You have to feel for Samsung, it’s had a rough month. First, it was found guilty of being a blatant copycat and forced to pay more than a billion dollars in damages. And then, its manufacturing arm took a business hit.

But then you hear stories like this, and all of that empathy turns into…well, something else. It appears that, like everyone else, Samsung is gearing up for the iPhone 5 launch, with a new anti-Apple TV commercial…

The Verge has posted photos of a new Samsung commercial shoot taking place in Los Angeles, and explains:

“Samsung has once again set up a fake Apple store, replete with iOS devices, Macs, and even faked information signage. There are also cardboard cut-outs of smiling, fake Apple Geniuses wearing the exact same type of green shirt as in previous Samsung commercials. There are also faked app icons floating in the window, which match up with earlier Samsung commercials.”

Given that last year’s anti-iPhone TV spots were pretty effective, it’s not surprising that Samsung is bringing back the campaign. But you would think that after being found guilty of directly copying Apple — the company it’s making fun of in the commercials — it would use a bit more discretion this time around.

That being said, Apple really needs to bring it this week with the new iPhone. Samsung is on fire right now with its flagship Galaxy S III handset, and if Apple’s smartphone can’t compete with it, then it’s open season for these kinds of stunts.

But we’re not too worried, everything we’ve heard so far points to this year’s iPhone finally getting a larger display and LTE compatibility — two frequently claimed advantages by Android manufacturers. We’ll find out for sure tomorrow.

What’s your take on this? Is making more anti-Apple ads a good move or bad move on Samsung’s part?

  • Liu Zhenyu

    I didn’t like it, that is not professional marketing and all other tech giants don’t bash other companies openly. It is almost immature.

    • Isn’t what Apple have been doing same with Microsoft for many years.

      • Yep, Apple did that to Microsoft as a answer…because Microsoft copied Apple in those days with no shame at all.. It was a responsive ad and not a ofensive atack…and btw, very smart ads…not this crap that Samsung does. Since Microsoft stopped copying Apple, all those ads were shutdown by Apple.

      • No more Obama

        you are so biased its sickening

      • Google: “redmond start your photocopiers”

      • No more Obama


      • Well, if you’re going to make such an unintelligent statement…perhaps learn what you’re talking about before putting your fingers on the keyboard.

      • UGottaBKidding

        And Apple copied Xerox before that… where do you think the GUI idea came from?? It certainly wasn’t Jobs.

        All is fair in love and war…

      • Xerox idea was unfinished and just a concept never, EVER, Released and almost abandoned. Steve jobs went to Xerox, saw the potential and bought the idea, in trade of Apple stocks. Get your facts right.

      • Gerard Hampton

        Lol so true

      • No more Obama

        yes and those were misleading. “I’m a mac, and I don’t get windows viruses” of course Macs don’t get Windows viruses, they are completely different OSes, but most people don’t use critical thinking so they just hear, macs don’t get any kind of viruses.

        that said, i prefer if samsung would just make commercials on how great their devices are, and/or compare it directly to the iphone showing how they are superior.

      • Emre SUMENGEN


        Then it means you’d buy Samsung, just because it can be or seem better than the iPhone…

        LOL, you’re an Apple fan boy, but you just don’t know it yet! LOL(z)

    • Immature company for immature crowd.
      I think they’ve found the Holy Grail. I mean, look at the kids nowadays…they are the only ones who think clones and copies are great.

      • Liu Zhenyu

        News at Apple HQ “Samsung makes fun of new iPhone with this commercial….”

        *Facepalm occurs* Tim cook quotes ” They shouldn’t copy our iMmature project. It is suppose to be ‘ i’m mature’.

      • No more Obama

        you are part of that immature crowd who can’t like other companies because they aren’t fruity enough

      • I like HTC and Nokia. Every time I use them, I feel that im using a different smartphone.

      • Hey glenn beck didnt your mother ever teach you if you dont have anything nice to say keep your mouth shut?

      • ReanimationXP

        > comes to apple site regularly
        > claims to hate apple
        > seemslegit.jpg

    • UGottaBKidding

      “Professional Marketing”?? Is that kind of like “Military Intelligence” or “Executive Thinking”??

