As an avid reader of this blog, you must have read all there is about purported iPad mini cases, the device’s rumored shrunken down shell and other leaked parts. You’ve also seen mockups depicting its skinner side bezels and thin design and marveled at the nicely done interactive three-dimensional model.

All of the above, of course, is based on what the rumor-mill thinks it knows so far about Apple’s purportedly inexpensive, smaller iPad. It was only a matter of time before someone envisioned what an iPad mini held in your hand would look like, right as we’re approaching its rumored October launch

This one, just like the previous set of renderings of the iPhone 5 in hand, comes by way of French blog NowhereElse.

Let’s be clear here, this isn’t a leaked production chassis of the iPad mini.

Instead, what you’re looking at is a dummy, like today’s iPhone 5 dummy published by iMore. It’s probably created by a case vendor, based on the rumors and perhaps some insider knowledge.

NowhereElse is simply re-posting the shots.

Here, another shot…

One more…

And another one…

Notice the skinnier side bezels.

What, no change in the display’s aspect ratio?

Call me crazy, but the side bezels seem too skinny. I suspect that sausage-fingered users could accidentally tap the touchscreen when gripping the device in their hand.

Of course, I could be wrong as well because the narrower bezels might provide for a more comfortable grip as the device is smaller and lighter. Check out the final shot depicting how a 7.85-inch iPad mini would compare to the iPhone 4S.

Just don’t call it a blown up iPod touch, will ya’?

  • I somehow don’t think Apple is coming up with an iPad mini. There are not many details leaked

    • Lordthree

      There are tons. They said in iCourt they were doing it too. It’s a sure thing

    • thricestrat

      I agree, and I honestly dont think there is as big of a market as some suggest. Also, it isnt apples MO to produce gadgets based on competetors products.

  • Xew

    Nicely done? Low resolution, looks incredibly bad and fake.

  • WeebSurfer

    Similar to other images this morning and I’ll comment the same as someone there; old maps icon! This supposed iPad mini would not be runningiOS 5. Photoshopped superimposed images over a Note. Meh.

    • it’s a mockup as the title states “nicely done DUMMY”. dummy means mockup/fake/fan made.

      • WeebSurfer

        Hmmmmm… I was going to say touché, but now I digress! Did this article title change??? Hrrmmmmm. I do stand unconditionally by my “Meh” though.

  • Macintense

    Nice work Christian. I truly think this is a real thing. We all know that Steve Jobs was against an iPad mini but that doesn’t mean that Tim Cook is. We have to also understand that the competitive environment has changed in the past year with Google releasing a 7 inch tablet and also the offerings from Amazon. Apple will release this device and dominate every sector of the mobile market.

  • Tonny Vo

    Nike Fuelband!! #makeitcount

  • Mac_Guy

    I’m more interested in the Nike Fuel Band this guy is wearing than the fake iPad mini