We’ve already brought you a truck load of coverage from today’s iPhone 5 event, so how about a concise wrap-up of the iPhone 5’s hardware features as a night cap?

What do you think? Are you satisfied with Apple’s hardware offerings for the iPhone 5?

  • I think… How much RAM is this new iPhone going to have?

  • i was bitching about the design for a while, but the features presented at todays event made me change my mind completely. this phone looks SICK

    • Happens every year lol. People were bitching about the 4S being just like the iPhone 4 but with Siri and after a month or two everyone was like well the iPhone 4S is awesome lol. Just wait till people actually get to try it at an Apple store, then they’ll really get to see the difference.

  • Great new effects in video. More of that please!

  • seyss

    Here’s what I gathered:

    iPhone 5 New Features
    New and lighter design
    A6 chip
    4″ screen
    Ultrafast Wireless
    Better speaker
    3 microphones
    EarPods headphones
    FacetimeHD front camera
    Lightning reversible connector
    Better iSight camera

    Ultrafast Wireless
    4G LTE
    Dual-band 802.11n

    Better iSight camera
    Faster photo capture
    Better dark photos
    Better noise reduction
    Better video stabilization
    Photo shoot while recording
    Face detection for video
    Sapphire lens protection

    • pigsy101

      ^ covering something like this would have been nice.

      • why dont you just watch the keynote?

    • daniel NAVALTA

      no siri?

      • That’s more on the software side, this was a hardware overview.

      • Jeff, do you have the answer to my question?

    • If iPhone 5 has “Sapphire lens protection”, what does iPhone 4s have?? no one can tell me that as a sure answer… 🙁

    • thanks………….

  • seyss

    Im falling asleep while watching your vindjdondd….. Shhhh

    • J M

      Seriously, Jeff’s voice with that music was almost a lullaby, not in a bad way. Just it’s a calm, soothing voice, like those meditation tapes that say “Now, picture yourself in front of a beautiful green field…”

  • 1337lolzorz

    Quad core?

  • PeterMcPumpkin

    My Galaxy Note 2 will eat this for lunch…! Ommmm nom nom *burp*

    • macboy74

      We care why? The iPhone is a phone not a tablet.

      • javierE186

        Correction my good sir it is a phablet, mmmkay!!

  • pigsy101

    OMG!! …. ROFL!!! Jeff asks at the end what do you think? Well I think Jeff is trying to get a new gig at Apple coz geez, even for a fanboy that was seriously too doting …OR … Jeff was holding an iP5 in one hand and having happy trouser snake time in the other.

    • javierE186

      Not trying to rain on your parade but you comment wasn’t as funny as what you think it is. Actually it’s not funny at all. Trust me, I laugh at almost anything.

      • pigsy101

        Gawd now I’m laughing even harder. And yes I trust you.

      • I agree, not funny….at all.

  • meh


  • This site has so many TROLLS.

    • Mysteroy3k

      Them trolls are everywhere , everytime apple is mentioned. A full time troll with no pay

  • I’m loving the iPhone 5 but F@*+K AT&T !!!

  • Eldaria

    Well i’m certainly considering this over my 3GS, it is a nice phone. only thing i’m a bit disappointed about is the lack of NFC, I had really hoped they would include this. Let’s see how fast it get’s Jailbroken.

  • This device is almost exactly the same as the 4s exempt for lte and the a6 chip

    • Except for the better cameras, improved speakers and microphones, ultrafast wireless, and a lot of other stuff you didn’t mention… but yeah, almost exactly the same -___-

  • Dan

    Maybe I’m the only one, but I wasn’t impressed. I called Rogers and I’m upgrading to Galaxy S3. I’ll be getting what I want, better voice recognition, larger screen and more memory. Maybe the next iPhone will bring me back, but like the New iPad, I saw no reason to upgrade my product.

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    Gonna get The SGSIII over the iPhone 5…I was seriously underwhelmed by yesterday’s announcement

  • Love Jeff’s gentel voice

  • Gorflin

    I too am underwhelmed, I think I will stick with my 4S. I can’t see the point of just elongating the screen, when you get to my age (60) a bigger screen would have been nicer to see. The only thing you can do with a longer screen is fit more icons on and watch wide screen movies but I use my iPad (1) for watching movies and tv.
    Apple Fan Boy (Old Git) Apple TV, iMac , iPad (1) iPhone 4S

  • clyde frog

    IPhone 4 was an eye candy. This isn’t, but its worth the upgrade from an iPhone 4.