Apple is going to release its sixth-generation smartphone later this month, and the competition has never been tougher. Yesterday’s iPhone event capped off a two week run of handset announcements from Samsung, Nokia and Motorola.

Samsung, for its part, is on fire right now with its Galaxy S III, selling more than 20 million units in 100 days. And both Nokia’s Lumia 920 and Motorola’s RAZR HD look promising. Here’s how the iPhone 5 compares to those devices…

The folks over at Mashable have taken the time to put together the following chart, which shows how the four smartphones stack up against each other.

Obviously these are just specs, which are essentially just numbers on paper. But it’s nice to see that Apple didn’t make the new iPhone all show and no go.

  • Dual core …????? Don’t think so

    • pegger1

      I don’t think anyone’s confirmed yet how many cores or processor speed.

      • They have… If people are goinjg to post an article, they should make sure they have their information correct, because the Razr HD has a quad-core 1.75ghz with Tegra 3, and the SIII has a 1.45Ghz Quad-core with a diff. gpu…

      • Dan

        Indeed, Galaxy S3 has Exynos quad core if I’m not mistaken.

      • zahhhkinnn

        not in the US man (not yet), only over seas…

  • sackboy

    So from reading the chart, if you want the lightest phone, you get an iPhone? o.O

  • Not to start an argument, but isn’t it the 6th-generation iPhone? (Just for the sake of this article- I don’t want to start a argument!

    • sackboy

      Yes it is. Apparently Apple doesn’t know how to count.

      • pegger1

        Sackboy, Apple didn’t call it the 5th generation, the above article did. It’s the 6th gen of the phone but it’s an iPhone 5. No one ever said the numbering was correlated to the generations.

      • sackboy

        Then explain why the iPhone 4 was called the iPhone 4.

      • pegger1

        Are you serious? You really think they were naming it by model sequence? and you determined this solely based on 1 out of 6.

        1st – iPhone
        2nd – iPhone 3G
        3rd – iPhone 3GS
        4th – iPhone 4
        5th – iPhone 4S
        6th – iPhone 5

      • Lehggo

        Because Apple went from iPhone to iPhone 3g.

      • i think the reason they call it iphone 5 because it have 5 row of icon.

      • Alway 5 row now 6 row

      • Exactly…the 1st iPhone was just iPhone
        The second iPhone was iPhone 3G not iPhone 2 so that shows that they dont go by generations

      • You’re handicapped right?

      • Lol

      • Juhweetwelwie

        So that they could call the next iPhone the iPhone 4S.

      • Because the iphone 4 was the 4th gen you &^#(!

      • Mike

        This same crap is said every fall when a new phone comes out!

      • that’s right they should name their phones like Android does.

        They should of called the iPhone Mountain Lion 4GLTE PlusX

      • lol!

  • So it may be just me, but I’m not too impressed with what Apple is offering with the iPhone 5. Doesn’t seem like there are any new breakthroughs and they are just adding what everyone else already has. We got smaller screen, less resolution, less weight but big deal. Not sure how the cpu compares to the others. Apple needs to have the standard microusb like everyone else. Annoying how you can’t borrow someone else’s charger if they don’t have an iPhone. And less battery life. What do we have that is far superior to everyone else?

    • The iPhone is still great. It has an amazing camera, it’s made out of premium materials, and it’s beautiful all the way. Everyone knows Apple is taking advantage of their huge leverage over other companies. Everyone is selling products. But only a portion of the companies are actually innovating. HTC haven’t done much innovation. They’re just selling phones, with someone else’s hardware, someone else’s ideas and someone else’s OS.

      • Jack

        On a purely hardware point of view, what has apple innovated this time around? Seems like either everything is the same or inferior.

      • Bruno Grilo

        idk about innovations but let’s talk about improvements. 2x faster processor(2x faster graphics too), better battery life, better front camera(720p vídeo), ultrafast wireless (support for 5GHz wi-fi network), bigger screen. it looks life the headphones are better too.
        It sure seems like it’s the same but it’s an improvement. i was expecting more but that doesn’t make the product bad… bottom line, i have an iPhone 4 and i will trade it for an iPhone 5 (if the taller screen doesn’t bother me) but if had an iPhone 4S i probably wouldn’t trade it

      • Juhweetwelwie

        TRUE story.

      • Mike

        How about inventing their own processor chip? Not using the same one every other phone maker does. What about the voice and data chips being combined into one chip?

    • Dan

      I agree and will most likely get negative votes for saying it. I still love apple products, but I feel that the phone was a let down.

      • max

        Well said bud!

