Remember back in August when it was discovered that the stock YouTube app was not going to be included in iOS 6? Apple said that its license to include the app in iOS had ended, and Google was working on a standalone app to replace it.

Well, that app just went live in the App Store…

The new YouTube app is everything you would expect it to be. It opens to a page with trending videos, and you have the ability to search for clips, browse them by category, access your account, and more. Here’s an excerpt from the release notes:

“The new app is built by YouTube engineers, to give our iPhone and iPod touch users the best mobile experience. Here’s what you’ll find:

Tens of thousands more videos: Watch official music videos like Taylor’s latest hit.

New YouTube channel guide: Swipe your finger from the left edge of the screen to reveal a guide with your subscribed channels on YouTube, giving you instant access to everything from Alli Sports to YOMYOMF.

Find awesome videos faster: Get to videos like “Gangnam Style” faster with new search tools that give suggestions while you type, and let you sort through videos or channels. Flip through related videos, comments and more info, all while watching a video.

More ways to share with the people you love: Share that incredible video you found on YouTube on Google+, Facebook or text message in the app, as well as from Twitter and email.”

After playing with the app for a short while, I have to admit, it’s good. It’s definitely better than the stock app was that was previously built-in to iOS. Picture the smooth animations and sharp graphics you see in the Google+ app — that’s what this is like.

And on top of that, it’s more functional. You know that error message you see sometimes that reads something like “Sorry, this content not available on mobile.” That’s because the stock iOS app doesn’t show ads. This one does, unlocking thousands of videos.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be an iPad app yet. But the word is that one is in the works. You can however, still download the new YouTube app for your iPhone or iPod touch from the App Store, for free. Just make sure you’re subscribed to our channel.

So, what do you think of the new YouTube app?

  • Ehh. I like ProTube Better.

  • No iPad version yet… So bad:(

  • Kok Hean

    I’m the rare ones who still prefers the old one simply because a tweak supports downloading in it 😛

  • Jonathan

    Omg I love it (:

  • Definitely a fan of this new app. So fluid. Perfect.

    • No more Obama

      haha fanboys gave you thumbs down for liking the youtube app. pathetic little people on this site. anyway, the app is great, and looks beautiful

  • I can’t seem to fin it on the uk app store

    • Me neither, i’m guessing it’ll show up soon. Looking forward to trying it!

    • christodouluke

      I couldn’t find it by searching but the link in this article worked for me

  • No more Obama

    its great, me likes. this app is hundreds of times better. it reminds me of webOS in the look and feel. quite cool

  • It’s brilliant.

  • No more Obama

    awesome app, i wish they came out with this app years ago.


      • OBAMA OBAMA OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        obama won’t be reelected. he replaced carter as the worst US president. Demon-crats have controlled the house and senate the past 8 years with a super majority for some of those years and have screwed things up so bad. yet they still don’t take responsibility for anything.

  • I dislike how it ‘borrows’ the interface of Facebook.

    • Eric Morgan

      It actually borrows from google + app which is what the Facebook update borrowed from.

      • I’m pretty sure Facebook had the same sidebar before the recent update and even before google+ even had an app, but I could be wrong.

    • Well, that “slide to show the menu” it’s actually called “ZUUIRevealController” where a lot of Apps nowadays use it.

    • No more Obama

      it originated in webOS

  • Xew

    It has ads that must mean it’s better, no?

  • Video’s don’t play at the background 🙁

  • Ok now we need ProTube for native yotube app and it is perfect 😉

  • hagerci

    Can’t wait the ‘native Maps’ app. 😉 🙂

  • OMG, love this app, lot better than old stock app

  • rkaede

    its the same with the android version. somehow smoother

  • WOOOOOW YESSSS FINALLY!!!! Thanks Google and Apple!!!! :)))))

  • Just installed it. But I still prefer the web app 😀

  • sasan akbari

    I can’t find it in app store.

    • @dongiuj

      Use the link above.

  • What no HD.? Rubbish.!

    • No more Obama

      my videos are in HD

  • @dongiuj

    That’s strange, when I use you link I can get the app. But if I type “youtube” on the search in the appstore it doesn’t show up anywhere.
    Cheers for the link!

    • That Apple funny way of saying FU Google we don’t like you we just deal with you. Still can’t wait for iPad version

  • Oh my Jesus. Thank you for posting this. I’m so damn tired of that damn stock pp I can’t see straight.

  • Al

    It didn’t take Google long to release the app..Thumbs Up! But I use FoxTube for now, its been cool for me…

  • Omg airplay does not work 🙁

    • I just noticed that too. What a fail… Back to web app

  • How I wish that the Facebook app was like this…

  • Google must update this app, because airplay doesnt work properly.

  • It’s just protube with out downloading lol

  • SimonReidy

    It’s a great app. Being native (rather han just a web wrapper) makes it so much faster to load, and more fluid than using the mobile YouTube site. Only minor gripes are I wish it had access to the camera roll and supported uploading, and also AirPlay isn’t working properly (maybe something to do with the custom graphics overlay on the video?).

    However given the app is only version 1, I’m sure we’ll see many improvements from Google (unlike Apple who have left their native YouTube app unchanged since 2007!)

    The only other thing that sucks about losing the old app is no more inbuilt redirection of YouTube URLs to the YouTube app any more. Although, just like the ‘Open in ProTube’ tweak, I’m sure we’ll see a similar tweak developed to redirect to this.

  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    I own an iPhone 4S & iPad 3. Google isn’t has bad has Apple makes it seem. Love the fact that the YouTube App is gone. Will finally get good / real updates. Can’t wait for Google Maps. The more Apple fights Google the more Popular Google’s iDevice Apps becomes. This is just Apples funny way of saying FU Google we don’t like you we just deal with you. Still can’t wait for iPad version and wish the fighting would end us has a customer of either company.

  • TheYuusha

    Plays videos like shit, even on Wi-Fi… Do not download it -_-