After months of waiting, we should finally get to see Passbook in action this month. Apple unveiled the app, which stores digital gift cards, event tickets and boarding passes, during its WWDC event.

As cool as the idea of Passbook is, it will only be successful if it can garner support from major businesses. But if the enthusiasm of the airlines is any indication, that won’t be a problem…

Hot on the heels of the story that Virgin Australia is already testing Passbook, comes a report that claims that both Delta and American Airlines are also actively working to support the service.

Travel site Skift has the scoop:

“A spokesperson for American Airlines reveals it will be “rolling out an app update in the coming weeks in support of Passbook. In the meantime, customers can still access their mobile boarding passes in the current version of American’s mobile app.”

And, Delta is known to be actively working on supporting Passbook’s functionality for mobile boarding passes, although the airline wouldn’t talk about it publicly.”

The author says that a spokesperson for United Airlines declined to comment on the matter, but points out that a United boarding pass is present in Apple’s screenshots of the Passbook app.

Again, if this is a sign of how other businesses are going to approach Passbook support, the sky is the limit. Imagine never having to carry another physical boarding pass, movie ticket or gift card.

What’s your take on Passbook? Will it be a hit, or will it fall on its face?


  • Latinpride011

    It will be a massive hit.. Like most apple products they do well.. Hope AA supports it quick before my vacation so I can use it

    • I hope you mean American Airlines and not Alchohals Anonymous. ;). Just kidding I know what mean. Alcoholics Anonymous…just kidding again ;).

      • SimonReidy

        LOL! I always fly with Alcoholics Anonymous, great airline! 🙂

      • Latinpride011

        When I travel, I do have a few drinks lol

      • Latinpride011

        Lol I had a feeling someone would say that.. Was to late to change it.. Congrats on being the first lol

  • Jcorbitt

    I have been using electronic boarding passes since my Blackberry 9630. I will use passbook for as many tickets and boarding passes as possible. I like the idea that the ticket or boarding pass pops up as you approach the airline terminal or movie theater.

  • passbook the idea isn’t something really new. but its something thats finally done right and made perfect. Love the idea of how it will pop up as we near the location and the whole interface. Hoping to see this work internationally and not just concentrated in US. I live in Dubai. Hope Airlines like Emirates, Etihad, etc. begin using this.

  • J M

    The biggest pitfall I see in this will be the businesses building in their support for it. It will be one of those stories (at least in the beginning) where the average user expects to be able to use it ubiquitously, and they will be disappointed when somewhere it doesn’t work. Because it is a built-in application, they are going to think it is Apple, not that business, that isn’t providing them with Passbook support for that place.

  • Miras safadi

    I think it’s not gonna be a hit… I think ,Like the reminders app, it will problematic (i.e reminders didn’t support the geolocation very well; it sends the notification from about 200 meters before i arrive at the location and sometimes after 1 hour from arriving)

  • What about British Airways and Virgin Atlantic?

  • Of course that’s great but why is it ok for Apple to copy features?

    How is that not massive hypocrisy?

  • just tried using passbook in iOS6 with an American Airlines ticket. There was NOTHING to explain how it all worked or what to expect. Very disappointing. Nothing to tell me how to get the tickets into my wallet. However i was finally able to “fumble my way thru it” and have my tickets in my passbook.

    However, it is very poorly designed. I was expecting a “Home” screen with different categories for tickets. But all i have in my app are two tickets, thats all, all i can do is switch between the two tickets, thats all. no Home” base to go back to for organization or anything.

    Good news is that apple usually learns and adjusts, so hopefully it will get better in the future.