Apple is widely expected to unveil new iPods alongside its new smartphone tomorrow. But while we think we know almost everything about the new iPhone, the new iPods remain a bit of a mystery.

Until today, that is. According to some new information, the new line of iPod touches are likely going to feature a 4-inch display with a resolution of 1136 x 640, and a more powerful A5 processor…

iOS developer and Chronic Dev Team co-founder Will Strafach, also known as Chronic, posted a handful of details regarding the new iPod touch in a series of tweets this morning.

“It’s not even worth leaking to press friend’s this close to launch, so: the new iPod5,1 is code name N78AP, and sports a 1136×640 display.

oh wait, another thing worth mentioning: the new iPod touch / N78AP runs on an S5L8942X, NOT an S5L8950X.”

Interestingly, Strafach also goes on to say that we’ll finally see the panorama photo mode, which we saw popup late last year in iOS 5, in both the new iPod touch and new iPhone. Cool.

While there’s not a ton of new information here, it’s valid intel for a couple of reasons. One, given Chronic’s track record with Apple intel, the 1136 x 640 iPod touch display is now all but confirmed. And two, as MacRumors points out, it’s going to feature Apple’s newer 32nm A5 chip.

We’ve seen this chip before, both in the retooled 16GB iPad 2 and the third-generation Apple TV. It’s smaller, and uses less power than the older A5, which is good news for the iPod touch setup.

9t05Mac also provides some additional details, reiterating that it’s hearing that the iPod touch will be available in more colors this year, and the iPod nano will be a major departure from the current one.

We’ll obviously learn everything in full tomorrow, but at least it sounds like Apple has done some interesting things planned for its iPod line this year. Make sure you tune into iDB for all the action.

Are you excited for new iPod models? Do you plan on buying one?

  • No Whammy

    Why anyone buys an iPod, when they also need a phone, I will never understand.

    • Because you may want to have the features of an iphone but they dont want to pay 300$ extra just for the “phone” so maybe they buy an ipod AND a phone for less than 300$ and still save money.

      • he’s 100 % right !

      • No Whammy

        That’s some really cute math but when you’re paying for cell service the numbers change. If you’re not having your carrier subsidize the cost of your phone, you’re pissing away money.

        I got an iPod and a phone for $200. They call it an iPhone. They even sell these so called “iPhones” for $100. I’ve even seen 2-year-old “iPhones” subsidized completely. OMGBBQ!

      • ReanimationXP

        If by “cute” math you mean correct, then you’re right.. it’s pretty cute. Except that he was far too conservative.Your “$200” iPhone was actually $920.

        Nobody on the planet ever got a subsidized iPhone for $200. Unless they’re a dumbass, can’t do math, and don’t understand that companies quickly make up their subsidy costs with additional service fees. Oh, wait.

      • No Whammy

        What are these additional fees of which you speak?

        Which of the following makes more sense to you?

        Pay $80/month and pay $800 for a phone.
        Pay $80/month and pay $200 for the same phone.

        Sorry friend, I get the angle you’re trying to approach this from but the fact is, I did not pay $900 for my phone. Anyone who does is wasting money.

        Think of it like this, if you don’t get your phone subsidized, it’s like not using a $700 off coupon that you don’t even need to cut out of the newspaper.

      • ReanimationXP

        Good point. Retailers routinely have 90% off sales on the hottest just-released commodities of today. I mean, you have to to drum up business, right? Why wouldn’t carriers?

      • No Whammy


        AT&T is having a 100% off sale right (for over a year actually) on the 3Gs 8g. The link is on this page.

        And yes, I obviously am paying for the actual cost of the phone over the course of the contract. What would be stupider is if I bought an iPod, and a cheap phone and never had my monthly payments contributing to the cost of either.

        Are you seriously so stupid that you bought an iPhone at full price then pay your carrier the same monthly fee? Contrary to all evidence, I doubt even you are that idiotic.

      • ReanimationXP

        And he can’t pick up on sarcasm either.. awesome. Take a bow, kid.

    • Paulo Marcos

      I don’t know you , but not all people swim in money and can afford an over expensive phone …

      • No Whammy

        iPhone’s cost as little as $0. iPod’s cost more than $0. Your argument is invalid.