    • Juhweetwelwie

      I am glad with the 4 inch screen its big enough! That difference in resolution is not even noticeable. And that part about the cable I dont find that important in choosing my phone. I think that the iPhone 5 will be superior because of the overall feeling. And then I mean how it feels in your hand and how iOS 6 and the new apps wil take advantage of the bigger screen. Thats going to be awesome! 😀

      • I don’t like to call it a bigger screen.It need to be wider too, to call it a bigger screen.

    • iPhone having less resolution and smaller screen size doesn’t mean less quality. In fact, it’s better since it has more DPI compared to the competition.

  • Mysteroy3k

    Pick of phones is going to be more of a software selection rather than a hardware. No phones really strade away to a absolute new design, just variations from previous. They all sticking to they’re most popular phone designs, with minor changes , software changes is what I see a the major focus on all these phones

  • No Whammy

    All of the Galaxy S III’s are $199? Awesome!

    • Mac_Guy

      with a contract of course

      • Dan

        I got mine for free with Rogers. A lot of the cellphone providers have promotions at the moment.

  • Looking at the comparisons it looks like its 3 vs 1 lol

  • Think Different, build the same sh* as the others.

  • Looks like the Nokia is the better device!

    • Funny

    • Why these nokia shitheads keeps trolling on this blog!!!

    • macboy74

      Yes it may be for you. Check above and below for people who think different.

  • I’m pretty sure that the US Version Droid Razr HD is running a Quad-core 1.7ghz processor, my unlce works for Moto… and my grandfather just got the US VZW SIII and all the tests I’ve ran show that a 1.45ghz Quad-core…. just staying

    • pegger1

      Can you point us to something that backs that up? Because everywhere I look the Razr HD is said to have a 2 core 1.5 ghz.

  • They can have all of that… But If u don’t have an iPhone… U don’t have an iPhone. 🙂

  • It has everything I wanted. So I’ll b happy. I don’t care about those phones with their giant screens and removable storage. I like apple and the iPhone. It’s 4G has a bigger screen and still fits comfortably n my hand and it’s light. And its sexy. That’s all I wanted. But most importantly it has the stamp of approval on the back and runs the best iOS of all phones. Is it purfect?… No. Will I jb it? Definately. It’s all personal Prefference.

  • Iphone 5 Great device Love my iphone 4. Disappoint but missing bunch feature from 4s now 5. Gona wait what else they coming in the next 3 month enjoying my iPhone peace forgive my writing skill :)p

  • is no longer about specs…if thats what you want go android…most people will choose base on software, apps, and accessories.

    • Kok Hean

      Did you see its battery life?

  • seyss

    iDB used to be more careful.. A6 dual core? Who said this?

  • @dongiuj


  • The iphone can be jail-broken and that will open endless opportunities

  • Nicek1d

    iPhone can’t be compared with other brands, specs are nothing when you have ease of use and perfection. to me iPhones are a luxury phone with the best materials and craftsmanship. Sure competitors will always think they can make better products but none will ever be as cool as what Apple makes. I would never switch to android no matter what miscellany they seem to churn out.

    • Nice, thank you for that post explaining that you aimlessly buy products based on the who’s label is slapped on it without. You’re a textbook example of a mindless tool. It’s unfortunate knowing that there’s a huge number of your kind popping up all over this planet and you’re contaminating the gene pool. You’re ruining human evolution and survival of the fittest for all of us. So please go and buy your new iPhone 5 and in case you haven’t actually looked at the specs yet, it has turned out to be absolutely unspectacular in every aspect. Absolutely nothing new was brought to the table by Apple, except maybe the new charging cable and the comically-priced $29 adapter. The iPhone 5 and iOS 6 would’ve been major technical achievements IF it was released a year ago when Apple dropped that sorry sack of crap known as the 4S(ucks). So take your new phone, which was in fact obsolete before it was publically announced, hence the real reason behind Apple’s motive for their MASSIVE LEGAL ASSAULT ON ANY COMPETITORS IN THE FREE WORLD…because if you can’t win on store shelves and on the ‘market share %’ pie charts, then you could always just fall back on patent trolling by impeding innovation, progress, and freedom of choice for consumers. In the end, the consumers lose, and your lack of valid opinion and blatant ignorance is part of what fuels this anti-competitive trend and the recent trend of Apple lacking any real innovation. They are evolutionary now, not revolutionary, and it’s the people who are stupidly continuing to milk Apple’s fat cash cow over a gimmicky marketing campaign rather than demanding something REVOLUTIONARY….not something that was already beat by it’s competition before it’s public announcement. So take your obsolete new iPhone 5, open up that new Apple Maps app (it’s essentially just Google Earth, btw) and find yourself an island in the Pacific. Visit it and never come back.
      P.S. The iPhone 4 was my last Apple product. iPhone 5 was the last shot to win me over. It failed.

  • I think apples engineers were trying to make a thinner iphone4S rather than innovating a brand new iphone 5. Such a dissapointment for iphone 4S owner.