To help you easily identify the differences, we’ve created a graphical comparison of the iPhone 5 vs iPhone 4S, taken from Apple’s spec page.

How does the iPhone 4S match up to its new, taller, big brother? Take a look at our comparison image inside…

Click the image below to load the full resolution version.

How do you think the iPhone 4S stacks up to the new iPhone 5?

  • for god’s sake, no NFC! Seriously Apple?

    • How many places can you use NFC now seriously. If iPhone had NFC people would complain its unnecessary feature just like they called Siri . Bottomline is people are going to complain no matter what Apple does . Love em or Hate n but you cant avoid them

      • MagicDrumSticks


  • I was hoping for nfc.

    • Certainly NFC would be nice to have in their feature list but in reality few people are regular users.

      • maurid

        I don’t mean to be rude, BUT WILL YOU PLEASE SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY?!

  • alex card

    Sounds a bit underwhelming to me.

    • That’s what SHE said!

      That joke is beautiful.

      • maurid

        It’s beautiful, yes. Not new, but beautiful. But please tell me, what’s revolutionary about it?

      • Revolutionary… no. What is everyone expecting? We all know that Apple trickles features and upgrades to keep us marginally satisfied but ultimately wanting more. What they release is solid, but the hype of Apple products makes us wish for the moon and purchase whatever they fling at us anyways. I’m not complaining… I know what Apple is all about… But this iPhone is exactly what we all expected a hefty bump from the 4S, but nothing mind blowing. There really isnt that much that Apple can pull out of their sleeves except hardware upgrades. What about other companies? they do the same thing – hardware upgrades.

  • Don’t care about NFC it’s amazing

  • i think its time for iDB to change the iphone model on the very bottom of the website.

  • In a nutshell, same jazz, different package. New one has LTE, better battery, HD FaceTime camera, longer display, and a new connector.
    Even the 4S was a bigger update. (Hyperbole.) :/

    • This is how they make $… not news -.-;

  • Billy Shank

    Honestly,for having such a long time to work on it, I’m pretty darn disappointed. It’ll still sell like crazy though.

    • Bea

      I like it we need a new iPhone so this is great, we’ll have the 4S still and a 3GS off contract that is only $25 a month unlimited talk/text for one of the kids one has an Android and is still PO’d that they don’t have ICS yet and we have a Windows phone that I’m hoping to upgrade to the new Nokia for that child, oops teen, whatever 7 in our home = a fleet of phones, no one insults another over which they pick for the OS

  • Its like a fine car like BMW or Mercedes. They don’t have a revolution every year. They refine on top of a world class pedigree. That’s what Apple has done here.

  • Lisa

    Such a joke I actually saved money ready to spend but defo know I’m not getting a new fone from apple! And 25 squid for a adapter as you changed port size u cannot be serious!

  • Fuck you guys I love it and I am getting one.

  • Carlos DeJesus

    SO we all want to know….when will ios 6 on iphone 5 jailbroken!?

  • mariotech

    Is it a quadcore?

  • mariotech

    I thought is was going to be better but im disappointed. This time again

  • Altechi

    Looks good, what I am more surprised is that the looks are similar to the ones shown on some of the rumors. E. G. Headphone jack on the bottom, two tone design. Usually they are way off

  • fuckyou

    This update makes me want to fart.

  • I want more info. What is the RAM? Is the A6 a quad core processor? If so, what are the specs? If not… what are the specs? The battery life seems to be marginally better than the 4S, which isn’t saying much. My 4S will die so quickly its ridiculous!! I get like 6-9 hours of iPod/Music time with my device – thats with everything else shut off. I would like to be able to listen to music, surf the web, have 3G or LTE on, turn on push notifications, and wifi enabled and get through the day. Basically, I want to be able to power use my phone for 10 hours, not barely use my phone for 10 hours.

    Hopefully Apple will pull through with at least another marginally improved battery next year – my contract is up for an upgrade then.


  • trakstarz

    Galaxy S3 : i’m coming.

  • Mysteroy3k

    I’ve made iPhone my hobby on finding ways to complete tasks without jailbreak, and so far I’ve been winning. So far I’ve been away from my computer for months at a time cause I’ve learned to download movies (pirated too) , music (also pirated),create and edit documents , play flash, use plug-in,play videos on youtube and have it play in background like a radio, even download youtube vids, all WITHOUT jailbreaking. So going to another phone isn’t attractive to me

    • the iphone already do everything that the other phones do, we just need to spend a little time, I was laughing with that ad from samsung about transfering pics from one galaxy to another… we have “bump” for iphone for like 3 years and it is more fun than the way samsung does