Apple’s website is now back online with a number of updates regarding today’s announcements, including the iPhone 5 presentation video that was played during this morning’s event.

So, if you’d like to hear Apple’s executive team go over the company’s latest handset inch-by-inch, make sure to check it out. You can find it here, but we’ll be embedding it here shortly.

  • iPhone video on Apple website: unavailable to view video on iPhone…

  • Guest

    iPhone video on the Apple website : unavailable to view on iPhone…

  • Mysteroy3k


  • These guys are funny, you can see that even they don’t believe what they are saying. My favorite sentence: “It’s been completely redesigned” hahahahahahahah

    • You are stupid, yes redisigned tinner murch lighter
      Tou do not understand how engenary works? Stupid

      • NeedleFapper

        Do you not know how to spell in English, or a better question, speak English?

  • It still amazes me for a company that mocked Flash and talked out it’s ass about how great HTML5 is for video… why the hell are they still using QuickTime for their video?

    • I can’t watch an Apple video now without laughing and thinking of this…

    • Kok Hean

      Because they developed QuickTime.

      • Yes, but the whole reason they wouldn’t allow Flash on the iPhone was because they herald HTML5 video as the second coming of internet video… yet they don’t seem to be using it. So their Flash argument seems kind of pointless now since they are still relying on proprietary browser plugins.

  • Can any1 confirm if the iphone 5 uses the new nano sim cards ?

    • Outhig