I don’t know about you, but we are pretty pumped up about the iPhone 5 here at iDB. No doubt, everyone on the team will be getting one as soon as possible.

We wish every one of our readers could get their hands on an iPhone 5 too, but we understand that for obvious reasons, that might not be possible. Don’t worry though, because your friends at iDB have got your back. With that in mind, we decided to give away an iPhone 5 to one lucky winner…

To be completely clear, we’re not giving away a physical iPhone 5, but we are giving away a $200 Apple Store gift card that you can used towards the purchase of an iPhone 5. Wondering why we’re not giving away an actual iPhone 5? It’s all about logistics! There are just too many variables entailed (such as your carrier, your contract, your location, etc…), so we thought it’d be easier to give you the cash, and let your purchase the iPhone yourself.

Now that we’ve gotten the housekeeping stuff out of the way, let’s dive into the details of this awesome giveaway.

Who can enter?

Anyone, anywhere in the world can enter. There is no age or location restriction. If you’re old enough to use a mouse and do a right click, then consider yourself eligible for this iPhone 5 giveaway.

How to enter to win?

  1. Click the Facebook “Like” button at the top or bottom of this post
  2. “Like” iDownloadBlog on Facebook
  3. Follow iDownloadBlog on Twitter
  4. Retweet this post by clicking here
  5. Leave a comment with your Twitter username, your name on Facebook, and why we should pick you as the winner

We will go through the entries and select a winner next Thursday. Don’t forget to leave your Twitter and Facebook username in the comment section so we can easily get in touch with you.

Good luck everyone!

Winner announced!

We’ve announced the winner. Thanks everyone for participating.

  • Twitter: ch1ptune
    Facebook: Martin Lauritsen (martin.lauritsen33)

    Pick me so that I can see what it feels like to win a competition 🙂

  • atul rao

    Twitter Username : @ronaldo_atul
    Facebook Username : atul.rao1@facebook.com

    I think i should be chosen because i think i am the best of the 3925 people who have commented here to get an iphone 5

  • Twitter: Andtfolk
    Facebook: tobias.andtfolk

  • Twitter: sintaks2k

    Facebook: Andrew Housley

    You should pick me so I can keep in touch with my mom witch I need to
    know at all times how she is doing from a stroke she had. its the least
    I can do since she sacrificed many years of her young life to keep me
    alive and healthy

    It would be perfect since I just gave her my I-pad so I can communicate with her easy-er.
    Alot of time she cant figure out what she needs to say to me and
    being able to show me by sending a picture would be so much easy-er to
    show/tell me

  • Twitter: @viniepats
    Facebook: Vineet Patel
    I’m huge fan of APPLE products specially iPhone, been waiting for this phone eagerly, during its launch i was busy on my iPhone searching bout the latest news about the release not worrying bout the carrier charges in the roaming…..
    Good Luck….. To all you guys….

  • Twitter: BestCydiaTweaks
    Facebook: Iulian Bozeanu

    You should pick me because i love iPhone and I also need it to start cydia tweaks development.

  • Feit student

    Twitter: ArsimAjro18
    Facebook: Arsim Ajro Well i have never had a smartphone! I cant imagine my hand with an IPHONE there!!!

  • Twitter: PrettyAWSM
    Facebook: Antti Kettunen (/AnttiKettu)

    You should choose me because I’m still rocking my trusty old 3GS and it’s starting to be a little ragged up (headphone jack doesn’t work, random respringing, gps not working… just to name a few)!
    I’ve had it since 3years now and we’ve been thru a lot! And since I’ll be moving to Austria to start my studies now, a phone that I could fully trust on would be essential! A new country, a new city and a whole new life a head of me. What better tool could I wish for than the new iPhone 5?

  • Twitter: znickeg
    Facebook: nicklas grotteblad
    You should pick me because any other choice would be foolish and cruel 🙂

  • i want to get new iphone 5 becouse never i dont have money, here – in isreal ..
    The new iphone 16GB price is 6400 shekels (1700 $).
    And you know – its full! 🙁

    My twitter : @arielhatav
    My facebook : ariel hatav

    Thank idownload blog, i love this site.

