We like how Scott Rose nailed it in Part 1. This is even better. If you recognize yourself saying any of these things, you’re officially Apple’s bitch.

Hey, we can laugh at ourselves, right? My favorite: ““Don’t listen to Woz, he’s crazy”.

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[via The Loop]

  • jose castro

    wtf hahaha funny

  • Robert Abba

    That stare when he says “You don’t have a iPhone”, I actually do that!

    • jose castro

      that part was the funniest i think…

    • Erny Carrillo

      I do that all the time!!! The whole “wow” face. Lol

  • This makes me cringe so hard if any of you identify with this.

  • Zorvage

    You don’t have an iPhone? ..………………………………………………………………………………………….LOL

  • I do that “You Don’t Have an iPhone” stare! Hilarous!

  • Well_Said

    You don’t have an iphone?

  • Manuel Angel

    Slow news day huh?

  • Alvin Ma

    yea woz is crazy….

  • “the command key is like the control key it’s just better”
    He’s alway have a good excuse!!

    Anyway, you have an iPhone?

    Lol, that’s funny. xD

  • Yujin

    Actually woz is fucking crazy…totally out of touch with the reality of normal people and tech…futuristic and nerdy extreme, yes…just another tech fan hell no!

    • Mohammad Ridwan

      STFU…. Woz is awesome

    • Woz is weird, he waits in line because he “HAS” to. Apple wouldn’t give him a phone that’s crazy

  • Gerard Hampton

    The funniest part was when all the apple fanatics didn’t realize this guy was pulling the piss out of them.

    • Brrriiiaaallliiiaaannnttt

      Or maybe it wasn’t a documentary, but a comedy skit with actors? Lmao, now that’s hysterical…

  • Brrriiiaaallliiiaaannnttt

    I love Austin, Texas, vid shot there, best city ever! Wozniak Rox! Deal with it!

  • Infone

    That stare=new meme.
    What I’ve noticed irl; Android users tend to talk smack about Apple/users, and Apple users are just happy.

    • that happens everyday for me. i couldnt let anyone know which mobile device i got.

  • Nailed it, bitch

  • fuckyou

    Dont find it funny at all. Sorry

    • Kok Hean

      I wanted to make a humourous insult, but I changed my mind when I saw your name.

  • I thought the funniest part was, “AW, FUCK, I didn’t get Apple Care”

  • At 0:23, the X is meant to be said as 10 (i.e. a Roman numeral).
    I guess you could say that’s another thing Apple fanboys say too 😛

  • Heatfan316

    The is the main reason there is a flame war between Apple fans and Android fans. Why are Apple fans this arrogant?

  • I am such a fanboy but then i also love other products. nexus 7 is a dream and i find it way faster than the ipad.

    • I’m definitely an apple lover as well but agree with you that the nexus 7 is a bit faster than the ipad….something about those widgets!

  • disqusted

    Comments are pretty spot on. The “You don’t have an iPhone?!l” was the best part because why? — The funniest comedy is the most true to real life; something people can laugh at because they’ve actually done that… and that reaction was one I think we’ve all done, including myself. The exaggerated stare length, perfect, because that’s how long we could let it go on for if we didn’t stop ourselves, haha… you’ve just gotta use self restraint sometimes.

    It’s like staring at a handicapped person… people have that strange curiosity, but you’ve just gotta be decent and pretend nothing is different. So funny about people. When we interact with someone who’s handicapped mental or otherwise, (I’m only talking about the ones who can’t help it— there’s a difference)… we pretend like we don’t notice it at all. Not that we’re supposed to make a big deal but this is one of those things— you know damn well you try intensely to pretend you don’t notice or to make sure you don’t make the slightest noticeable reaction; you’re trying harder to maintain composure than you are trying to listen— then what? You didn’t understand what they said. Then you walk away and say to your friend oh my god I couldn’t understand what he was saying I was so embarrassed! — you didn’t understand because you were more self-conscious about yourself than they were of themselves! Had nothing to do with them! Funny.

    The only one I thought was good that nobody commented about was the “It’s just a $50 cable/adapter…”.

    Option key was good. As a PC user (shhh) I’ve had a lot of Apple guys correct me when I call it the Control key. Our response? “Yeah, whatever.”

  • OBAMA OBAMA OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • lmao… Apple knows what you want before YOU know what you want… classy… and probably dead on… haha.