      Hmmm… points to ponder…

  • Shamesung making fun of the company that they rip-off almost all the products. lol.. owww.. the Irony.
    iPhone rip-off? Check. Macbook Rip-off? Check. iPad Rip-off? Check. Dock Connector Rip-off? Check. Apple Stores rip-off? Check. USB charger rip-off? Check. Boxes rip-off? Check. iOS AppStore and Safari icons? Check. Genius Bar? Check. MacMini Rip-off? Check…and the list goes on.

    • Liu Zhenyu

      Impressively detailed comment.

      • No more Obama

        stop flirting with him on all these blog posts

      • Emre SUMENGEN

        Why? U jealous? ROFL

    • Gerard Hampton

      Apple invented USB chargers? Stores? Technicians? Boxes? Laptops? Typical fanboy.

      • Typical “lack of argument” fandroid. No, Apple did not invented any of those things. But always used the same design that Samsung started to copy in almost any detail. Are you fucking blind or stupid?

        All cars have 4 wheels, doors, lights, etc.. none of the brands nowadays invented that stuff… but that doesn’t mean that all cars look the same.

        And many, MANY other brands aside Samsung can show to the world that it’s possible to make tablets, smartphones, computers with different designs. That’s why any brand have their own identity, and Samsung don’t. Samsung identity, at this moment, is “Apple Clone”.

      • UGottaBKidding

        Name one smartphone made today, sans Apple, that couldn’t be described as “a rectangle with rounded corners”

        Oooooo… that’s right… Samsung “copied” bounceback?? really?? Like any reasonably intelligent user couldn’t come up with that idea in less than 4 hours of use??

        Apple won by a jury where?? 10 miles away from Cupertino? There’s a shock. And you know, of course, Samsung won the suit in Korea (that’s such a shock too), and Apple lost their injunction in Germany….

        Apple is playing Sony’s games… so they may as well enjoy it now… almost died once… bound to brush death again…

      • jdshorrock

        Do some research. He’s being granular…talking about actual Samsung “genius bar”, notebooks, physical stores, etc. They’ve pretty copied apple…again.

      • UGottaBKidding

        Bose has had standalone Bose stores for 20 years. They’ve also got locked pricing, and a truly unique product that nobody’s been able to copy well…

        Apple really hasn’t “invented” much… they just applied it first…

        Unfortunately, just like Microsoft, Apple hasn’t really revealed anything earth-shattering in years… so unless iPhone 5 is truly revolutionary (which I don’t really think it will be), their sales will start to suffer. Sure, the next 60 days sales will be incredible (since they haven’t had a “new” release in 2 years), but once reviews start hitting the web, if they’re not spectacular, sales will slide.

      • No more Obama

        he would marry steve jobs’ ashes if he could. he is weird with his 13 followers on twitter

      • Wow.

        Cheap shots from the cheap seats, wouldn’t expect anything less from a gutless coward.

      • No he is talking about Samsung chargers looking exactly the same like Apple chargers.
        Typical hater. Didn’t understand the post.

      • Emre SUMENGEN

        Apple did not invent USB chargers…

        But put USB chargers from 10 top vendors… You’ll see that Samsung’s look just like Apple’s…

        And, yes, Apple announced and shipped them first, so…

    • No more Obama

      in every post are you going to say the same thing “shamesung, shamesung shamesung” yes you are oh so clever copying that other guy who said it before you on this blog.

      • Reneiver

        So much for being a parent. Your maturity and grammar knowledge questions me. Are you just plain stupid or just ignorant?

      • UGottaBKidding

        Wow… the second grade intellect amuses me…

      • Why do you even waste your time here when you so obviously love samsung and hate apple so much. Find your iSamsungblog dot com and go spam there.

    • UGottaBKidding

      Samsung makes the A6 chip for Apple… so you might want to be careful… wouldn’t want them to piss in your soup…

  • Samsung need to get a life

    • Gerard Hampton

      Why when they can have apples for a measly 1bil lol

  • ColoredWorld

    this is ridiculous.. shame on you, samsung

  • trickguru

    It proves that they need an iPhone even for their Ads 😛

  • Instead of wasting the money on these stupid ads, why not put them on creating your own original non copied products? Is it that hard Samsung? You even claimed that you have more developers than Apple, so why not pay them more instead ?

    • No more Obama

      whats an ericsson phone?

  • J M

    Apple bringing a taller display and LTE will not return them to the top. That will be playing catch up. They need to really bring something big. IOS VS Android OS has always been viewed in favor of Apple I think. But with the really fresh, impressive phones recently introduced, Apple needs to do more than add a bigger screen and LTE. Otherwise it will be like everyone, catching up and responding…what happened to “we know what you want before you do”?