  • Twitter: StevenFR8
    Facebook: steven.j.freitas

    You should choose me because I already recommend your website to everyone I know…

  • twitter: HIiamDAVE
    facebook: Dave Lu Chiu

    You should pick me because my current phone *ahem* android *ahem* is so slow and keeps on shutting down on me :<

  • Guest

    Facebook: Gianluca Sulsenti
    Twitter: ConteSulsenti

    The Gift Card will be for me a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural.

    Cheers Guys!

  • Giuseppe

    Twitter: Giuseppe Lo Schiavo
    Facebook: Giuseppe Lo schiavo
    Surely there will be someone who needs an iphone 5 more than me but if i won this iphone 5 i will sell my iphone 4 and i’ll give the money to someone that don’t have money to eat.

  • Jobran

    Twitter: Jobranh
    Facebook: Jobran Mansour
    because i am still using my old slow 3gs and its time for an upgrade !
    Thx IDB

  • can i win!

  • Isaac Xuereb

    Twitter: IsaacXuereb
    Facebook: Isaac Xuereb

    You should pick me because iDB is the best and because I’m still using my first gen iPhone after multiple surgeries! Time for an upgrade I guess! 😉

  • edd

    Twitter: EddMata20
    Facebook: Edgar Mata

    I don’t know how you’d pick the winner and i don’t know how i’d use the apple gift card here in the Philippines (we don’t have a local apple store), but what the heck, just pick me and i’ll find a way. Been an iphone user since 3g.

  • Twitter: @p0p0t
    Facebook: Victoria Jose

    Im no teenager or a middle age worker who wants this iPhone 5 . Im A certified senior citizen and Im proud of it. Im not that techie, to tell you the Truth, I ask and seek help of my Nephew just to type this word by word which is straight from my mouth. Why would a 60 something years old want with the iPhone? Simple, the thrill, the awe, and surprised I would get when Ill get my hands on this. Out of pure curiosity I wanna know why people fall in line just to get this gadget or awaits the yearly event of apple. Granted that I get my hands on this, Im sure as the day passes I could unlock the mysteries I want to know with this phone. Who said I dont deserve this because of my age, Me too wanna be technologically updated and be called Grandma Techie!

  • Twitter: @mokaho1997
    Facebook: Jason Mok
    I am a Apple fanboy but never have an iPhone before, I really wanna an iPhone, thanks.

  • my Twitter and Facebook ,.

    Twitter: Jhovie Oronos-@jhovie_sioPAO
    Facebook: Jhovie Lagutan Oronos

    i hope that u would pick me to win this iphone 5 ,. 4 the reason that it is a big help, especially for me, because i am a student, it would be easy for me to study and also 4 my research .. THANK YOU !. 🙂

  • twitter:- karan_advocate

    facebook:- karan chawla

    Please pick me because its a great phone & i like it very much…

  • Twitter: @aaranoronha
    Facebook: Aara Noronha


  • Twitter: patchcable
    Facebook: Chris Weston

    You should pick me because i am the only apple fan amongst my samsung loving friends, i need the iP5 to wipe the smugness off their faces!

    Thanks, Chris

  • Admir Ne

    Twitter: @admir_n23
    Facebook: Admir Ne
    I am a huge Fan of youre site and a fan from day 1. I would be really thankful to receive an iPhone5 from you.
    Greets and good Job from Germany

  • Twitter: @wojo_joe
    Facebook: joseph wojtkiewicz

    You should pick me because I read your blog everyday & tell all my friends IDB is the best!!!

  • Twitter: @Mehmood_D
    Facebook: Mehmoodd (Mehmood Dukanwala)

    iDownlodblog is very helpful for apple fans

  • Why wouldn’t you gift such a lucrative and beautiful phone to a Greek-in-dept- citizen,passionate for Apple devices,who can no more buy so expensive things!

    Facebook:Alexandros Seferis

  • Twitter: crhchris
    Facebook: Christopher Robin Hernandez

    You should pick me because I’m an iphone fan and i Love to check on your website every single day 🙂

  • Twitter: Sh3ikh
    Facebook: sheikh shahed

  • Twitter: danettepat28
    Facebook: Danette Patrick Pichay

    You should pick me because I’m really good at school and I want this to be my gift for Christmas. Thank you so much iDownloadBlog. I’m your #1 fan!

  • Twitter: rjguzman
    Facebook: Roberto J Guzman

    Urgently need a new phone! Will be great help for my job!