      • ReanimationXP

        Someone failed math and doesn’t understand subsidies and why a carrier might give you one.

      • No Whammy

        My point exactly. You clearly don’t understand subsidies and how they save you hundreds of dollars.

        Let’s cut to the chase, why do you own an iPod and a phone? Help me make sense of your point of view.

      • ReanimationXP

        I own an iPhone, which is why I’m here, but I’m not stupid and pompous enough to claim that I don’t pay a massive additional cost above an iPod and a phone to have the commodity of a smartphone vs a regular phone, because some of us, present company excluded, are able to perform simple math. (Which I plainly laid out for you, by the way, and you’re now claiming to “take into consideration” even though you’re not.)

        If you want to cut to the chase, explain to me the motivation of ATT giving you a massive several-hundred dollar subsidy “coupon” to buy an iPhone when you supposedly have to use their service anyway? Can’t wait to hear the answer for this one.

      • No Whammy

        “I own an iPhone” well, I mean that covers 99% of what I’m saying.

        For the 1% of circumstances beyond the blatantly obvious…

        If I paid $200+ for an iPod + $100 for a shitty phone +$50/ month for cell service (no data) that puts me at $1500 over two years.

        Now, an iPhone is $0 + $50/month * 24 = $1200

        $1500 > $1200


      • ReanimationXP

        Oh so now it’s $50, not $80 as you just mentioned? Yeah, there is a problem. With your math, you twat.

        Once again, find a carrier that will let you subsidize an iPhone without a data plan. Find phone, text, and data service for $50 a month. Find an entry level iPod that’s 2 generations old that costs $200 (if we’re comparing your supposed $0 3GS). You are so, so stupid kid.

        Once again you dodge the question, compare apples to oranges AND are even wrong in the prices you cite, and fail to read what myself and everyone else here are trying to tell you. I’ve already explained the math 100x, even in my original post. Here, we’ll excel it out for you. Every option possible.

        T-Mobile Flip phone + service for 2 years + NEW iPod:
        $0 phone + $200 ipod + $40 * 24mo = $1400

        NEW iPhone + service 2 years + data plan:
        $200 phone + $0 ipod + $50 * 24mo + $30 * 24mo = $2120

        OLD iPhone + service 2 years + data plan:
        $0 phone + $0 ipod + $50 * 24mo + $30 * 24mo = $1920

        NEW iPhone unsubsidized + t-mobile service 2 years w/ data:
        $649 phone + $0 ipod + $60 * 24mo = $2089

        $1400 < $1920 || $2089 || $2120
        And this is conservative! Nowhere is there iPhone service with data and a subsidy for $80 anyway!

        Any way you spin it, you're wrong. Fucking problem?

        You're officially the dumbest mother fucker I've ever encountered on this site, and that's a really hard feat to achieve. I'd say you're a troll, but I'm convinced now that you actually believe what you claim. Give your child my condolences. Life is gonna suck.

      • No Whammy

        I never compared $50 to $80. You started bitching about data so I compared non data plans to keep apples to apples. I don’t know what the fuck that costs. I guessed $50.

        The $80 is what I pay. I’ve never bought a phone not subsidized. I was at $70 until iMessage came out and AT&T nixed lower text plans.

        See my post at the bottom and begin to comprehend how miopic your viewpoint is. I’m going to go out on a fucking limb here a guess you to be a fundamentalist Christian who can’t comprehend evolution, “knows in his heart” God created each and everyone of us, that the earth is flat, 6000 years old and Jesus rode dinosaurs.

      • ReanimationXP

        So basically you were wrong, just admitted you dont know “what the fuck” shit costs even though you just argued for hours about it on multiple threads with multiple people, and like any good troll try to bring religion into the mix. I’m agnostic, nice attempted coverup though. Oustanding work.

      • No Whammy

        I don’t need to know the dollar amounts to understand that phone + iPod > phone.

        In all your hours of research (tonight) you failed to grasp this basic concept and have yet to provide any reasonable option that is cheaper than an iPhone alone. It’s not reasonable to buy the newest and best iPod and a shitty GoPhone.

