Although Apple posted an iPhone 5 video earlier today touting all the incredible features of their new smartphone, the company had yet to publish the full keynote video.

The full video of the keynote is now online for your viewing pleasure. All you have to do is go to Apple’s website, sit back, and enjoy the show….

Looking the way Apple went about it in the past, it’s safe to assume that the keynote shall soon be available on iTunes and YouTube.

We’ll keep you posted!

  • wonderboydave

    did anyone post this on youtube yet? i kind of wanna watch it fullscreen..

  • AdamGustafson

    i cant even get the video to play

  • seyss
  • I think Apple made a smart decision to go with a larger screen. I know I
    switched to a larger screened android device for the main reason that
    you can get more done. You can use your phone more for emails because
    you can see more of what you type, the keyboard is bigger, so its easier
    to type, you can actually see website text with the larger screen. I
    find myself not using my ipad or notebook, and use my phone more.
    know Steve jobs probably settle on the 3.5″ screen original due to
    wanting it to not be difficult to handle, but as you get used to the
    larger phones, you realize it is more useful. Although it is more
    difficult to use, you just need to put a Flygrip case on your phone, and
    it will make using your phone with one hand a pleasure. Apple should
    put them on as OEM. I think the small tablets are useless, go with a
    bigger iphone and a desktop. Thats all you need

  • Anyone else notice Al Gore sitting in the audience? LOL. I was like ‘wait a minute’! It’s right after the demo of Real Racing when they pan to the audience. He leans back to say something to the person behind him.

    Also, to watch in full screen you need to use Safari. At least on Mac.

  • Liu Zhenyu

    I prefer Steve Jobs’ keynotes, they are more engaging, creative and boasts appropriate humour.