I don’t know about you, but we are pretty pumped up about the iPhone 5 here at iDB. No doubt, everyone on the team will be getting one as soon as possible.

We wish every one of our readers could get their hands on an iPhone 5 too, but we understand that for obvious reasons, that might not be possible. Don’t worry though, because your friends at iDB have got your back. With that in mind, we decided to give away an iPhone 5 to one lucky winner…

To be completely clear, we’re not giving away a physical iPhone 5, but we are giving away a $200 Apple Store gift card that you can used towards the purchase of an iPhone 5. Wondering why we’re not giving away an actual iPhone 5? It’s all about logistics! There are just too many variables entailed (such as your carrier, your contract, your location, etc…), so we thought it’d be easier to give you the cash, and let your purchase the iPhone yourself.

Now that we’ve gotten the housekeeping stuff out of the way, let’s dive into the details of this awesome giveaway.

Who can enter?

Anyone, anywhere in the world can enter. There is no age or location restriction. If you’re old enough to use a mouse and do a right click, then consider yourself eligible for this iPhone 5 giveaway.

How to enter to win?

  1. Click the Facebook “Like” button at the top or bottom of this post
  2. “Like” iDownloadBlog on Facebook
  3. Follow iDownloadBlog on Twitter
  4. Retweet this post by clicking here
  5. Leave a comment with your Twitter username, your name on Facebook, and why we should pick you as the winner

We will go through the entries and select a winner next Thursday. Don’t forget to leave your Twitter and Facebook username in the comment section so we can easily get in touch with you.

Good luck everyone!

Winner announced!

We’ve announced the winner. Thanks everyone for participating.

  • Twitter: tolbaswagger
    Facebook: Abdulrahman Tolba

    Hey iDownloadBlog! I really hope I win because i check this site every single day. I’ve always wanted an iphone since the beginning but never had the change two. The best i ever had was to borrow my firneds ipod and thats about it. Thank you soo much for doing this giveaway. You’re the best ๐Ÿ™‚


  • Susan

    Twitter: fangbanger3
    Facebook: Susan Ortega

    My iPhone 4 is old news, & I’m def wanting to upgrade to the new phone.

  • Catalin Rus
    http://www.facebook.com/cataliin.rus @Catalin_r

    I’ve never had an iPhone or smartphone. Just iPod Touches

  • Twitter: @briandavid05
    Facebook: Brian Rodriguez

    My name is Brian Rodriguez, I’d like to choose a winner since I’m a faithful follower of iDownloadBlog, although they do not speak English I’m always on the lookout to see your videos and updated news, I want the iPhone 5 to be 100 % following in his footsteps and customize my iphone with excellent videos on youtube, Please let me be the lucky winner! Thanks for the opportunity.

  • MJ

    @MJ79 – FB: Michael W Jackson – Reason: Luck be a lady!

  • Because the iPhone in Belgium is very expensive. With the money you pay here for a 16GB you can buy the 64GB in the US. I’m a student and I’m not rich, but I’m a die hard fan of Apple and I really admire their products. I just can’t wait to get my hands on this extraordinary new device!

    Twitter: http://twitter.com/wouterds
    Facebook: http://facebook.com/wouter.de.schuyter

  • Guest

    My Twitter is @brmmr, my Facebook is Bren Miranda. I’m a huge fan of Apple, and I’d love to have the latest and greatest in iTechnology.

  • Twitter: @ArlanBouwman
    Facebook: Arlan Bouwman

    iDownloadBlog should pick me as a winner just so I can tease the rest of a family, because they will still be walking around with an outdated 3,5″ screen ;-). Cheers, from The Netherlands!

  • Twitter: @laimetajs
    FB: arturs.cekulins
    Reason: I’m going to Denmark for 5 days in October, so it would be nice to bring back home something black and with 4″ screen – Apple iPhone 5! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • @aaron_mccourt http://www.facebook.com/aaron.mccourt
    You should pick me because I’m a technoholic father of two, who wants the latest gadget, but my kids also need food, and new shoes.

  • Twitter: johnmcfest
    Facebook: Ben Palumbo

    You should pick me because my phone is outdated, and I’d just love to have one ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Twitter: @ethanbb
    Facebook: Zdeno Ethan Belko
    Why: I never won anything and I really like the new iPhone ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Guest

    Twitter: jvillones02

  • Twitter: @brmmr
    Facebook: Bren Miranda

    I’m a huge fan of Apple, and I’d love to have the latest and greatest in iTechnology.