      • ReanimationXP

        Elderly, for the 100’th time. Anyone who doesn’t want a smartphone. No research required, only common sense.

      • in my country, an iPhone cost about 3X the price of an iPod Touch…some people bought and iPod Touch + a nokia dumbphone and they saves a lot of money already

      • Paulo Marcos

        Believe me ! In my country there is no 0$ iPhone even if it is in a carrier contract ! 250$ is the less for a new iPhone in a box

      • OBAMA OBAMA OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      • jen

        if your paying 1500 dollars for over 2 years you must have something wrong because i have had iphones since they came out and since then over 2 years i pay 500 dollars

    • Because the iPod is purely for music. I have the iPod Classic 5th gen and it has awesome sound and 80GB memory. I have almost 3000 songs in lossless quality and when you have earphones for 300-600$ you don’t want the sound to be coming from a phone which original meaning is not to play music in high grade headphones 😉

      • No Whammy

        If you actually cared about music you wouldn’t listen to it in digital format via headphones. Instead, you’d be a vinylfag sitting directly in front of studio monitors.

        Still, I’m fascinated to hear about the technological differences between an iPod and an iPhone with regard to sound quality.

        So far the only remotely reasonable thing you’ve mentioned is the storage capacity. Considering the difference between 64g and 80g, you’d still have to be a complete idiot to waste your money on two devices.

      • ReanimationXP

        iPod Classics use different DAC’s than iPhones / iPod Touch, depending what model you have. Some of them even offer direct to digital SPDIF out via the dock connector. An ‘audiophile’ might have looked into such things before claiming someone who’s clearly actually an audiophile is an idiot. Also, lol at claiming $3-600 headphones aren’t superior to “vinyl and studio speakers”. Someone’s never owned a decent pair.

      • No Whammy

        Let me guess, you consider yourself a cinephile whilst watching Hulu Plus on your phone too?

      • ReanimationXP

        Good comeback.

        Your edited comeback was a good one too. Oh look, 3 downvotes already and I’m not even one of them.

      • I have 16GB 3GS which I got just for 200$ unlocked, I had it for 3 years now. I have iPod Classic 5G 80GB which I bought 8 months ago for 150$. that is much less money than I’d shell out for 64GB iPhone which anyways has worse audio output than the iPod. I can hear the difference, iPhone soubds simply cheaper. And why should I be sitting in a studio? I have just 400$ IEMs that I take everywhere with me and I can listen to great quality musi. On a train etc. And digital offers almost the same quality like analog. I have over 150 vinyls in my collection but I still prefer the cleaner and more dynamic versions in digital (ALAC, FLAC, WAW etc.)

      • No Whammy

        Your response is decent, you already had an iPod and you figured out what was cheapest after you were committed to a less than ideal circumstance. The truth is I still don’t understand your choices there. In all likelihood, you’d have saved money if you’d had a little foresight. At the very least a rational person would prevent the same kind of mistake going forward.

      • ReanimationXP

        In case you think we can’t, we see all your original posts along with your completely now-converse edits agreeing with us. What a pussy.

      • What makes you believe I made a mistake? I don’t regret buying the iPod, I use it more than 4 hours everyday and I enjoy it. Where could I save money? I use my phone for calls/messaging and the iPod for music aka the way it should be.

    • ReanimationXP

      So a 5-year old needs a phone?

      • No Whammy

        I don’t know a polite way to say this, but my 4-year-old reads better than you.

        Retake kindergarten then reread my comment. I expect a reply by June, 2013.

      • ReanimationXP

        Sorry, apparently allusion is too difficult for you to decipher, so I’ll just write it out for you. I read your comment just fine, shitdip. Did you happen to notice it has 15 downvotes? Guess why. Your implication is that no one would ever need an iPod Touch because they also need a phone. I told you who would: a 5-year old.

        It’s obviously not designed for people who need a phone in the first place. People who want both an iPod and a phone get the iPhone. It’s designed for a different market – kids whos’ parents can’t / won’t justify spending money for a phone and a $30/mo data plan for a child who won’t use it, but would use all the apps and games via wifi.

        This isn’t rocket science.

