As expected, iTunes has been completely overhauled, and the changes look to be significant.

Taking obvious cues from the mobile space, albums open on the same screen, similar to folders on iOS. Along with the obvious visual differences comes new inline searching, and a mini player, which is sure to enthuse minimalists.

The new iTunes is simplified, integrated with iCloud, features a redesigned iTunes store, mini player, and a new featured called Up Next.

Up Next allows you to more efficiently view, and change the order of upcoming tracks.

The new iTunes is scheduled to drop in October of this year. What do you think?

  • Looks so Cocoa-Y

  • lancer

    what abt windows version any changes??

  • OH god when is this coming out?!

  • hi jeff..i need your people help…i have an iphone 4s running ios5.1.1…some days ago my location services stopped working …even on native ios apps like maps and all.i tried restoring it to 5.1.1 but still same problem…any help from anyone will be appreciated plzzzz….plzzz help me

  • The only thing I care about is how syncing with my devices will be improved.

  • I hope they will finally work out the kinks that iTunes has on Windows. Such an unreliable piece of crap at this moment.