    • What Shamesung did after all? Bigger screen, better specs because Android sucks hell so they need Quad-core to give a “acceptable fast and smooth” experience and copied designs from the competitors because they can’t pull out anything different and revolucionary that none of us never saw before. They don’t even own the operative system that they use.. where’s is the Shamsung moral to judge other companies? I know that Apple is slowing down the innovation, it’s true, but that doesn’t mean that they are bad now.. iPhone still has the best experience ever, for all costumers. And the tools that Apple give to developers are, by far, better than any software that Shamesung already did on their entire life. Shamesung has no identity at all.. you can clearly see, since “ever”, that they always copied from the best competitors, from Motorola, to Nokia, and now Apple.

      Shamsung it’s just only a great manufacture, that always entered in the marked, stealing ideas and designs from the competitors. And im talking about, specially, computers, tablets and smartphones.

      Nokia N81 vs Samsung Innov8 … just the tip of the iceberg.
      They even used the same operative system… I don’t know what Nokia were thinking in those days but seems to me pretty obvious that’s why they are almost bankrupt…bad decisions and got loose about cloning stuff.

      • No more Obama

        apple comes out with the same each year. the front of the phone is identical to the past 5. the stale OS with icons that move to the left and right so stiffly is boring. we want more. innovate like android/webOS/windows does.

        or you like a company that doesn’t innovate? you should be on all of our side

      • Apple comes out with the same each year and you still use a iPhone and can’t stay away from a iDevice Blog…? Well…

        I believe that you are the kind of “person” who goes to mcdonalds every days, eating everything you can and with the mouth full of burgers rant about their food and how superior Burger Kind is…

      • No more Obama

        and why would a person with terminal cancer get that crap?

      • I don’t want to be unfair, or something like that, but I think that you seriously need to find some professional help…

      • Hes currently in the Glenn beck asylum

      • UGottaBKidding

        Ironically, I don’t own an iPhone, and never will. I’ve worked with Macs in the past, and liked them, but will never buy one, or any other Apple product.

        I’m only here because I stumbled onto this article looking for information on what the iPhone 5 might be like, for my son that succumbed to marketing and peer pressure…

        But I am enjoying myself amongst all you youngsters… you’re such a fickle crowd…

      • as i can see it. you’re only judging the book by its cover and not actually read whats inside. theres more than meets the eye when it comes to it. Its basically how you use it. i’m guessing your wasting your time using your phone like how you use a dumbphone. Talk, Text, and occasional Web. When Apple has more to offer.

      • Why are you so angry? All of your posts are clearly filled with rage. U mad bro! 😀

      • Please.. Please.. Stop bullying me… you’re hurting my feelings.
        And I beg you… do not use caps lock…because that could be very devastating. :~(

      • P.S. no cell phone manufacturer owns Android. None of them. Saying Samsung doesn’t own Android is like me saying Apple doesn’t own their processing chips…duh. Samsung makes them. Samsung also makes their great “Retina Display”. Sure, Apple may not be as dependent as they were on Samsung now, but every iPhone you’ve ever had up until now was almost entirely built by Samsung.

        Also, Samsung does own it’s own Operating System. Bada.

      • If Samsung is so innovative… were is bada then?
        And no, iPhone it’s not entirely built by Samsung.

        Samsung it’s just a manufacture where clientes (like Apple) order specifically “chips” and “display” with certain requirements. And Samsung build what Apple wants and not what they want or have to sell. It’s just like Apple saying “I want this, with this, roadmap this, technology that, using this kind of materials” and Samsung job is doing what Apple is asking.

        That’s why Apple bought ARM Design firm Intrinsity to design their Apple A4, A5, A5x… and only ask Samsung to build that chips on their manufacture. Now talking about NAND chips, yes, that’s 100% from Samsung.

        Displays, once again, it’s not from Samsung but only manufactured by Samsung, just like Apple asks the same to LG and Sharp.

      • “If Samsung is so innovative… were is bada then?”

        Allow me to correct myself; Samsung has TWO Operating Systems. Bada and Tizen. Bada is found in most dumbphones Samsung makes but can be used in smartphones also. Tizen is in development and is expected to compete with iOS, Android, and Windows OS when it is released. (Based off what I know.)