  • Twitter : @ehababdulsalam
    Facebook : Ehab Abdul Salam Almoez
    Why should you pick me ? Because i cant afford iphone 5
    And my iphone 2g is going to die

  • Twitter: borjonudo
    Facebook: Borja Lagaron

    Hey Hey!!! Here!!!! Here!!! This is Steve Jobs soul.

    Here from the iCloud everything loosk better, i love iPhone5, but my friends from Apple don’t deliver it to here, oh fucking heaven!!! In that case i want @borjonudo this prize and he can enjoy this iPhone5 for me.

    I, God (Steve Jobs) bless you

  • Facebook: albey20
    Twitter: @albey20

    Love all about Apple but here in Costa Rica is awfuly expensive, I really want it. YO LO QUIERO!!!!

  • Twitter: @yasyar
    Facebook: Yasser Anssari

    Because IDB is one of my HOME pages on my browser

  • Facebook: h4haideralii
    Twitter: luckyhaider
    Haider Ali
    i want iphone 5 because i have an old iphone 3gs ๐Ÿ˜

  • Twitter: @jgonzalezNYC
    Facebook: Jesse Gonzalez

    You’re blog is actually one of the better Apple blogs that entertains and keeps me informed on all things Apple, developers, apps, etc. That’s why I think you should pick me =D Plus my wife and I just had my first son and it would be awesome to use the video and panoramic camera to take awesome pics of the family.

    My avatar picture is our dog, Bailey keeping an eye on his little brother.

  • @VincentZhao1
    Facebook:Vincent Zhao

    As an avid follower of iDownloadBlog, I remember back when it was still called iPhone DownloadBlog. Now that I have reached higher education, my current phone is unable to fit my current needs and it would be awesome to have a better, way more powerful smartphone so I can continue to do the things I loves. Thanks for reading, and I hope to win. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • thejohnnycakes

    @thejohnnycakes John Arndt
    I’d love a new iphone, i’ve got the 4 and i use it to snap gorgeous pics here in South Africa. I’m a community developer here…

  • well this would just be great!
    twitter: chrisw329
    facebook: Chris Winebrenner

  • please pick me
    twitter @ladyios72
    FaceBook Trang Nguyen

  • Manuel Vallellanes

    You should pick me as a winner because $200 is enough to complete a full payment on a 32gb model. Upgrading my iPhone4, plus I could really use the 8megapixel camera to keep shooting my short films.
    B.T.W Thanks for the giveaway. Win or Lose ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Stormy08

    I “like” iDownloadBlog all the time because, well, I do. I won’t follow you guys on Twitter though. Twitter’s just not my thing. Great competition though. Good luck, guys!!!

  • Aloha Sebastien…You should pick me in honor of the old Grandview Daze, and also because I am too broke to get one right now but I’m dying to have it in my hands to see how it feels and to check out first hand all the improvements iDB has been getting my psyched up about. My iphone is my lifeblood. Don’t let me die man!

    P.S: stoked to see this blog so bigtime. Right on brah!

    twitter: MauiDanP

    facebook: Dan Pyle

  • Facebook: Alvin Castronuevo
    Twitter: @alvinisawesome
    You should pick me because, I’d never had an iPhone before. I’m just a teen with an old Android phone. I am also a huge Apple Fan. I really liked this phone but I can’t purchase it because๏ปฟ I have no money. So I am looking forward to be a wiiner. Wish me luck. Good Luck Everyone! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • twitter: greggjturner
    facebook: greggjturner
    Why? Because I love the words, this is Jeff, with idb. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I would like it to be the winner of this giveaway, because i wanted to sell my iPhone 4S to buy the new iPhone 5, but i lost it 2 weeks ago -.-

    Twitter: @FURC0M
    Facebook: facebook.com/Comoglu.Furkan

  • Twitter: MA5NETO or WDLTHeaux
    Facebook: Ajibade Fashola

    Been following the page since it was iPhonedownloadblog.com I can honestly say I read everyday and its my first stop shop for any Apple news. Waiting on an Unlocked one but I doubt It will come soon. Winning this would be a miracle.. I never win anything. LOL

  • Twitter Username: @CastignoliMarco
    Name on Facebook: Marco Castignoli

    You should pick me as winner because I’m a young DEV and I’d like to upgrade my iPhone to the last generation ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Twitter: @blakecharles7
    Facebook: Blake Anderson
    You should pick me for a few reasons. First of all I am completely in love with apple products and I would be so grateful to have the new iphone 5. The second reasons is because I absolutly love iDB, Its my favorite source for tech news. And third, I love iDB so much I constructed an app so that I can view your youtube, facebook, twitter, and RSS in one place! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iN6FtxNvyUk Please pick me! I would appreciate it so much! Love you guys!

