Good news for all of you folks hoping to soak up some last minute rumors before tomorrow’s event. We’ve come across some new details regarding Apple’s expected announcements.

First off, among the many changes Apple is figured to introduce in the new iPhone, is a new, smaller 9-pin dock connector. And apparently, that connector has a name: Lightning…

9to5Mac just posted a couple of interesting tidbits it has learned about the new dock connector, new headphones, and new iPod touch accessories ahead of tomorrow’s big iPhone event.

“According to our sources, Apple’s new, smaller 9-pin dock connector is dubbed “Lightning” internally. As of this evening, we believe that this name will extend to the new connector’s marketing name.”

As the site points out, the name makes sense, especially if the new cable syncs data faster than its predecessor (possibly USB 3.0?). And it will also go nicely with Apple’s Thunderbolt port.

In addition, 9t05Mac’s sources confirmed that Apple will be unveiling new headphones tomorrow, in line with recent rumors. They’ll be called Earpods, apparently, and feature an improved design and acoustics, and retail for the same price as the current set, $30.

Finally, the site is wagering we’ll see a new ‘Loop’ iPod touch accessory tomorrow. Reportedly, it’s unique, will come in several different colors, and should retail for around $10. Interesting.

Of course, nothing is official until it hits the stage tomorrow. So be sure to tune in to iDB for full event coverage and commentary. And in the mean time, read our iPhone 5 rumor roundup.

So, what do you think of Lightning?

  • JerseyD

    Did you see the news about iOS 6 including a SBsettings like feature called mission control?

    • jess_mcfadden

      where did you see it ?

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      • Liu Zhenyu

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      • The irony of iSheep calling Fandroids losers.

        I like both iOS and Android. Both have their pros and cons. Why is that so hard to accept? Face it, there are some things Android does better… and Fandroids, face it, there are things iOS does better. Both are awesome… leave it at that.

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    • Doesn’t matter how they look… it matters how they feel and how they sound. If they don’t fit good in your ear, you aren’t going to use them. If they sound like ass, you aren’t going to use them. So looks are the last thing I care about when it comes to earbuds. For the money, you can’t beat the NuForce NE-770X. I have a set of those and the NE-700x and they sound phenomenal. They are super comfortable and they don’t look bad either. Sound + comfort first…

      But hey, if you think it will make you look cool and the envy of hipsters all around, then go for it.

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      • by moxy, do you mean a stuck CAPS LOCK key? ;]

  • How Apple sees this, let’s put new connectors for headphones and power so we earn more cash when peoples need to buy them separate

  • Muhammad Azhar Ibrahim

    why the people wasting their time to concepts why so impatiens, where they will go if their predictions stands wrong this evening.

    • rafaelpz

      If I am not mistaken, I remember seeing some people being hired by Apple and other companies who liked their concepts. That could be a good reason.

  • ReanimationXP

    Really? Nobody? I’ll bite. Thunderbolt and Lightning?

    I wondered if this cable would bring Thunderbolt connectivity and this seems to allude that it will. Would explain the fatass connector on the end – probably containing a thunderbolt chip. Thunderbolt also provides 10w of power which would charge twice as fast as USB3.

    Nobody else thinks so? I thought this would be an obvious move /before/ hearing this name.