        “And no, iPhone it’s not entirely built by Samsung.”

        I never said it was. Please learn to read. “every iPhone you’ve ever had up until now was almost entirely built by Samsung.”

        “Samsung it’s just a manufacture where clientes (like Apple) order specifically “chips” and “display” with certain requirements. And Samsung build what Apple wants and not what they want or have to sell. It’s just like Apple saying “I want this, with this, roadmap this, technology that, using this kind of materials” and Samsung job is doing what Apple is asking.”

        And this is relevant…how? You’ve only proved my point in saying Apple doesn’t own their own chips and displays; and depends on Samsung to make stuff they want.

        “That’s why Apple bought ARM Design firm Intrinsity to design their Apple A4, A5, A5x… and only ask Samsung to build that chips on their manufacture. Now talking about NAND chips, yes, that’s 100% from Samsung.”

        Again…Apple needs Samsung to put these in their phones. And again, this only proves my point Apple depends on Samsung.

        “Displays, once again, it’s not from Samsung but only manufactured by Samsung, just like Apple asks the same to LG and Sharp.”

        So…if they’re not from Samsung but Samsung manufactures them…what sense does that make if at all? If Samsung makes it, it’s from Samsung. Nobody else. Samsung makes it; Apple uses it. Also, LG only makes iPad, iMac, and iTV displays. So far, Sharp has only just now started making iPhone displays. Again, for the most part, Apple depends entirely on Samsung for the thing that makes your iPhone work.

      • just face it. no one like touch wiz. but everyone else love Sense 🙂
        iHTCPhone4Lyf. Samsung is a staple company and will always be a staple company. Even Google said to watch out for Apple a long time ago. Ohh yeah Google made Android soooooo…. just leave it to Samsung to shit themselves in the water most of the time.

      • “just face it. no one like touch wiz. but everyone else love Sense”

        Which is why the Galaxy S III is the top selling phone in the world. Because TouchWiz sucks?…well guess what?! That doesn’t make any “Sense”.

        “iHTCPhone4Lyf. Samsung is a staple company and will always be a staple company.”

        The very staple that Apple depends on to make their iPhone.

        “Even Google said to watch out for Apple a long time ago.”

        What’s your point? I watch for drunk drivers on the road; that doesn’t mean I’ll come across one or be able to stop them in any way.

        ‘Ohh yeah Google made Android soooooo…. just leave it to Samsung to shit themselves in the water most of the time.”

        Quite technically; I’m sure almost everything you own is made by someone else. Again, what’s your point? Just leave it to you to shit yourself in the water. Because that’s exactly what you’re saying.

      • UGottaBKidding


        (sorry, the extra, abundant exclamation points were my own idea…)

      • UGottaBKidding

        Beta was better than VHS… yet Beta died… Hmmm… just a bit of food for thought…

      • just wanna point out that shamesung did the one thing most consumers don’t like to do. watch movies on a small screen. and what i mean by that is popup play is the Most Stupid S*** i’ve ever seen. seriously why watch something smaller than the screen itself.

  • mk3s

    Samsung would be so much better off attempting to showcase their phones. They’ve obviously copied the shit out of Apple but as long as they are still able to sell their phones then the copying hasnt crippled them completely. Before iPhones came out their were plenty of Apple “fanboys” that wouldnt use anything other than a mac. For those in that category an iPhone is the logical choice for a phone. Since then millions have gotten an iPhone not because theyre fanboys or iSheep but because it is simply the best phone out there. Most of these people don’t have macs or iPads (though i imagine macs and iPads have increased sales numbers due to the iPhone doing so well). Its a shame that with the money Samsung makes it can’t afford to put together a half decent creative team.

    • UGottaBKidding

      “Copyin’ is as copyin’ does… ” Forrest Gump…

      Again, do a bit of research. Apple didn’t “invent” most of it’s “innovations”…

      I think Research in Motion (RIM) should sue apple for putting a QWERTY keyboard on their phone… after all, RIM was the first to manufacture a smartphone. If it weren’t for their success, the iPhone may have never been… give credit where credit is truly due.

      As before, name one relatively modern smartphone, sans Apple, that cannot be described as “a rectangle with rounded corners.”…

  • prghon

    Samsung is a sorry ass sore loser

    • UGottaBKidding

      Yeah, wait till they win their 4G LTE suit against Apple… you’ll be back to your woeful 4G only on your brand new iPhone 5.