  • Blake

    Twitter: @blakecharles7
    Facebook: Blake Anderson
    You should pick me because of how much I appreciate the work that you all do! I am so glad I stumbled upon Jeffs youtube videos because it opened me up to the world of iDB. iDB is my number one source of apple news. And by far has the best posts, and some of the best writers! I love iDB so much that I literally wrote an application so that I can see your RSS, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube all in one place. (I can prove that I made it! I posted a video on youtube.). For that reason I believe that I deserve to win this giveaway! Without it, I can’t get the new iPhone 🙁
    Thanks so much for just reading this! Even if I don’t win.

  • Twitter: pcifunetes324
    Facebook: Patrick Cifuentes

    You should pick me because I’m in my final year in college, always come to this site for iphone help, and I still have a 3Gs.

  • Twitter: GuardingADream
    Facebook: John Xiang

    I would love to have an iPhone because I never had an iPhone and only did most modding and hacking on my iPod Touch 4G. Wanted to join this giveaway so that I could have a new device to toy with. 🙂

  • You should pick me because i am the winner!!!!!

  • Shay

    Tweeter: Shkabitas
    Facebook: Shay Biton
    good luck ^^

  • Twitter: djtroycarter
    Facebook: djtroycarter

    You should pick me because I’m one of the original iphonedownloadblog followers and I need an iphone upgrade (have a 3gs :S)

  • Aubree

    Twitter: @Aubree_Allevato

    Facebook: Bree Alli

    You should pick me, not because I am the poorest or the most Mac enthused but simply because I am just ecstatic about the new features of the new iPhone 5!

    Also, I currently use my iPhone 4 for everything from work to social. I am a spinning instructor who uses my iPhone and apps to plan and teach all of my classes, a larger screen to view the workouts and my cues would be super helpful for both myself and the participants.



  • Twitter: @tacomalynette FB: Lynette Patterson
    Pick me because that would be cool!

  • Twitter: duckie1333
    Facebook: doug.harper.391
    I am an avid follower and it would be cool to watch your videos on the lastest and greatest. I have a 4S that is not up until June.

  • Twitter: MightySheldor00
    Facebook: Lucas Gantioqui (TechBoy89)

    The reason why I want to win is that, it’s been a long time that I want to have a iPhone, I haven’t yet an iPhone even do I am a Tech Blogger.

  • amir

    Twitter : amirsamadian
    Facebook : amir samadian
    im a second medical student with iphone 3g on my hand. i never could get an iphone 4 or 4s because i had to save money for my life expense and school. im not ashamed of my phone , but i wish if i could have this phone.

  • twitter: pleaseunfolowme
    facebook: IHaveNeverWonAnything

    Pretty much you should pick me because my wife is due Oct 20th and I need a new camera! And I have never won anything. Simple equation follows:

    (pregnant wife + never won anything) * new baby expenses = no money for gadgets

  • Twitter ID: imanitbhatia
    Facebook: manit bhatia

    I am a Die Hard Apple fan! You should pick me as I am from India and we get apple products late after the whole world is soaked into it!

  • iam8up

    Twitter: iam8up
    Facebook: iam8up

    You should pick me because I’ve always owned an Android, never bought an iPhone and make fun of the device every chance I get.

  • Twitter: TweakYouriPhone
    Facebook: Johnny Wilson

    You should pick me even though I already ordered my own iPhone 5, I would like to get one for my wife. We are both full time students plus I have a full time job so we rarely ever get to see each other. It would be nice to be able to talk over Facetime with her and our kids when I’m at work late at night. I miss talking to them a lot but we’re both doing everything we can to make ends meet due to the horrible year we’ve had… long story. Please choose me, we could really use this.

  • facebook.com/pobvutisal
    twitter: @pobthiti

    I should win because I’m a poor soul with no money but needs an iPhone

  • Twitter: richiepic
    Facebook: nagy.richie

    There is no good reason why to be selfish and impress you with few words to pick me. If that phone has to be mine it will be, othervise it won’t. 50-50%. But I really would like to have one as it’s very expensive here. So I add an extra 25% to the math, so now it’s 75-25%. Simple as that. :))

  • twitter: @MohammedRaufXX7
    facebook: Mohammed Rauf

    Hi……you asked for a reason to pick one person to be the winner…..the truth is there is no real reason to choose somebody to be the winner…….you decide whoever you want to be the winner……and if i have to give you a reason it would be…..you have to choose me because i know the way you’re thinking 🙂