyone will get a case/cover for it anyway.

      • Bea

        We have cases for all 7 of our phones Android iPhones and Windows

  • Johnathan Jennings

    Guarentee I’d know the difference.

    • I am pretty sure 99% of the people who read and post here would no the difference, but we are not the majority… there’s lots of stupid people in the world and for that I am thankful… else I wouldn’t have a job ;]

  • Why would I care whether people know I have upgraded or not?
    Whether I enjoy the phone or not is what what matters.

  • Pedro N

    Now, it’s true these people are stupid. But I’m kinda disappointed, the iPhone 5 isn’t a revolution in comparison to the 4 as the 4 was to the 3Gs, let’s be honest.. Same camera, a slightly bigger screen and an updated processor doesn’t justify this upgrade. I have a 4 and I’m thinking of upgrading to the 4S and not the 5 since there is no real difference or real leap between both.

    • Pedro N

      Same camera as the 4S*

      • Pedro N

        Forgot to mention LTE, wich can be useful but isn’t so awesome as they make it sound; especially if you live outside of the US, where all carriers suck. The iPod nano evolution is a lot more relevant than the iPhone one.

      • The iPod nano is evolving into a Nokia Lumia and that is interesting ;]

      • I don’t know if you remember this but the iPod Nano was taller.. 1 gen.. 2gen… 4 gen..? and the 6gen (the square) has exacly the same design of this new one.

        And if you cut the Nokia Lumia in half you can see the iPod Nano 6th gen.. so yes… we can see pretty easily who got inspiration from whom… I remember seeing a old image that someone did about that, when the Nokia came out.. If I found that image, i’ll post here.

      • I guess I am bitter towards the new Nano. I loved the fact that you could wear the last two as a watch. While not a smart watch, it was still pretty damn cool thing to have. Nano is supposed to mean small, so doubling the size seems to be a strange thing to do.

      • I can agree with you, this is not the most beautiful nano out there. I own the 6th gen and I love it…

        And this UI with circular icons is ugly. But since I didn’t saw it yet on my hands…I’ll wait a little bit to make a better judgement.

      • It’s weird when we agree on something 😀

        I am not sold yet on the round icons yet either. Time well tell. I think I will still prefer the small square Nano with a watch band. Anything bigger and I would just go for an iPod Touch. I know they need something price wise in between the Shuffle and the iPod Touch, but if I was in the market for a new music player, I would just save up a bit and get the iPod Touch over the new Nano.

        I wish Apple would come out with a smart watch like what Sony has done with Android where you can see who is calling and answer the call and send it to either phone or bluetooth, see your text messages without having to pull out your phone and so on. All of the good smart watches seem to be Android only and the ones that are cross platform don’t look as cool.

      • Pedro N

        Lol, you’re right

      • if you put 4s camera into 5, it will stick out, lol

      • Pedro N

        Yes the camera is thinner, so is the phone, the size of the camera can’t be an argument since it doesn’t change anything

    • Martin

      Well that’s pointless. Sure you’re saving $100 but do you really want to be stuck with the 4S for 2 years knowing there’s a faster bigger one out? You might as well get just stick with the 4.

      • Pedro N

        The 4S has almost the same stuff as the 5, saving 100 bucks can make quite a difference, not to mention the costs of monthly payments wich will -I’m sure- be higher that the 4S’s at my carrier. And yes, I’d rather stay with the 4S since the 4 is becoming noticeably sluggish, and wait for the 6th -and not the 5S- if there will be one, that way I’m sure to really feel the upgrade I made

      • Martin

        I get what you’re saying but I personally couldn’t get an iPhone knowing there’s a newer one out lol to each their own I guess. As long as you’re happy.

    • There’s no much more room for innovation. Almost every phone now are more powerful than they need. The challenges for this new iPhone was make him bigger, lighter and thinner, without compromising the speed, battery and the camera quality. So they even did better.. the camera is not the same, it only has the same MP. The chip is not the same, it has now Quad-core GPU wich give us better games closer to console graphics. It has less nanometers, so it needs less energy to process, wich gives us a extra battery life. And many other things are improved. Take a look at the competition… same thing is happening to them. The room for innovation are getting smaller. We are living now the time of “improvements”.

