As expected, the iPhone 5 will be mated with a new A6 processor featuring 2X faster CPU and 2x graphics, when compared to the A5 processor featured in the iPhone 4S.

On top of the performance increases, the processor 22% smaller for more energy efficiency.

What are some of the real world results? Pages launches over 2X faster and Keynote over 1.5X faster.

  • Great!

  • Great job apple

  • Any mention on RAM being increased?

    • I was wondering the same

  • george smit

    the new lg optimus g kicks iphone,s 5 ass

    • this is true. an arm cortex a15 s4 quad core with 2gig ram and an adreno 320gpu as well as an amazing 4.7” ips super lcd 2 display found in the one x from HTC. But that’s the guts of it. If it works in harmony with the software on the other hand is a different story, Key word optimization. Lets hope LG does this correctly so they can slam apple and at the same time put their selves back on the map.

      • darkghost568

        Let’s hope us customers get better options to choose from rather than companies slamming each other.