  • Guest

    Facebook: vishalponugoti (facebook.com/vishalponugoti)
    Twitter: @vishalponugoti

  • Twitter: @WhiskeyInTheJ4r
    FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/whiskey.itj

    I’m really discouraged but I groped, hoping that at least once a fortune smile at me….

  • I want to win because you make a lottery.
    Who would not like to win?

    Twitter: @JoshuaOrphir Facebook: Joshua Vou…

  • Mert Mutaf

    twitter: mertingenmutaf
    facebook: mert mutaf

    you should pick me because the screen of my iphone 4 has just cracked. and of course i love your work!

  • Twitter: Darth__JC
    Facebook: Jorge Cabral

    Hey guys! I’m one of thos guys many people have as a friend that seems to know everything about the iPhone and the iPad. I’ve been an avid follower of this blog and all things apple since I bought my first iPad 1. Ever since then, I’ve realized how much my life has changed because of these iDevices. I’ve helped most of my friends with iPhones with configurations and gave them hints on how to use them to their maximum extent, most of them obtained from this blog. And I’m always the first guy they call when they have a doubt about the iPhone or the iPad. However, even thought I do now own a “new ipad” (a gift… And being a good son I gave my iPad 1 to my mother), I have never had an iPhone! Everyone thinks it is so funny that I’m the person they know that knows the most about the iPhone and have never owned one! The iPhone is too expensive for me at the moment and it would be amazing to have one! I can’t imagine my life right now without my iPad, I do everything on it, but have to leave it at home. Having an iPhone would make it possible for me to continue this experience anywhere and I would definitely use the iPhone to its FULLEST potential!
    Thx idownloadblog!

  • Hi iDB,
    I’m Joseph. I am a huge Apple fan and love their products! Currently I am using my iPhone 3GS, I would really like the iPhone 5 because I am ready for my upgrade and the new features of the phone and what it is able to do is breathtaking!!
    -Joseph DiClementi

  • twitter brety4165
    fb bret manary
    you should pick me beacuse im old enough to use a mouse and right click

  • danijelonline

    Twitter: @danijelonline
    Facebook: Danijel Pobi

    I love iDB, i love Apple, i love iPhone. iPhone is my life…soundtrack of my life!

  • Twitter Username: @Shahab_A_K
    Facebook Name : Shahab Ali Khan

    I should win because, I’ve entered so many giveaways offered by many but didn’t win, but i have always been thankfull to god for whatever he has given me… would be glad to own the iphone 5… it is the best smartphone and winnig it in a giveaway will make my life awesome… ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Twitter: @Rivera9865
    My parents are just now letting me get a phone and i think this would be a great choice for my first phone!

    • By the way, this is my favorite site for tech news and jailbreak stuff! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • And please Sebastian or whoever can see this at iDB take a look at the app ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Twitter: @ej_ramirez
    Facebook: Erwin James Ramirez

    I hate Apple. By the way, I’m a Samsung spy. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Twitter: @Tu_urki
    Facebook: Turki AL-Farsi
    Well, you should pick me because i’m a big fan of you guys and i check your youtube channel like daily :p
    and because i have an iphone 4 which is 2 years old and has a lot of issues.
    good luck guys!

  • done…..
    facebook — Adam dan,,,๏ปฟ
    twitter — Adam22222222

  • davimount

    Twitter: @davimount
    Facebook: Davide Mantovani

    You should pick me because I’m an italian student (IT engineering), I enjoy technology and I NEVER had an iPhone :'(
    It would be very useful at school…
    Thank you : D

  • twitter: @ricardo_rplazas
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ricardo.rplazas

    You should pick me as a winner because I’m still using my old iPhone 4 which almost can’t handle any more cydia tweaks and is running slow, and I’m dying to try out the new display and touch of the metal case! And spain (where I live) is in a deep crysis so it would be great some economic help to buy it!
    Pick me!

  • @DARKmonkey2_0
    Facebook: /Joey.rain.5
    Why I should win, because I would just love to own the new iPhone 5.