      • Pedro N

        The camera is still the iSight 8MP camera, only low light snapshots look better. And yes, I know there isn’t much more room for innovation, and with Apple suing others it clearly demonstrates that with phones being basically equal in power, the only way to stay on top might be design. Better battery is still to be proven, we remember the iPhone 4 battery problems. The A6 chip isn’t necessary unless you want to look at 3D maps, wich is more like a gadget than a useful thing, i guess

      • They took a lot of innovation from Android though ;] iOS 6 once again is great features from Cydia and Android.

        I stood in line for the 3GS, the 4 and the 4S… but prior to the 5’s official unveiling yesterday, I had already made up my mind that I wouldn’t be getting a 5. Yesterday solidified my disappointment on the 5. The upgrades seemed very minor to me. Sure I would like faster speed than what I have on my 4S, but do I really and truly need that faster speed? I am glad they are almost at 16:9 resolution, but I don’t understand why they didn’t try to move up to 720. They are so close…

        I think it’s an awesome looking phone, but there’s no single feature that makes me feel like I really NEED it.

        To me, the only real innovation was them scaling down the internals to make it thinner… but when you are stretching it out a bit, you also can spread out the board more in that extra space. I have no doubt that it will sell millions in the first few days and Apple will do great. It’s just this one isn’t for me. I will hold off until more things support the new lightning ports. Right now, I have so many things that use the 30 pin connector, I don’t want to have to use the adapter on everything, especially at $30 a pop.

      • I like this new Phone 5 (and I think he should be a little bit wider too) but if I had the chance to get one, without losing extra money… I wouldn’t think twice and the great thing of having a iPhone is that we can always sell the “old one” at a great price.

        But my rule is simple. Changing the iPhone.. only every 2 years. There’s no need to change a iPhone every year. Well… there’s no need to change, at all a SMARTPHONE every year.

        I own a iPhone 4S, my girlfriend a iPhone 4 (my previous iPhone was the 3G) and both work great, fast and smooth, with all the great apps that we need… I mean, the OS its really important and should have nice features, but at the end of the day, Apps are the things that really matter and iOS still have the best ecosystem out there.

        But my honest opinion is that since the first iPhone (2007) I really thing that people in general are getting crazy about smartphones… and sometime wasting money when they don’t need to. Doesn’t matter if it’s a iPhone, a Galaxy, a Sony or HTC… people are really getting crazy about this “social pressure” of having the latest version available from the brand that they follow.

      • Circumstances lead me to do the upgrades on a yearly basis. I got the 3GS when my wife was still using a flip phone. She kept saying she didn’t need anything that fancy. After a year with the 3GS, she changed her mind, so when the 4 came out, I decided I would get it and give her the 3GS. That worked out great for almost a year, but she dropped the 3GS and shattered the screen. I replaced it, but every now and then the backlight would go out. So we decided that we would do another upgrade and get the 4S and swap down again… but when the 4S got closer to launch, she decided that I should be the one to keep the 4 and she get the 4S. I thought this cannot be 😀

        So we eventually decided to both get a 4S and I sold my 4 to a buddy at work and all is well. We are both happy with the 4S, but I want to do more with mine, so that’s why I jailbroke it. That’s what got me into wanting something Android. Right now I love my Galaxy Note Tablet, but I miss Garage Band on it… so I think that will satisfy my Android fascination for the time being. I am curios to see what the next Nexus and Galaxy S(4) phone will bring to the table. If I do go that route, I will keep my 4S because I love my camera apps on that thing and I don’t want to give those up.

  • pegger1

    I have no doubt the video is real. But I’m sure some would have known it wasn’t the iPhone5. I’d like to know the ratio.
    I’m sure you could have handed a calculator to some people and they would believe it was the new iPhone.

  • Martin

    Wow, people are so stupid. Especially the guy who claimed he already owned an iPhone 4S. What’s sad is that they might know it’s the same phone but because they’re in front of a camera, they have to agree with whatever the person holding the camera says. Fake or not, people (nerds excluded) are stupid. I personally would have said, “This is the 4S, nice try” then put my sunglasses back on, and walked away.

    • Not being a nerd, doesn’t make people stupid… You got a feeling you’re better than common folk because you are nerdy?