        There are places cell service isn’t available, but wifi is, such as in a plane, submarine, the fort knox that is a Network Operations Center I work at. Your argument is akin to “why would anyone ever buy a non-LTE iPad when it has more features? hurr..”

        Similarly there are plenty of people who aren’t interested in the non-music playing smartphone-esque features, such as the elderly, or non-tech savvy who only want a basic phone, again without a $30/mo data plan they won’t use, but who would also like to have an MP3 player. That’s where the traditional non-Touch iPods come in.

        In regards to your pricing comments, nothing is free and you clearly failed math. Your carrier doesn’t care about you and isn’t giving you gifts. Your iPhone is supposedly “as cheap as $0”. Carriers regain their subsidy money over the course of 2 years via the extra service fees a smartphone requires a ‘normal’ phone doesn’t that don’t cost them a dime. Calling and texting plan prices aside, $30/mo data plan (which isn’t present on a normal phone) * 24 months = $720 fucking dollars alone. Lowest current-tier iPhone price is $200, which makes YOUR phonepod a whopping $920 minimum over the course of 2 years. An iPod Touch is $199 over the course of a lifetime.

        This isn’t rocket science. Once again.

        Starting to see why they might give you a subsidy to sign a contract? How they conveniently won’t give you a subsidy or even let you activate an iPhone without a data plan, regardless if you only plan to use it as an iPod + Phone/texting? Guess ol’ ATT fooled you with their not-so-hidden charge called a ‘data plan’.

        Nice try on calling me the retard though. Troll on dumbass, troll on.

      • No Whammy

        Cool your jets. You are an emotional roller coaster that only a transsexual could top.

        What you’ve blathered on incessantly about is in near complete agreement with my statement.

        Of course a 5-year-old doesn’t need a phone. That’s the basis of my entire point, you rambling Neanderthal.

        I’ll explain it again so even a government worker like you can understand: I do not understand people that buy an iPod AND a phone when they can buy an iPhone for less.

        You’ve muddled the hell out of my secondary contention regarding subsidies. I’ll spell that out for you too: If you’re paying for cellular service, it might as well be lowering the cost of the phone.

        I can’t make it any easier on you sweetheart so my only advice is to do your very best to apply common sense to the situation and think about the purchases some of the people you know have made. How many people do you know that own an iPod AND phone? Do they carry them both with them where ever they go, and did they pay less than the average iPhone owner? Of the answers are yes to all of the above, please tell me how they did it and what the sacrifices are versus owning an iPhone.

      • ReanimationXP

        lol, “emotional rollercoaster”, if you say so Mr. Asspain. You’re all butthurt when anyone in this thread is telling you you’re wrong, which by the way is everyone.

        > Claims he has no idea why anyone would buy a phone and an iPod.
        > I point out several demographics that would.
        > Claims there’s ‘no additional cost’ to an iPhone over a free flipphone.
        > I point out in detail that there is at minimum a $720 additional cost.

        Here comes the clue train! Last stop you.

      • No Whammy

        You’ve completely lost sight of what you’re trying to disagree with.

        A 5-year-old is the perfect person to own an iPod. They’re also not likely to need a phone. Thperfecto ably the best example example of what I initially said. Forgive me for assuming you were a different numbskull than the FLACfag above. Your statements are so far removed form your previous thoughts that no reasonable mind would have concluded that your misinterpretation of my original post was the same as your DACs are different verbiage.

      • ReanimationXP

        God DAMN you’re stupid. My position has never changed. There exists both a demographic who would buy and iPod and a phone, and a demographic who would buy just an iPod. It doesn’t matter which situation you were referring to in your initial statement of “Why anyone buys an iPod, when they also need a phone, I will never understand”, because in either case you are incapable of understanding common sense.

        Hence, we’re up to 17 downvotes now.

      • OBAMA OBAMA OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • No Whammy

      Seriously, for anyone talking about iPhone cost: you’re either severely retarded or enormously ignorant. Here’s a link directly to Apple’s site where you can get an iPhone for zero dollars:

      I can only assume all of the people who dislike my comment subconsciously regret have wasted hundreds of dollars on uneducated purchases. I mean seriously, how stupid do you feel having paid full price for for two redundant devices?

