While it’s been assumed for quite some time that Apple’s next smartphone would run on LTE networks here in the US, it’s been a mystery as to whether it would do so outside of the US. The latest iPad’s LTE only works in the US and Canada.

Well it doesn’t look like that’s going to be the case with the new iPhone. According to a new report, citing the usual “people familiar with the matter,” Apple’s sixth-generation handset will support long term evolution networks around the globe….

The Wall Street Journal reports:

 “Apple Inc.’s next iPhone will work on the fastest wireless networks around the world—including in the U.S., Europe and Asia—though it is unlikely to be available on every carrier, people familiar with the matter said.

The technical compatibility with so-called LTE networks removes a big competitive danger for Apple and gives carriers a chance to sell their fastest data services to Apple’s huge base of iPhone customers.

It isn’t likely to work with all carriers’ LTE networks in all countries, the people said, though it wasn’t clear which would be left out.”

Although they share the same name, LTE networks differ by carrier and region. Verizon’s LTE network, for example, runs on a different frequency band than most other carriers outside the US. This is why Apple has taken so much heat in Australia and other countries over its Wi-Fi+4G iPad model — it doesn’t get 4G speeds in most countries.

But if this story holds true, the new iPhone will be a multi-band device, supporting a number of global carriers. Though, as the report says, it’s likely that some will still be left out. In that case, it’ll be interesting to see how Apple markets the handset.

We’ll find out more next Wednesday.

  • I bet Samsung is ready to sue Apple for using LTE on their product

    • I hope so.

    • Liu Zhenyu

      In my opinion you cannot patent a quality of internet speed, like 3G, Wifi, or LTE, however you can patent a design and features like Springboard layout etc. I find it immature for Samsung now, and Apple in the past to have disputed over qualities. But i have never heard a company suing another as soon as they release a phone with a fast internet quality of LTE capability. Nonetheless, i believe apple will thread carefully to avoid a lawsuit and samsung does not own all the LTE patents.

      • FrankensteinBlack

        LTE is not just about increased “speed”. WiFi is also fast. LTE is about Antenna, RF and Chipset tech as well (i.e. very patentable) unlike granting a patent for a “rectangle with rounded edges”. Sayin…

    • SimonReidy

      Not possible. Licensing of LTE is covered by FRAND agreements and Apple also holds LTE patents. Do your research.

      • FrankensteinBlack

        FRAND doesn’t mean FREE and Samsung has more LTE patents than the ones Apple recently “acquired” (i.e. they know iOS but don’t know squat about RF). To be globally LTE compatible they will have to pay Samsung. Between FRAND and CHIPS purchase payments that Billion looks rather small…

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    • SimonReidy

      Nice oxymoron 🙂

  • I don’t think my carriers will support the 4G LTE for Apple Devices even though my country do have 4G LTE
    Basically it just the frequency they use to build the 4G and the frequency that Apple use to build iPad and iPhone is different so they don’t work
    Kind of disappointment

    • You need to reread it fully ..

  • Carlos Briones

    I honestly don’t care. I live in the U.S. and I have Verizon. Hope they unveil more than has been rumored on September 12. Will be a huge let down if not.

    • SimonReidy

      Typical self-centric US attitude. This is great news for the tens of million iPhone users who don’t live in the States. Whether you care about other countries or not, this will better sales for the iPhone 5 worldwide, which keeps Apple strong. You should care about that at least, no?

      • Carlos Briones

        I don’t care, because it doesn’t affect me. I think it’s great that other countries will get the same features as us.

      • SimonReidy

        Maybe a better way to phrase it would be, “this doesn’t affect me as I’m the US, but its great news for people in other countries” then?

        Saying you don’t care about other countries makes you sound like a selfish stereotypical American, which I’m sure you’re not 🙂

      • Carlos Briones

        I stated my opinion about the story itself, not my opinion about other countries. Simple as that.

      • SimonReidy

        Fair enough. Sorry to be on yor back. Just trying to inject some politeness. And also to let you know that many people do care, given the iPhone is so popular in every country where smartphones are sold.

        Given LTE is the next big thing, I’ve heard many people say in Aus that they aren’t getting the iPhone 5 unless it supports LTE (as pretty much all new Android and Windows 8 handsets are LTE now here). So if true this is very positive news for iPhone users in Australia and Europe.

      • Jim

        Carlos, go back to Mexico u wet back

      • SimonReidy


  • SimonReidy

    I really hope 1800Mhz LTE is covered as then the iPhone 5 will be compatible with some European and all Australian LTE networks. I’ll be buying it regardless as we already get get 7-14mbps on HSPA+ here, but LTE support would be a big bonus and keep the iPhone competitive against upcoming Pentaband LTE phones like the Nokia 920.

  • Mandoo

    Sweden was first out with 4g but we still got overlooked when the new iPad came! Hope we’ll get it on the iPhone

  • Thanks for shearing this information..

  • global LTE, now that would be awesome.

  • Dlevi309

    Waiting patiently……