      Good luck… turnabout’s fair play…

  • Clayton Wilder

    Typical lack of innovation on Samsung’s part. Can’t come up with their own phones, can’t come up with novel advertising.

  • These types of ads remind me of all of the political ads that are polluting are TV’s. Complete garbage!!! Ads should focus on why your product is superior.

  • Its actually a good move because they are giving the android fanboys a voice and something to look forward too (lol)

  • I hate Samsung there bitches for coping apple. If this was street shit apple would had the goons shoot up the store and run up in there office shot some people and handed out some real ass beat downs. Sometimes street tactics will get the point across real clear don’t fuck with our product do your own thing or get the fuck out of here APPLE IS THE OG and have respect bitch ass SAMSUNG !!!!

    • UGottaBKidding

      “If this were street shit…” Apple wouldn’t even be around as, again, Xerox would have killed Jobs before you were a stain on your parent’s sheets… and Apple would have never been…

      Jobs himself is guilty of the same charges he makes…

  • Samsung is dumb and sad

  • SoCoMagNuM

    i think ill invest in a new iphone once they refresh iOS. the operating system has become so stagnant to me over the years and i gotten tired of relying on jailbreaks just to get added functions that should be available from the get go. thats just my opinion and thats what matters. stop all the hating. everyone has their own flavor. nothing wrong with trying new waters (alternatives)

  • Miras safadi

    Definately a bad move, if i were samsung i’d keep my mouth shut!

  • urbanbirdie

    A part of me hopes apple can sue Samsung for doing this too ._.

    • UGottaBKidding

      Really?? You know it’s not free for Apple… it costs them tens of millions, over the course of years, whether they’re the defendant or plaintiff…

      Where do you think all that money comes from??

  • urbanbirdie

    A part of me hopes Apple can sue Samsung for doing this too ._.

    • This is good advertisement for Apple. First, people will laugh on how desperate Samsung looks like after losing 1,05bilion.
      And second, this is not the best way to get Apple costumers attention by offending them. So yep, they are pretty much helping Apple…

      • UGottaBKidding

        That’s a pretty big assumption. This is advertising. You’re assuming the lemmings actually know that…

        I really hate to tell you Int3nsive, every time my kid has a problem with his iPhone 4 (wouldn’t “upgrade” to 4S as HE didn’t think it was worth it), I see an awful lot of blogs from an awful lot of people that aren’t getting “the best experience” as you claim.

        I’ve known quite a few people that have had broken iPhone screens, and of all the people I know with androids, not one word of a broken screen…

  • You all seriously need to get a life. If you like apple, get an iphone, if you dont buy an android phone. Arguing about it on here, losers. Get a life.

    • UGottaBKidding

      Reason?? You obviously don’t belong here.

  • alex card

    Samsung probably believe that they’ve been unjustifiably fined $1 billion so I can understand why they might be a tad miffed.

    • UGottaBKidding

      That suit is not a done deal. Samsung will appeal.

      And now Samsung is going to file suit against Apple for patent infringement of their 4G LTE technology…

      These suits will probably still be going on long after the products are considered ancient, and the companies themselves are nowhere close to the same… generations from now…

  • haha…… *yawn* i don’t care much. Samsung is already burying them selves a whole anyways… Ohh look at the time 7 HRS till show time. *yawn* night yall

  • Bio

    In a way …people dont understanding how it works these days.
    For the ones still dont know the trick is ! Apple = Samsung ,they use very good marketing and brainstorming people to get there phones(products), no one loose nor apple nor Samsung they use it to trick people to sell more phones(products) like both phones are the best selling ones so …they do each other a couple favours! imagine… you must go with a iphone 3 for 5 years or samsung galaxy ! they are closer to each other then u think ,….okay a billion here and there it,s just help ,so samsung helped them now ,so… a billion to pay the rights to use it (just a little top of a iceberg they sold more then 20 Million only on the s3 can u imagine what they all sell!!,apple would do the same ,both party,s dont care ,it,s bizzzz ,-) and smart marketing …be happy !!! both make cool products (coped or not) Apple or Samsung …. thats the idea behind it to make new stuff means(trolling or not)… more sells and keep the market going all about the money ,-)

  • arabsrulechina

    This Ad will be the biggest backfire for Samsuck ever! hahaha