      • Pedro Fernandez

        I don’t know if you’re trolling or just went full retarded

      • No Whammy

        Do you posses any logical skills whatsoever?

        iPhone = $0
        iPod > $0

        Are you Afghani? Why can’t you understand that? …or are you just unwilling to address it?

      • You have to get a 2 year contract with the 0$ iphone so the price can go who knows where, into hundreds of dollars and even more than for an iPod

      • No Whammy

        And in that 2 years you somehow got free cell service?

        Unless you plan on not using a cell phone for a significant portion of the near future, why wouldn’t you agree to a service agreement?

      • ReanimationXP

        There is not a universal cost of service despite what phone you get dumbass. More features = more cost, if you need a phone at all.

      • No Whammy

        You lost me.

        For any user of a cellphone there incurs a service charge. iPod + phones owners don’t pay for cell service now?

      • No Whammy

        Hahahahahaha, Internet is serious business.

        You really work at Fort Knox? I know for a fact you don’t teach classes on the hazards of feeding trolls!

        I do think that if you sit down and think about things you may very well find that buying an iPod and a phone is probably more expensive based on the majority of consumers’ needs and wants. Of course it’s a very personal choice. This is of course the reason behind Apple’s insane growth and the reason I finally made the switch from other smartphones…that and copy/paste…who’s genius idea was it to omit that? Fuck, I had GPS on my phone 3 years before the iPhone came out…I digress.

        I’m sincerely glad you’re not a fundamentalist Christian, and I hope you had as much fun as I did. +1 Internet for you good sir. Here’s to all the features you ever dreamed of on iPhone 5!

      • ReanimationXP

        I never said I worked for Fort Knox.

      • No Whammy

        Aww shit, who was the Fort Knox guy? …that fucks my whole gov. worker line!

      • No Whammy

        And yeah, I know pre-orders are on the 14th…truth is I really should get to bed…mostly for the live blogging of course; I said order just to plug subsidization in there one more ‘gain.

        It’s been fun. I haven’t gone on a troll rampage in a while now.

      • No Whammy

        I’m surprised I’ve never been banned from iDB.

        I’d like to thank the Academy and of course Sebastian and Jeff for the creative freedom they’ve bestowed on me as well as the rest of the crew at iDownloadBlog: without you, this would have never been possible.

      • No Whammy

        *queue music*

      • OBAMA OBAMA OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      • Brian Scalabrine

        Dude, for any cell for that advertises that it’s $0, you need to get a two year contract, I maybe just a teen but seriously? You think there’s $0 phones without any type of plan or something involved?

      • No Whammy

        Everyone knows there’s a monthly service commitment that goes along with it. I guess I have to spell every last detail to this audience. Here we go…

        People that use cell phones pay for the connection monthly. They will do this regardless of whether or not they have a iPhone. People that want to play music as well have two options. Spend their money on a deprecate device, OR they can opt to be GIVEN a phone AND a music player rolled into the price of their service at no additional cost.

        Now there are a couple of tiny caveats, namely they are stuck with one provider for two years. That’s not an issue for the vast majority of consumers. Secondly, they may not need data coverage. This is the only possibility I’m even remotely entertaining. There are massive trades offs in that rate case as well.

      • ReanimationXP

        “No additional cost”, except for the $720 additional data plan. Did you ever think that maybe the entire audience disagrees with you because you’re wrong, not to mention a shortsighted moron? I’d love to hear you argue with the professor in an economics class.. lol

      • No Whammy

        Ahh, finally! …you’re basing this all on the cost of a data plan. I’m starting to understand your simple mind. This is very simple…wait for it…

        …don’t get a data plan. *shock and awe*

      • ReanimationXP

        Ah, so you never read one of my first posts to begin with, not to mention are completely ignorant of carrier policies. *shock and awe*

        Try to purchase a subsidized iPhone without a data plan genius. Or try to purchase one full price and get service without a data plan. Let me know how that goes.

      • No Whammy

        I’ve had a data plan on phones since…well since there’s been data plans on phones. The thought never occurred to me not to have data on a smartphone…I’m extremely sorry I’ve been so ignorant to policies that change every three months.