      • Martin

        I do actually. And I’m sure others do as well even if they won’t admit it. If you compare an average person (someone who isn’t nerdy) to a nerd (someone who is computer knowledgeable, or overall knowledgeable in electronics, not to be confused with geeks where science fiction is their lives) you’ll see the nerds will outsmart the average Joe. Why? Because we are smarter. Of course I, and other nerds should feel better than average people. We earned it. Now I know people can be smart in different things, things that nerds probably aren’t good at, but in this situation, in this context, we are better. Which is what I was trying to get across, since this is a technology website.

  • Nesar Alom


  • Funny how it actually was an iPhone 4, not the 4S. It had the antenna break next to the headphone jack.. 😉 (4S has one at the ring/silent toggle and one across at same height)

  • The Phone they are showing the people is actually an iPhone 4 😀
    u can tell by the antenna 😉

  • I upgrade my phone for better performance and how I feel is important for me. Not to show off every Tom and Dick in the road that I have upgraded . Who cares what others think about what phone I use . Try something better

  • Hahaha, this is gold.

  • Buy A Samsung Galaxy S3 People… You know you want to!

    Your Sincerely,
    Previous owner of 5 iPhones

    • Outhig

      I had the 3G, 3GS and 4, and I agree, this is way behind the competition, as was the 4S. I didn’t really want to switch as iOS had the best UI and apps, but they really are slacking now.

    • Skem

      I switched from an iPhone 4S to a S3 and it’s like what people always say, there are a lot of better choices out there. Do not think the iPhone is always dominating.

      • well, If I ever switched I would miss CYDIA. Btw, I had android some time ago, and it was just annoying to use it.

        Android works well overall, but it does not have good finishing in details for OS that matter so much in Apple products.

  • Guest

    I dont whan to live on this planet anymore.

  • Skem

    Foxconn CEO: “New iPhone will put Galaxy S III to shame”


    • Better materials? Check
      Better finishing? Check
      Better Specs? Check
      Better OS? Check
      Better Battery Life? Check
      Bettter Display? Check
      Better Camera Quality? Check
      Thinner? Check
      Better CPU/GPU? Check

      Where’s the joke? 🙂

      • Skem

        Lies….. Lies everywhere. Get your facts right at least or you must be like the public, falling prey to apple’s marketing schemes.

      • Come one.. do it better… Point all the lies..

      • Skem

        I don’t really need to. This has been debated since yesterday. Google it, cnet, gsmarena, engadget. Why don’t you compare that there instead of this nest filled with sheep?

      • lol.. I help you.

        Apple A6 (Cortex A15) > Cortex A9
        Retina Display Image/Color Quality > AMOLED
        Steinless Steal / Aluminium > Cheap Plastic
        iSight, Better Lens, Color range, Image quality (even the 4S had a better camera than the S3)

        Performance, Stability and Apps
        iOS > Android

        Features quantity
        iOS Android

        Multiple Core optimization
        iOS > Android

        Now with only this few examples… do the math.
        Samsung devices, it’s just for kids that are careless about quality. And judging by the quality/price… the S3 is expensive. The only thing that made kids like him its because carriers subsidize galaxy phones much more than with the iPhone… in trade of crapware and permission to block updates.

        Costumer Satisfaction
        iPhone on Top, since 2007

  • twited21

    Looks like they went out and found some of the roughest red necks ever who haven’t had any form of phone unless it was stolen

    Hey maa I got me a new I thingy yup it’s a buet

  • They’re not stupid, they just don’t know,
    I wouldn’t recognize any of the Samsung galaxies cuz i’im not into it ( hate it ) .

    funny story, my boss hates apple and I got a bad day at work just because I started talking about iphone 5. damn ! shoulda known. -_-‘

  • That cracked me up :p

    • lol.. on both improvements are there.. now it only depends on how people “see” them.

  • g1ToTo

    quick question… since the iphone 5 has 5 rows, does this mean that Apple will sue every company that comes out with a phone that has 5 rows?

  • Its actually the very first iPhone 4 from AT&T 😀

  • this is iPhone 4 or 4s im sure 😛


  • David thomson

    Wow!! That does sounds like a educative concept. Anyway I got a new
    iphone but I don’t know how it work. Thanks for the post.