Remember back in July when we told you about the new updates coming to iCloud? We went hands-on with the beta, which included new apps and other improvements.

Well this afternoon, Apple pushed the update to the public version of the iCloud web portal. So if you go to and login, you should see the new additions…

First off you’ll notice two new app icons, which are for Notes and Reminders. Now, everything you do in either of these apps will show up in their web counterparts.

You might also notice that the Find My iPhone app looks a little different. It’s been updated here as well, and will work with the new “Lost” mode coming in iOS 6.

I don’t use the iCloud website much because I have a Mac that already has these apps built-in. But for folks on Windows computers, this update may prove fairly handy.

What do you think of the iCloud update? Useful?


  • seyss

    too few updates.. I was hoping for some major iCloud updates since it has so much potential.. apple is slowww

  • Daniel

    I love the update, but the Notes font is way too hard to read! I hope they add new fonts like in the iPhone app!

    • Even the iPhone fonts weren’t all that great. One of my favorite tweaks was installing my own fonts. Helvetica is nice, but after awhile, it just seems plain and boring..Noteworthy and Marker Felt awful. Might as well have Comic Sans and Papyrus to go with them with maybe a side dish of Hobo.

  • apple cant please us all but we can appreciate the technology and staff that they innovate

  • itunes 10.7 is out!!

  • i still hoping there is a way to remotely activate location services….

  • sault

    Reminders doesn’t work with locations in the web version. 🙁

  • Kurt

    off to check it out

  • they should bring the iMessage also to the website

  • They need a desktop sync version of the Notes app…