        Knowing that there’s STILL no reason to suppose two devices can be cheaper than one here. Allow me to demonstrate.

        For the 0.000008% of America that can afford an iPod but somehow can’t afford a data plan, buy an iPhone on Craigslist for $50, go to 7-11 and get a SIM card, and pay $20/month. Walk out the door at the end of 2 years for $530.

        The only way this could be cheaper is if you bought an iPod used for $20 and a phone for $20. That’d be $10 less ($520) at the end of 2 years and you’d spend more than that on a car charger for either device…not to mention you’d be giving up the GPS and other iPhone only features.

        It boggles my mind that you’re advocating something you’d never in your right mind to.

      • ReanimationXP

        That’s because you’re stupid and can’t see past the end of your biased nose.

      • No Whammy

        We’ve come full circle to you not recognizing written English.

      • ReanimationXP

        “For the 0.000008% of America that can afford an iPod but somehow can’t afford a data plan”

        Children make up 0.000008% of America apparently.

      • No Whammy

        Again, all of this is predicated on people buying two devices as stated from my very first fucking post.

      • ReanimationXP

        Elderly who enjoy music but don’t give a shit about smartphones.

        >Thinks he’s smarter than Apple.
        >Thinks carriers hand out subsidy discounts because they’re nice.

        Are you sure /you’re/ not Christian?

      • No Whammy

        You think Apple targets those who want an iPod and a phone? So that’s why they never combined them! Ahh, and why they make all the prepaid phones.

        You and most of the replies here are lacking critical thinking skills.

      • ReanimationXP

        We know.

      • No Whammy

        “You and most of the replies here are lacking critical thinking skills.”

        “We know.”

        Good, now I’ve got to get to bed so I can order my subsidized iPhone 5 in a few hours.

      • ReanimationXP

        You’re such a faggot.

        No Whammy:
        “My mind is full of fuck”
        ReanimationXP :
        “We know.”

        No Whammy used EDIT! It FAILED!

      • No Whammy

        Whoa! Where’d all the name calling come from?

      • ReanimationXP

        Preorders start the 14th. Can’t read and wrong once again.

      • OBAMA OBAMA OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      • ReanimationXP

        Also I’m deeply saddened to hear that you’ve bred. If you’d kindly provide me your address and child’s name, I could dispatch some care specialists that would remove him and place him into a loving family with parents whos’ IQs are higher than his or her age.

      • No Whammy

        I’m OK with the ad hominem but you realize you completely stopped using the rational part of your brain now right?

        Tell me how not subsidizing your phone saves me money and the madness ends.

      • ReanimationXP

        I already did.

    • i see both r awesome and
      necessary 🙂

  • So maybe some
    A6 Madness for the iPhone
    5 🙂

    • ReanimationXP

      No ‘maybe’ about it.

      • I don’t feel certain about this. It would be the first time an iPhone gets the new SoC before the iPad.

      • ReanimationXP

        True, but I wouldn’t be surprised. We’ve seen some photos supposedly featuring the A6, and Apple’s ramped up SoC production sufficiently I think.. sneaking a smaller nm A5 into the revamped iPad 2’s.

        Not to mention my biggest hunch is that this phone needs something besides LTE, a new design, and a new connector (arguably a bad thing), to differentiate itself. Otherwise it’s going to be another weak 4S-esque mainly-software release.

  • sounds awsome

  • i will definatly buy one

  • i hope they keep the price the same, that would be amazing

    • they will, otherwise you can better buy an iPhone for 200$ more like that.

  • with that 4 inch screen it will probably be more than the current ipod.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    All I want of the New iPod Touch is more RAM, I have quite a lot tweaks installed that when I want to play a heavy game, I got to go to safe mode.
    I have had an iPad 2 on my hands and after that I realized the true meaning of multitasking, I can’t have more than 3 or 4 apps (not native apps) opened without affecting the preformance of the iPod.
    IPhone is not an option to me, I just can’t afford it

    • jen

      if you cant have the 3 or 4 apps open that means you need to back it up and give it a heavy factory reset.

  • i want it really i hope they will give it some upgrades 😛

  • Ilies

    Why iPhone 5 isn’t like this!