Who would believe that Apple’s own website could be such a great source of information when it comes to finding out what we can expect from today’s event?

As if there were any doubts that the new iPhone will indeed be called the “iPhone 5“, a quick search on Apple’s website gives us the confirmation we need…

Unfortunately, the links return a 404 error for the time being but it’s safe to say that those pages will be live by the end of today’s event.

But it doesn’t stop here. If you search for “LTE”, you’ll also be served a link to this page, which isn’t live either for the moment. A search for “iTunes 11” and “new iPod touch” returns similar results as well.

Soon this won’t matter anymore as we’ll have the news told directly from Tim Cook. Stay tuned, we’ll be covering the event to the word!

[via 9to5mac]

  • WHY APPLE. I hate Apple now. Where’s all hiding and stuff which was here 1-3 years ago? CMON!

  • cant wait 🙂

  • Does the event start at 6pm UK time?

    • alexanderlyd

      yeah can anyone tell us?

      • TimonOlsthoorn

        It starts on 18:00 PM in UK 🙂

      • lol, don’t need to add PM in 24 hours time.

    • Will start at 10:00am PST / 1:00pm EST
      So should be in next ~2 hours.

    • It starts after 2 hours from now..
      Hope that helps..

      • It should begin at 18:00 UK.
        They usually start at that time.

  • Milad Khahil

    Let’s hope Samsung won’t sue apple for the LTE ….

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    doubling down on secrecy…

  • Getting really excited now… I need the new iPhone so bad, I dropped my 4S and shattered the back in a million pieces. Haven’t really bothered repairing it, as I will be exchanging it for the iPhone 5.

    All I hope for is that it will look like the mockups, with the aluminium and the glass at the top and bottom.

  • This doesn’t make any sense to me. Nothing about this iPhone screams number 5 to me. It’s the sixth generation, with iOS 6 and possibly an A6 SOC. They’re gonna have to change the naming scheme one day, because I don’t see myself using the brand new iPhone 23 with all new magical design, 9G LTE and a built in cookie maker.

    • DJ

      How is it 6g? Due to the fact that the phone is 5 years old.

      • iPhone
        iPhone 3G
        iPhone 3GS
        iPhone 4
        iPhone 4S
        iPhone 5

        There, six iPhones, the i5 being number 6, making it sixth gen.

      • Not this argument again.
        2007. First iPhone, Original. 0 years old.
        2008. Second iPhone, 3G. First birthday.
        2009. Third iPhone, 3GS. 2 years old.
        2010. Fourth iPhone, 4. Third birthday.
        2011. Fifth iPhone, 4S. 4 years old.
        2012. Sixth iPhone, “5”. Fifth birthday.
        I never saw an Apple product named after the birthday number. But seeing all these rumors, this may be the first one…

  • Could that result be of Community comments in apple’s site???

  • inc188

    is there a way to watch the keynote live?

    • There are show’s on Ucast which is more like a talks how but covers the event live. Best we’ll come to seeing it live

  • would this be available on the apple’s podcast app and if so how long after the event would it be put on there ?

  • Apple is trolling everyone. I still think they WILL NOT call it the iPhone 5. Makes 0 sense.

  • How long is it to the keynote?